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Sunset Brings Twilight Glasses - Slateblu1

Sunset knows how hard it can be to have a life altering change thrust upon you. She wants to help Twilight through hers.

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Love Advice

"I'm so glad you were able to make it on such short notice, Cadence!" Twilight bounded down from her throne, galloping up to her old foalsitter. She dropped to her knees with Cadence and the pair chanted, "Sunshine Sunshine, Ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!" Giggling, Cadence wrapped her hooves around Twilight and the pair hugged. "Spike! Clear my schedule for a few hours. I'm taking my sister-in-law out for lunch." Spike rolled his eyes while the two alicorns left. They both knew Twilight had already cleared her afternoon for this exact reason.

Twilight led her sister-in-law from the castle, taking her to one of her favorite places to eat. She was more than grateful that Ponyville as a whole had gotten used to her being a princess pretty quickly. The pair were still given better than average treatment, immediately getting a private table in the back, but were otherwise left alone. Once the waiter had taken their orders for drinks, water for Cadence and an apple cider for Twilight, they began to talk.

"So, Twilight, how has being a princess been treating you?"

The younger princess couldn't hold back a groan. "I swear, Celestia has hoofed way to much of her paperwork onto me." Shaking her head, she continued, "I mean, I've been reviewing tax law. Tax law, Cadence! And I thought nothing could make math boring, but oh, was I proven wrong."

A mirthful laugh escaped Cadence. "Back when she first made me a princess she gave me all sorts of busy work too." A hoof raised to her lips to stile another giggle, Cadence reminisced. "One of the projects she gave me, at least I'm like 90% sure on this, was to come up with a new organizational plan for the Canterlot City Library." Twilight gasped. "She still says it was a matter of military importance, but Shiny says he's never heard of it so..."

"I knew someone had done something!" Twilight screamed. A muscle in her cheek twitched, something which did not go unnoticed by Cadence. "I remember walking though the library and feeling like everything was just a little off!"

Cadence's eyes went wide. "Oh no. You didn't lose anything, did you?"

"I got lost trying to find the history section. I had a paper due in a few days, Cadence!" Despite all the years between, Twilight was still clearly upset over this. "That's one of the few papers I failed, all because they moved everything in the library!"

Cadence bit her lip. "I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

Deflating with a sigh, Twilight shook her head. "Sorry. I know I shouldn't be upset at you, it's just, that was one of the few times I screwed up. It's been a sore spot for years."

"Your drinks, ladies," the waiter said, stepping in. He quickly placed their drinks in front of them before pulling out his pad. "Are you ready to order?"

Twilight nodded quickly. "Get us two of my usual, Mr. Cuffs." Bowing, the waiter exited the small room.

"And what, exactly, is your usual, Twilight?" Cadence asked, more than a little skeptical.

"You'll love it. Trust me."

Cadence stared inquisitively into Twilight's all too innocent eyes. "Fine," she eventually relented.

"Anyways, I didn't call you all the way here to talk about libraries."

"Not like you wouldn't, Twi," Cadence chided.

Rolling her eyes, Twilight scoffed. "Anyways. I need some advice."

Cadence perked an eyebrow, sipping on her water. "Oh?"

"Love advice," Twilight replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

A massive grin broke out across Cadence's face. "Have you found a special somepony?" she asked in her slightly irritating singsong voice.

Twilight groaned. "No. Not yet at least." Cadence's face lit up, practically begging for more. "Look, I found someone I like, but I'm a little worried."

Wiggling with joy, Cadence leaned forward. "I am the princess of love, Twilight. I will help you find yours!"

Twilight bit her lip. "Promise not to tell Shiny? I don't want him trying to do the whole protective big brother thing."

Another musical trill came from Cadence's lips. "Of course. I can't have him rushing around across Equestria after all," she laughed. "So, who is it?"

Rolling her eyes, Twilight couldn't help but sigh. She looked around the room to confirm they were alone. "Sunset Shimmer." Her voice was little more than a whisper.

Cadence gasped. "Isn't she your student?" she asked incredulously.

"SHUSH!" Twilight reached across the table, trying to cover Cadence's mouth. The older alicorn pulled back, barely suppressing a laugh. "Not so loud! I don't want this getting out."

Cadence hid her grin behind a hoof. "Alright, alright. So," she took a moment to regain control of her laughter. "So, what do you need help with?"

Twilight sat back, wringing her hooves together. Before she could open her mouth, the waiter returned. "Oh thank Celestia," she said under her breath. The pair thanked the waiter, who promptly bowed himself out. The moment the door was shut Twilight grabbed her burger in her magic and took a huge bite. A content groan escaped her lips as the various juices and dressings dribbled down her chin.

Cadence watched Twilight curiously, then hesitantly took a bite of her meal. Her eyes went wide. "This is good!" she exclaimed around a mouthful of food.

"Told ya," Twilight teased. For a minute or so, the pair sat enjoying the food.

"Alright," Cadence eventually said. "So, what's the problem?"

Sighing deeply, Twilight put down her burger. "The other Twilight and I both like her."

"Little rivalry for her affection?" Cadence asked with a knowing smile.

Shaking her head, Twilight relaxed into her seat. "No, it's..." Twilight breathed a deep sigh. "We decided to have a little fun with her, prank her a little." Looking up at the ceiling, Twilight smiled softly. "It was funny. I pretended to need glasses, we synced up, creeped her out. We were going to let her in on it after a few days, give her time to calm down a little. Instead she decided to make me a care package. We let it go, thinking it was sweet. I just found out she spent a lot of money on it. On me."

