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I love to write, and I'll write just about anything. I seem to be most well known for my stupid little comedy pieces though...


This story is a sequel to Twilight Needs Glasses

After storming off in frustration, Sunset realized that she should help Twilight out. After all, the poor pony princess just found out she needs glasses, after years of not wearing them. That has to be hard on her.

And given the fact Twilight might actually return her feelings... Well, Sunset should be a good friend, right?

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I feel sorry for Sunset. The poor pony/girl is going to suffer a mental breakdown before this is over with.:twilightoops:

“I really hope she likes us back.”

Why would she not? It's not like you've both been lying to and manipulating her for your own amusement or anything. :facehoof:

Well written, I found no typo so far. As you may have surmised though, I hope things won't go as swimmingly as our little pranking duo hopes... probably because I dislike pranking (especially someone you're supposed to be friends with), but I like to think there's also a little bit of pondering how "actually, I'm not sure I like you that way anymore" would go when most if not all other Sunlight stories have them get together.

Just a little bit.

Yeah, that's totally the real reason.

Master of delusion away!~

Which Twilight?

In this chapter? SciTwi.

So the story in which both Twilights are manipulative bitches that want to use Sunset for their stupid amusement gets a sequel. Oh! And they claim to love Sunset, what a joy... :ajbemused:

Listen, normally I love SunLight stories. But I hate manipulative people. Specially the ones that think it's fine to use others and make them worry about something!

Ugh! If Sunset doesn't get angry when she finds out about this stupid prank OR if she never finds out she was pranked by two bitches... Then this story will be nothing but a web of lies and two of my favorite characters being OOC just for the sake of twisted comedy.

Just my opinion, sorry if I am being a bit... Extreme. But I already disliked the prequel to this story and I am only giving it a chance because of the shipping; but seeing that Sunset still haven't found out the truth and both Twilights are having a blast out of it... I doubt I will keep following it for too long if anything interesting happens and/or if both Twilights have their way without even getting a taste of their own poison.

But seeing that is a trend of Sunset never getting back at people/ponies that trick/prank her in this site... My expectations are low.

Welp, let's see where this story goes...

Sorry the Twilights came off as manipulative. That wasn’t my intention for the story.

The Florida Keys are "isles." "Aisles" are the rows in stores.

Well, if you say so... It's just... The prequel, specially at it's final, and the scene in which both Twilights are talking via Sunset's book... It's very hard to not picture both bookworms NOT pulling Sunset's strings in future chapters. Heck, they even give a vibe that they might pull another stunt like the one in the prequel just to see Sunset getting frustrated or like she was in this chapter just because, according to both Twilight's, it makes Sunset cuter... If, of course, no consequences happen to them for doing the very type of prank Princess Twi once advised pony Rainbow Dash to not do. The type of prank that is only funny for the prankster, 'cause, while Sunset is indeed forgiving, you don't make your friends worry about you in a way and them just say "It was a joke" and expect them to be laugh with you.

Once again, the one who has to apologize isn't you, but me for comming a bit too strong with my previous comment (and perhaps in this one too).
So, I am sorry for being a bit too serious, and making harsh comments, with something that it's supposed to be a comedy.

I just hope the story gets better as it progresses.

OH COME ON! I bet if it was Sunset doing something like that, it be funny if anyone else be horrible.

They are just teasing her and i find it hilarious. Jeeze if you don't like the story why are you reading it?

Nearly insensitive pranking is hardly teasing in my opinion. And, if it was Sunset doing something like this, it would still be horrible. There are things in life that you don't joke about and them just say: "hey guys, I was just kidding/teasing you".

Sure, it isn't something that serious, Princess Twi and Sci-Twi are just pranking Sunset about Princess Twi eyesight. But if I was in Sunset's place, I would be mad at my friends for pulling something like this.

Also, I said I am giving it a chance because of the shipping. Depending on how the story turns out I might like it in the end, despite of this stunt both Twilights decided to pull out.

the prank feels kinda mean at this point draging it out like this is well it is humiliating to go through and it feels like your getting laughed at not with

also they are asking her to spend money and run errands ect all for there own amusment

To be fair, I'm certain both Twilights don't realize they're being manipulative bitches either.

One of the possible reasons Sunset Shimmer pulled all of her crap for three years in Canterlot High School (if DHX Media had deigned giving us a reason why Sunset was a cartoonishly evil prom queen to begin with, that is) was that it was for her own amusement, the other being 'just because I can.' So yeah, I suspect Sunset might be a little forgiving there once she finds out.

However, she considered none of the people she manipulated her friends when both Twilights do consider her a friend, and in fact want to add 'girl' at the beginning. So there's a dissonance here, especially coming from the Princess of Friendship(tm). They're acting more like Pinkie here, whose behavior can sometimes be described as 'my own amusement is more important than you' (see, Luna Eclipsed).

Considering princess Twilight is the girl who saved her from herself and let her make the first step upon the road of happiness for the first time in a long time, there's a good chance Sunset will feel genuinely betrayed, however many times she pulled the same trick back when she was a poor excuse of a villain. It'd be more like ingratitude for the other Twilight however.

Yeah, allow me to add my voice to the others saying that the Twilights are being manipulative. Seriously.

This was funny and I look forward to more. And I think the calling of the Twilights "manipulative bitches" is a bit much. They're just having some fun with this prank; Sunset's actions for the first EG movie would fall more in that line, but this seems a little too mundane for that. It just seems like an overreaction.

