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“You scared me there, you saucy witch!”



When Sunset receives a particularly lascivious text message from Twilight, she's really not sure how to handle it. Of course when she finds out it was intended for someone else, she decides finding out who it was meant for is of the utmost importance! Why? She doesn't know, shut up, it's not like she likes Twilight or anything.

Written because I need more shippy horse high school garbage in my life.

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I'm amused. And intrigued.

This has potential for an interesting Love triangle Quadrangle type thing. lol. I do like both Twilights chasing after Sunset.

Something tells me that wasn’t an accident what Twilight did... just a hunch I guess.

that, or it turns out the stuff sci-twi sent is completely innocent.

I realize its one hell of a longshot, but it seems like one of the twists you'd expect to see in a story like this.

I'm gonna seriously enjoy this story! SciTwi in a mystery sexual relationship that's already driving Sunset crazy, let the fun begin! :pinkiehappy:

(has a huge bucket of pop corn) ready for the show.
:pinkiegasp: where did you get that?!?
(starts sweating bullets) .... uuuh..........

This was funny, I am interested beyond all rationalization.

Hehe.... "I'd be willing to tr..." I see where this is going!

omg this is like... literally the exact opposite of one of my fics, lmao. i love it, it's quirky and the plot is simple but still holds an air of mystery. looking forward to more!

We believe in you Trixie! Pursue that nerd with all your Great and powerful might!

....Even though I don't think it's you she's sexting, but I can dream. :heart:

If Pony Twilight hadn't denied it I'd say Twilight was sexting with herself and nerving herself up to asking Sunset to join. Ah well.

Maybe she's made a chatbot that she's practicing with?

I'm quite sure it's noone actually on the list, but we will see.


*Ahem* Also, that’s quite the gossip jackpot Sunset hit there. The Principals are lucky she’s reformed.

I know right? I don't even know who's name was scratched off and I wrote the thing! And it's not like the number of slash marks corresponds perfectly to the name it obscures or anything. Real head scratcher :trollestia:

I never thought I see chapter 2 from this story, but it was worth the wait.

Does that include any potential spaces? I-It's not like I counted or anything, like you said, it doesn't correspond at all, but if, hypothetically, it did, would spaces be included?

Aaaah, I gotcha! It’s Empest-tay Adow-shay, right??


Straight shippings are right out?

Opinion of Rarity -2

I would put Timber with Applejack. Their dedication to family, stroge and filial piety are certainly compatible.

Um could someone explain the list because I really don't get it.

Haha less to do with gender and more Rarity personifying the voice of the fan community, at least that’s what I was going for

What about it is throwing you for a loop?

To be fair it could be more a judgement of Flash and Timber.

Well, that was certainly an interesting bout of eavesdropping. :ajsmug:

Written because I need more shippy horse high school garbage in my life.

You and me both.

I still think Sci Twi is secretly sexting with Princess Twilight. Not sure how they are, but they are. Princess Twi's editing of her message to Sunset in ch. 1 is all the proof I need.

Can't wait for the next update >:0

Oh dear god, that was hilarious. I lost it at the point where Sunset walked into Trixie and Flash's 'special time'.

Oblivious Sunset is hilarious. Failed spy movie Sunset is PRICELESS.

Poor Flash. At least the cat is out of the bag and Sunset isn't mad?

My bet is that it's Pinkie Pie. Whipped cream, you know.

Now the question is, will Sunset ask out Princess Twi? Inquiring minds want to know!

Both Rarity and Adagio watched Sunset leave the courtyard with matching looks of disbelief. "She...she really is completely oblivious isn't she? I had heard the rumors but I guess I didn't really believe it." Adagio mumbled, staring at the empty space Sunset had previously occupied while taking a fresh drag from her cigarette.

I can see how this ends.

Sci-Twi: “I’m sorry Sunset, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you but I just can’t find the words...”

Princess Twi: “This has been a strange few days, but my counterpart and I have been talking and we think we know a way to resolve this for all three of us...”

Both: “Together...”

Sunset: “...sooo what, like a group study session?”

Makes me glad “texting” wasn’t a thing until I was in college...

Fun, thumbs up.

Sunset should really think about helping Rarity with her list, I mean she has experience and skill for snuffing out peoples info so why not. Worked pretty good so far.

Well this is why you don’t things like that in rooms that have air vents that are weirdly large enough for humans. Also if you were going to ask one person straight out why not the other. It makes sense that you would have to spy in the circumstance that someone could lose a job over it.

Not gonna lie, I forgot this still existed, but nice to see it make a hilarious comeback. :twilightsmile:

Princess Twilight was just being paranoid, she was sure. There was no way Sunset's actions could possibly offend Twilight, I mean, what was a little total invasion of privacy between friends?


I absolutely love that last little bit. Keep up the great writing!

Didn’t see who Twi ended up with coming. Honestly figured it was going to be high jinks of a different flavor.

I was pretty surprised when nobody in the comments guessed where it was headed. Kinda expected someone to nail it after the first chapter honestly

So, did Sci-Twi just morph into Trollestia there for a second?:trollestia:

A great read! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Cadence: NOW....DOUBLE DATE!

(Which one, you ask? GIven the situation, either or both!)

Well, wasn't expecting that. Great ending anyways though, and both Sunsets get to be happy.

Personally I didn’t see any hints toward it. I shall have to reread the first chapter and see what I missed.

Oh there isn't any, I was just expecting someone to get it right as a guess haha

Sunset, you adorable goof. :facehoof:

Two things, 1. I didn't expect Human Sunset to be Sci-Twi's mystery lover & 2. I want a sequel focusing on Sci-Twi's & Sunny's relationship!

Lol, surprise!!!:twilightsmile:

I did not see that coming. I'm DUMB, it's so obvious.

Sunset, you should have called it off when you got stuck in the ventilation. Not that I'm complaining about the results mind you.

Oblivious Sunset can, in fact, get a hint if you go after her noggin with a baseball bat...but only if it's not about YOU.

Loved it and really hoping for a sequel!

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