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Something silly created by Roseand Blackwater.

Alternate realities mix at Hello Tropics as one pair of Shimmers meets another. The double couple works out the collision of realities and different paths their lives took as they take to the beach and the all-too-familiar island getaway they've all enjoyed over the years.

Meanwhile, children of both pairs get to know each other and share their enjoyment of their childhood paradise. No holds barred!

Legend: sections in 1st person view by Allykitty, sections in 3rd person by BlackWater

Continuity: Homecoming and Twilight Shimmer

Chapters (16)
Comments ( 39 )

With the cover art, I thought that one couple was Sunset x SciTwi and the other Sunset x Pony!Twi, but this is fine too.

We couldn't find anything with two SciTwis in it. We may replace it later should something crop up.

hehehe this is good story, but I have ask, is the "older" twilight a princess or normal unicorn??


As far as the SciTwi's go at this point in our continuities, the answer to both is no, though mine could be considered a consort in the same way Shining Armor is to Cadence.

ahhh ok, good story I wonder how the other pair going to react to the kids

ahh I though one was princess twilight and sunet, which is older set, and the other set is sci-twilight and sunet but form another timeline....

Yeah, we're still hoping to find a better cover art. I might mess with this tonight.

Looking good so far, touch confusing with two of the same couple, but I suppose that's to be expected. One thing though, Dash and Adiago? I thought it was Dash and Applejack.


That's BlackWater's continuity. I gave into the AppleDash whereas they gave into the RariJack.

This is awesome I can't wait to see more


I still say RariJack causes the theme from Green Acres to start playing. :raritywink:

I'd offer but my human skills are rubbish. :twilightsheepish:

Wow this story Though still confusing cause I can't exactly tell between the parents rn is just so heart warming I love it. Do you have any art for each of the characters?

I dont, but I'm not sure if BW does.

Another fun chapter, I'm quite enjoying this. However, I will say this one badly needs proofreading.

MidnightxSunlight. ( i ship it )
Tbh the ship in it self sounds like Twi2 x Sunset XD
Tho in hindsight it kinda is? but adding another sunset. lol
Great chapter btw. Love this story and can't wait for more chapters!

Who made the picture, you or Blackwater?

So Cloud and Trance get up to a lot of mischief? Perfectly plausible.

I see your Diamond Tiara is quite a bit hornier than the one in the show.

Oh... Wow, that was adorable. Quite a ride, well done!

So... Is this a Sci-Set story? or this also have pony princess x sunset?

I'm more a Sci-Set fan, so...

"So...um...do we wait here or...or what?"

I see what you did there.

Break links are broken. Betting they tell which pair is the focus, kinda confusing without them. Still a great story though

Yeah, the site I had them stored on went under not too long ago. It’s affected a few stories of mine. I’m slowly getting them fixed.

I have been burning through the majority of the homecoming continuity for the past week or so, and normally don't mind the shifts in perspective. Heck, I know this is an older series, and not much can be done. But the image links are broken, and when it is multiple dimension versions talking back and forth, it becomes way too difficult to keep track. The flipping perspectives also don't help. I know titles (like pony-twi or alternate sunset) would break the flow of writing (at times) but it becomes VERY hard to know which is talking with which or who is the view from. I hope there aren't things in here that affect the other ones, as I couldn't finish this story.

Hope things are going well for you and that you are still writing. But perhaps more practice/work with the 1st perspective thing and identifying who is talking.

Great story, loved it. Only a minor complaint, you use I alot and it's not always clear who is speaking since you change perspective. I would add who is speaking / thinking especially when you start with one characters perspective and switch to anothers. I'm surprised pinkie did come out of nowhere for sunlight's cutiemare cutisnara.

This was written as a collaborative project and in the description we put a key for who is writing what part. There are section breaks that separates the perspectives but my file host crashed. I’m still trying to get them fixed.

I see, maybe add some text to clarify things, that way if the images break again the story wouldn't be affected. Again great story overall loved it.

Interesting start... though I can't seem to see the image...

Finally finish reading! Great slice of life though it did get confusing with which one is Twilight or Sunset of the respective dimensions at some points.

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