Cadence gasped. "So the prank went too far."

Twilight nodded. "Way too far. We were going to talk to her soon enough and explain everything to her. The prank, that we both really like her, all of it."

"And now you're worried she's going to blow up when she finds out what happened."

Twilight nodded again. "I like her, Cadence. She's so much fun to be around. She's smart, she's funny." Twilight's eyes misted over. "How do I save this?"

Cadence shook her head, then took a sip of her water. "You need to own up to your prank, right away, Twilight." Biting her lip, Twilight nodded quickly. "Then, understand that she's likely going to be pretty upset." Standing, Cadence quickly moved around the table to hug her friend. "She'll forgive you, but she's going to be angry. She has every right to be."

Smiling, Twilight returned the hug. "Thanks, Cadence."

Returning to her seat, a mischivious grin spread across Cadence's lips. "Then you and the other Twilight need to decide how you want to deal with both liking her."

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? We've already talked about that."


"We agreed to share her, if she's up for it."

Cadence groaned. "Are the two of you attracted to each other?" she asked hesitantly.

"Uh, no? I don't think so?" came Twilight's confused answer.

"Then don't try to share. It won't work." At Twilight baffled expression, Cadence rolled her eyes before continuing. "Look, if you try to share her, but don't have any interest in being together yourselves, you're going to end up fighting over her. I've seen it happen way to many times. Even if you do, how is that going to feel for her? Being passed between the toy of you like some object?

"And what if she isn't up to being shared between the two of you?" Cadence's mouth set into a hard line. "What if she wants to choose just one of you to settle down with? How will the two of you deal with that?"

Twilight opened her mouth, trying to retort, trying to prove that she had a plan, that she knew what she was doing. She didn't like feeling like she wasn't in control. She had to quickly admit defeat, though. "I didn't think about any of that. We both just assumed she'd like us back and be happy with both of us." Twilight groaned and took another bite of her meal.

"I don't know much about Sunset," Cadence began slowly, carefully choosing her words. "But I know a lot about ponies in general. I'd bet she's willing to be with the two of you for a while, give you both a chance. After that, my bet is she'll want to make a choice. Plus, switching between the two worlds constantly sounds pretty stressful." She took a bite of her burger as well, then added. "If she's willing to move past the prank, and returns your feelings, of course."

Twilight groaned. In silence the two finished their meal. "When is she going to be here?"

"Soon." Twilight groaned and tossed some bits onto the table, more than enough to cover the check.

"Well, I'll be around all afternoon." She gave Twilight a quick hug before the left the room. "I'm here to support you, you know that."

"I know." With a groan, Twilight set her lips into a determined line. "Let's face the music."

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Dead Egghead Walking.

Ignore the naysayers on this so far. From what I can tell of the posts in question these people have personal issues that they're taking out on the writing, rather than legitimate critiques of the writing.

This has, so far, not been a bad story, and it seems people are enjoying it. Keep it up.

Sometime Cadance's love advice can be harsh.

Thank goodness, someone who actually knows what she's talking about and isn't afraid to tell Twilight how badly she botched this. Brilliant use of Cadence, though they may need to bring human Twilight in with Sunset so everyone involved can speak with the counselor. A neutral fourth party will hopefully go a long way to clearing out the resentment ASAP.

Also, given how mysterious Twilight was being about her usual, I have to wonder what's up with those burgers...

Funny, I was just thinking about this story, when low and behold it appears! I enjoy this one. It makes sense that both Twilights, being inexperienced in love or romance would kinda blunder this one. Humans tent to prefer one on one pairings, and from the canon of the show we can assume that Ponies do too, more then that tend to complicate things. I love that Cadance was able to be the voice of reason and give Twilight some perspective and wisdom. Although, I do say, is Cadance maybe speaking from experience herself? Perhaps, she tried to share Shining with someone and it didn't work out for that very reason, leading to bad feelings and a disrupted wedding? Ehem, Sorry got a little carried away. Still, thank you for updating this. When you finish this it will be going immediately into my favorites folder. As will the previous story. This and it's prequel is a nice story of blundering through Love and the mistakes that can be made. The Twin Twilights were not trying to be inconsiderate, they both have little knowledge of how these things work and thought they could think there way through it. Sunset is not in a much better place, as this might be her first real relationship as well, all her prior ones were to get close to her or so she could use someone else. All three are, in their own way, socially awkward when it comes to themselves and their own feelings. They also don't have a good history of perceiving that other "people" have feelings as well.

Thank You for picking today to update this, I've had a long day and this is exactly what I needed to unwind a bit. You have made my day easier and may have saved the lives of those around me. So I Thank You and if they knew I am sure they would Thank You too.

Twilight is beginning to regret using Trollestia tactics.

Didn’t expect an update. Glad to see the inevitable confrontation should be in one of the next few chapters.

Hmm... okay, good advice, should be interesting to see how its implemented and what the consequences will be, but I feel there was one thing missing - something that should hopefully go without saying, but it's as well to be sure:

Pay. Her. Back.

Seriously, being fooled by a joke is one thing, but if she spent actual money (and quite a lot of it, too) on something solely because you deceived her, the least you can do is compensate her. I doubt it'd make her less angry, but it's still unquestionably the right thing to do.

Well done with this story, and I'm really looking forward to its continuation.

On Hiatus

last updated June 2018

So in other words its cancelled.

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