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Amateur writer and enthusiastic reader. I have been writing poems and novels both Hungarian and English. I recently tried my best to write some fanfics. May post some of those.

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1281617 Looking through your favorites list, I see you've read some great ones like Integration and my friend Niaeruzu's Thrown Abroad. However, I notice a distinct lack of Mendacity. I highly recommend Mendacity for its mind boggling world building based on European folklore and mythology. Plus it has a snarky kelpie as a sidekick. You can't wrong with that.

As for my own changeling stories, I would be honored for you to check out White Space

Indeed I do! So much in fact that my dearest Kelly bought me a custom made changeling plush for my birthday! :pinkiehappy: And if I'm done with the fanfictions I'm currently writing, I still have a number of stories that I want to write. (well if I ever manage to get off of my lazy ass and actually do some writing :derpytongue2: )

Hi Crutio! How are you? I get the distinct impression you like changelings. :rainbowwild:

Have a great day! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favorite on The Very Image! :twilightsmile:

778043 Whew December ehh? Welp i guess good things come to those who wait, thanks for the response. +1 stalk.....um i mean follower.

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