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This story is a sequel to The First Step

It has been a few weeks since the fall formal. The school has been repaired, Sunset has been, begrudgingly at least, accepted back into the student body, and she even has a few friends.

They all have so much energy to them. They laugh, they tease, the fight and make up. Sunset can't do that. Not yet. It takes too much energy, energy she doesn't have. Being around them is great. They've been so kind to her. They stand by her. Sunset only wishes she had the energy to do the same for them.

-- Cover art by JanaDashie over on Deviant art.

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Honestly not that surprising that Rainbow is the one to "confront" Sunset about how she feels. Other than Applejack and some iterations of Pinkie Pie the other girls probably would have backed off once the indirect prodding didn't work.

This... this is beautiful.

I have too many thoughts yet no words to express, so that's the only thing you're getting from me.
Hoping for more <3

This was very well handled. It have a nice look into Sunset, and also provided some wonderful character to Rainbow Dash. :twilightsmile:

For some reason i think this song just fits this story

Plus it matches with the title so its a double win :twilightsmile:
I'll leave an english version aswell.

Are there more of these?

I'm writing another one now actually.
She's loyalty. No matter what Sunset is going through, Dash will be there for her. Also, I think she'd be the one best suited to help someone going through depression; as she said she has the courage to fail.

Almost weekly, more out of dedication than any strict requirements, Sunset wrote to Twilight about what had happened. Most times, Twilight would reply, and the two would spend hours talking.

Timeline's a little off on this point. Sunset doesn't think of the magic book, and Twilight doesn't get its linked Equestrian copy, until after the Sirens show up in Rainbow Rocks.

Shush! Don't go pointing out continuity errors!

Yes, I know. I realized that after I had written the whole thing, and didn't feel like going back and changing it. It's not an important part of the story anyways.

I was about to point out the same thing and ask if Rainbow Rocks occurred yet.

So, I honestly totally forgot that they didn't use the journal till Rainbow Rocks, and I wrote this whole thing before remembering. It's not a big deal in the story, and this does take place less than like three weeks before RR, so, ehhh.... It wasn't worth fixing.

It would take so very little to fix it, though. Just replacing those two sentences with something like, say, this:

Even beyond giving her a hand out of the crater, Twilight had asked her friends - now their friends - to help Sunset, to show her friendship and support her against the inevitable hard feelings from the rest of the school. If not for the portal closing, Twilight might well have stayed to do it herself, at least for a while.

This was a fun read. Glad Dash got to shine in a story like this.

I’m curious on how she knew.

I've been through this stuff. It's hard.

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