Prank may be going a bit far, but at this point it'll still be laughed off pretty easily. Not any worse than the new guy being asked to get "prop wash" or [insert thing relevant to place].

And from Sunset's end... that scene in the aisle reminds me of trying to buy tampons for a former girlfriend :rainbowlaugh:

I did read the previous story connection to this & I love that both Twilights have hilarious sense of humor! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my god this is amazing... I need the third installment of this...

Very happy to see a sequel (and that I chose to reread the original apropos of nothing.) I just hope Sunset leaves something left to date after she finds out the Twilights have been toying with her.

I’d say there is a certain degree of comedy still here. If nothing else the buildup of backfire is amusing. Though I admit less so if you are against schadenfreude.

I'll be damn, I never thought I see the day that this would finally get updated & it was worth it! This prank is starting to backfire hard on the Twilights & Sunset's wallet, I think its time they told the truth... But after a few more chapters :rainbowlaugh:

OOOOHHH NNNIOOOOOO!!:raritydespair:

Now I feel bad! Unless Sunset has a chest of coins from Equestria or gems!

When a funny prank turns into legitimately life altering stuff. Unless the Twilights find a way to make this right Sunset has every right to blow a gasket.

Yeah... The Twilights will be very lucky indeed if Sunset's willing to forgive them for this, even if they get her purchase refunded. This much stress over a prank stopped being funny long before Sunset sprang for those frames. Here's hoping for a relatively peaceful resolution.

Nice to see this updated and I think it's still doing well as a comedy. And I totally relate to Sunset here. I do the same thing with my girlfriend. Just feel the need to get the best I can.

Glad it's still funny, at least in some way.
I don't think there's more than two chapters left in this. This story is just the fallout from the prank. Now, if I feel up to it, and likely after I actually finish Stargazing, I might write a longer shipfic with these girls.
Sunset certainly has every right to be pissed about this. And Sci-Twi knows it.

A longer story with the 3 of them, you have my attention

Oh dear. Sunset's gonna be pissed.

LOL! Sunset is going way overboard with her care package.

Yeah, she might be a little pissed about buying a $200 pair. But, that just means an extra pair to Sci-Twi, right?

Wonder if she opted for any of the special coatings.

The whole joke about Sunset getting glasses for Princess Twilight is only getting her back to Equestria and just for the two Twilights to tell her their feelings?
While I like where it's going as a shipfic, I was a bit lost about the reason P.Twilight needs glasses.
Did she fake it in the prequel, and then started the joke?

Anyway, that's not really that bothering, and it is a good story, so keep going ^^.

So, Sunset fell for the joke and thinks princess twilight does need glasses. The Twilights think it's sweet what Sunset is doing and so let her.

Dead Egghead Walking.

Ignore the naysayers on this so far. From what I can tell of the posts in question these people have personal issues that they're taking out on the writing, rather than legitimate critiques of the writing.

This has, so far, not been a bad story, and it seems people are enjoying it. Keep it up.

Sometime Cadance's love advice can be harsh.

Thank goodness, someone who actually knows what she's talking about and isn't afraid to tell Twilight how badly she botched this. Brilliant use of Cadence, though they may need to bring human Twilight in with Sunset so everyone involved can speak with the counselor. A neutral fourth party will hopefully go a long way to clearing out the resentment ASAP.

Also, given how mysterious Twilight was being about her usual, I have to wonder what's up with those burgers...

Funny, I was just thinking about this story, when low and behold it appears! I enjoy this one. It makes sense that both Twilights, being inexperienced in love or romance would kinda blunder this one. Humans tent to prefer one on one pairings, and from the canon of the show we can assume that Ponies do too, more then that tend to complicate things. I love that Cadance was able to be the voice of reason and give Twilight some perspective and wisdom. Although, I do say, is Cadance maybe speaking from experience herself? Perhaps, she tried to share Shining with someone and it didn't work out for that very reason, leading to bad feelings and a disrupted wedding? Ehem, Sorry got a little carried away. Still, thank you for updating this. When you finish this it will be going immediately into my favorites folder. As will the previous story. This and it's prequel is a nice story of blundering through Love and the mistakes that can be made. The Twin Twilights were not trying to be inconsiderate, they both have little knowledge of how these things work and thought they could think there way through it. Sunset is not in a much better place, as this might be her first real relationship as well, all her prior ones were to get close to her or so she could use someone else. All three are, in their own way, socially awkward when it comes to themselves and their own feelings. They also don't have a good history of perceiving that other "people" have feelings as well.

Thank You for picking today to update this, I've had a long day and this is exactly what I needed to unwind a bit. You have made my day easier and may have saved the lives of those around me. So I Thank You and if they knew I am sure they would Thank You too.

Twilight is beginning to regret using Trollestia tactics.

Didn’t expect an update. Glad to see the inevitable confrontation should be in one of the next few chapters.

Hmm... okay, good advice, should be interesting to see how its implemented and what the consequences will be, but I feel there was one thing missing - something that should hopefully go without saying, but it's as well to be sure:

Pay. Her. Back.

Seriously, being fooled by a joke is one thing, but if she spent actual money (and quite a lot of it, too) on something solely because you deceived her, the least you can do is compensate her. I doubt it'd make her less angry, but it's still unquestionably the right thing to do.

Well done with this story, and I'm really looking forward to its continuation.

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So in other words its cancelled.

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