• Published 14th Oct 2017
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Sunset Brings Twilight Glasses - Slateblu1

Sunset knows how hard it can be to have a life altering change thrust upon you. She wants to help Twilight through hers.

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Getting Another Pair

Carrying the spoils of her shopping trip up to her apartment didn’t take long. Neither did fiddling in her pocket to find her key to unlock her door. With a sigh she pushed her door open and entered her room. Twilight barely hid a deep blush behind her mug. Which, she noticed with worry, was out of tea. “Alright, I’ve got everything.” Setting the bag down on her small table, Sunset smiled. “Screwdrivers, super-glue, and a dozen microfibers.” She pulled out each item as she said them. “Ohh, I also wanted to get you some, since I was there and all...” Grabbing half the stack, Sunset hurriedly gave them to Twilight.

“Thanks Sunset,” Twilight replied happily. She couldn’t hold back a small bounce as she noted that Sunset had gotten the exact ones she already had. “So, add them to the box?” she asked, dropping her gift into her bag.

Sunset nodded. She lifted the lid off the shoe-box turned care-package. It took her a moment, but she easily enough shifted things around to make it all fit. The cloths were on the bottom, since they didn’t run the risk of being smooshed. On top of those, and to one end, were the cases. Next to those sat the super glue and screwdrivers. The wipes sat on the far end, filling the box nicely. Thinking for a moment, Sunset stuffed the neck loop into one of the cases. “Alright. Only one more thing to get. A pair of glasses for her.”

“She still has my pair,” Twilight pointed out. While the pair in question was actually in her backpack at home, the Twilight had taken the time before she left to figure out what their next steps would be. Originally, they had planned to leave the joke alone, and maybe after a few weeks tell Sunset. But when their mutual crush started to obsess over it, they had to plan quickly. The high-schooler had 'borrowed' the journal on the premise that she wanted to learn more about the princess, but had actually been furiously writing back and forth as they tried to come up with a new plan.

While they didn't like it, they had decided to keep the joke going, for just a little longer. They were still enjoying the prank, and were certainly enjoying the attention they both got from Sunset, but they did feel bad about how far it was going. Although they had agreed to keep it going, it was only so long as it took for them to convince Sunset to visit the pony world. The princess couldn't just pop over, she was too busy; They also wanted to be together to confess their love for the former pony.

“I know, but I want to get her her own pair.” Sunset shuddered as the mental image of the two Twilights wearing the same glasses popped back into her head. “Ones that don’t look like yours. I need to be able to tell you two apart after all.” Sunset turned to Twilight, suddenly serious. “Seriously, that was kinda creepy. Don’t do it again?”

Twilight lifted a hand to hide her snicker behind. “Alright. Sorry about that. Should you maybe make sure she has time this weekend to meet you?” Raising an eyebrow, Sunset gave Twilight a very puzzled look. “Well, if she doesn’t have time then you’ll have to wait till next weekend. And the glasses could break easily if the box gets knocked over by accident.” Twilight was lying through her teeth. She knew as long as the glasses were in a sturdy case they’d be able to survive most anything. But she wanted to make sure she and the princess could prepare, if they needed to.

Sunset thought on that. “I didn’t realize...” Sunset began pacing again.

Twilight had to bite back another giggle. “I’m going to pour myself more tea. Would you like some?” With a shake of the head from Sunset, Twilight scurried away into the kitchenette. Taking a few calming breaths, Twilight grabbed the self-heating kettle and poured herself a small measure of tea. The strong jasmine scent floated up into her nose, and she let out a content sigh. Breathing deeply, Twilight took a moment to bring herself back under control.

Returning to the main room, Twilight found Sunset on her laptop. Looking over her shoulder, Twilight saw half a dozen tabs of glasses frames makers open. “Looking up where to go?”

Sunset nodded. “Ya. Why do they all advertise frames? What about the actual glasses?”

Twilight plopped down on the couch next to Sunset and gave her a quick hug. “There’s two parts to glasses,” Twilight said, taking hers off. She held them up so Sunset could see them better. “The frame, which is the plastic or metal that makes up most of it, and the lenses, which are the part you see through.” Twilight pointed at each piece before returning them to her face. “The lenses are made based on the prescription you need, the frames are what you go and choose. You buy the frames and they then put the lenses in.”

Sunset stared at her friend. "But do I have to buy the lenses separately?" She pointed to the screen, where an offer for two for one frames sat. "This just says frames."

Looking at the ad, Twilight felt most of the joy she had felt earlier retreat. While she was enjoying the joke, and looked forward to telling Sunset and confessing to her, this was another matter entirely. She had forgotten just how expensive glasses could be. While the deal was certainly enticing, Sunset seemed prepared to spend well almost two hundred dollars on the glasses. "Sunset, have you seen the prices of these?" The care package was one thing; Twilight was sure Sunset had spent less than thirty dollars on the whole thing. A pair of one eighty glasses on the other hand, she couldn't justify as part of the prank. That was too far.

Sunset waved her hand in the air. "It's okay. I can cover it." A faint smile graced her lips. "Plus, it's worth it, right? I mean, I assume they're good quality and will last if they're costing that much."

Twilight shook her head. She had to keep Sunset from this. She and the princess would feel horrible about it, she knew, and Sunset likely wouldn't be to happy either. "You know what, I'm sure she's had some made in Equestria already. You don't need to spend almost two hundred dollars. Here," she snatched the laptop from Sunset and did a quick search. "Here you go," she said, turning the screen back to Sunset. She had found close to the right strength prescription, and for a tenth the price. "I mean, they're not exactly right, but it's not worth ten times the price for the extra level of precision."

Humming to herself, Sunset thought. "What if the portal screws them up, though? What if that little bit of error means she misreads something important? There are so many things that could go wrong!"

A groan escaped Twilight. "She's a princess right? Really smart?" she asked, a leading tone in her voice. Sunset nodded quickly in response. "Then I think she has the resources, knowledge, and power to fix and mistakes the portal makes. And knowing her, I bet she triple reads every important document she gets. I know I do."

Sunset bit her lip again. Her foot began tapping quickly on the ground. "Alright. Fine. I'll get her the cheap pair." Sunset grumbled. "I don't want her to think I'm being cheap though..."

A hand on her friends shoulder, Twilight stood up. "Look, I'm sure she'll love them. I know I would. How about I go send a message to her and ask how soon we can visit while you put in the order." Waving her offer, Sunset nodded. Forcing a relaxed smile to her lips, Twilight had to fight to not rush into the bedroom and grab the book. Flipping it open to the back, she quickly scrawlled a note.

We have a problem. She almost spent two hundred dollars on glasses for you
That's almost a fifth of her rent for the month
I talked her down to a cheaper pair, only twenty
How soon can we come?
I think this is going to far

Standing, Twilight paced around the room. She had to wait less than a minute before the journal buzzed again.

You're right, this is getting out of hoof
I'm free later today. Give me like two hours
Will the glasses she's buying be ready by then?
-Princess Twilight

They should be
See you soon

With a sigh of relief, Twilight returned the book to Sunset's pack. Much calmer now, she made her way back to the living room. "She says she's free later today!" she proclaimed, a hint of actual joy in her voice. Every muscle in her froze as she saw the page Sunset was on. Her trained eyes quickly noted that Sunset had gone back to the original, expensive pair, and that it was currently thanking Sunset for her purchase.

"I know you said the cheap pair would be okay, but I kinda wanted to splurge on her..." Sunset said meekly, knowing she was caught.