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In the light of the torch, you see a great many discarded scraps of paper sprawled across the floor of the cave. Truly these putrid, oozing creations could only be borne from the mind of a real horse.


Princess Cadance and Queen Chrysalis find themselves trapped in a dangerous dream world, and must work together if they want to survive. As they travel through a shared nightmare, can they come to understand each other, or will this all end in tears?

Set after Thorax ousts Chrysalis from the changeling hive, this story explores the past and present of the former queen as she survives alone among the ponies. Princess Cadance shares the spotlight with the exiled changeling queen, as she fights to stay afloat under the weight of her duties as a princess, and her own past comes back to haunt her.

Inspired by the lack of clear canon backstories for both Cadance and Chrysalis, and a hoof-ful of dubiously canon stories from material outside of the show, as well as all the beautiful Chrysalis x Cadance shipping art out in the wider internet, which I can never get enough of, and the song Lovefool, by the Cardigans.

<<< Updates monthly on the 11th >>>

Proofread by TemporalReverie and Avery Day (Thank you!) Cover art by AbbyTabby on tumblr, used with permission.

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Not bad at all.
My only 'problem' with the story is that it feels like they get along a bit too fast, considering they were enemies just before this, and Chrysalis ruined Cadance's wedding.
Besides that, this is a great story so far, keep it up!

Man this has got to be one of the best stories I've read so far ! I'm glad you shared this :)

thank you!!!!! aaa omg this is so like! nice, in like a really specific way. i sooooo nearly didnt post this! thank u for being glad i shared this!!! this story means a lot to me, fics are a really compelling way to explore emotions and personal junk. ty again!!! :trollestia: :heart:

Freud looked at Chryssie's dreams and said 'Jesus f*ck!'

Well, it didn't help that the other changelings were opportunistic traitors that smelled the perfect opportunity to lay the blame for all their actions on a single scapegoat.

I believe in you, Chryssie!

Hmm... Now I'm intrigued about where it'll go.

If only Cadance knew that the modern way of dealing with such problems was letting an even greater, sort of reformed problem decide their fate right after forcing them together and to wage war against Equestria.

Hmm... So the plot thickens.

D'awwww, little itty bitty Chryssie.

I wonder why Cadance grew bigger. Chryssie send to have reverted to hey age from the memory.


More B-baka!

Hmm, so we got some of Cadance's story... Now I'm even more curious about Chryssie's story.

I like it a lot so far, can't wait for more.

thank you for your comments! they made me smile a lot, especially the freud comment lmao :trollestia: :heart:

I'm almost sure that Discord is behind all these events. Because only his abilities can accomplish these inexplicable waking dreams and getting Chrysalis stuck in the bodies of ponies.

The world is her oyster!

Huh, okay, now I'm every intrigued, just what exactly did her grandmother do and how it altered Chryssie once she was healed.

Heheh, thanks for the great read. <3

Great story so far! I'm really liking the prose and the build up of the plot. Enjoyed it as much as the first time I read these beginning chapters.

It seems to me that the story needs to add the tags “mysticism” or “mystery” since the characters find themselves in an inexplicable and mysterious situation.

Although it seems obvious that Discord is behind all this.

oh thats a great idea! ill see what mystery tag i can add. thank you! :3

Hmm, well, what a lovely dinner.

Made me think of the Barbie steak scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, I think.

When in doubt, blame Discord.

Finally sat down and read everything. I'm loving this story and cant wait for the next dream adventure.

Ah!!! i got shivers when she was thinking of how if fate didnt want her with shining armor it wouldve tried to stop them and then she thought of queen chrysalis! They won the fight but is that what fate truly wanted??? Im so excited to keep reading :)

Another great chapter :twilightblush:

Enjoyed this chapter a lot! I'm liking the vibrant prose and how it builds a good vision when I'm reading. The character building is really well done. I feel like Chrysalis and Cadance have a lot of depth and mystery to them. The look into Chrysalis' past was very interesting.

Great work on this chapter! I'm really enjoying the dynamic between Chrysalis and Cadence and how it's building. Also I like the inner conflict in Chrysalis. She'll have a big choice to make later. The prose was fun to read and I like how it flows and builds the scenes.

I love the idea of the story, but I have to confess that I'm completely lost. Hoping things will make sense at some point.

so happy to see a post for this! i'm definatly enjoying it.

we're not even halfway through the fic yet. i have everything planned out. i'm trying hard not to give everything away too soon, but Ch7 is filled to the brim with clues. it's not discord.:trollestia: also feel free to PM me questions, or post them here if you want. just be careful to use spoilers.

I'm patient. I'm just hoping there is a moment in the story that it either comes together or it's laid out bare so even dumbasses like myself will understand.

I almost got confused several times trying to understand whose memories belong to whom.


“Thou must come with me at once. Make haste, for thy very lives depend upon it.”

Am I the only one who imagined Luna in a T-800 Terminator suit?

Still sure that Discord is to blame for everything.

Enjoying the story and definitely looking forward to more, but I've started keeping a tally of just how many times the phrase "beloathed pony princess" can be used.

thank you! don't worry, i'll make sure you have plenty more to count lol :trollestia:

I love how the story is revealed like puzzle pieces. Both of them living through memories that aren't their own but in ways that reflect them. Really looking forward to more!!

"Come with me if you want to live."

And the plot thickens... Surprisingly not Sunbutt's.

I very eagerly await the rest!! This is incredible!!

This was a great chapter! The prose has a nice flow to it and a good tempo. It was also vivid and colorful. The emotion could be felt really well. I am also enjoying the mystery aspects and the sense of discovery with each new chapter. The Luna cliffhanger was a nice way to end the chapter.

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