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Chrysalis has been defeated, now Shining Armor and Cadance can be wed. Or can they?

...Well, no. It seems the bride objects to it. Is this Cadance a changeling too? No, that would make far too much sense...

From a concept by defender2222 comes a tale of love...really, really screwed up love.

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Well, here it is. This first chapter is short, I know, but this won't be a trend. Future chapters will be longer, and the next will be up very, very soon.

defender2222 came up with the concept of: What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Cadence was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

Suddenly it all came together. I asked for the idea because 1. it was hilarious, and 2. it was a good way to make fun of the abundance of femslash in MLP fanfiction. I have a ton of stuff planned for this fic, but I'm warning you: don't take a single piece of this seriously. It's just going to get even crazier . :trollestia:

I don't think I even.... but I might.

Oh goodness, I can't wait. This chapter was entertaining, and the rest is bound to be good.

I have not seen this before you have intrigued me :rainbowderp: Go on O.O

Yeah... after reading your comment. I think I'm going to skip this story. Bet it'll be awesome through! Thumbs up just for the concept!

Rainbow has it - This is so messed up!
I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this was one of those moments...

I read the entire chapter with a poker face, reading through the absurdity of it all. But the moment I finished, I busted out laughing.
So, what more do you got? I'm a little bit scared :rainbowderp:

I.... I... I don't even know!

P.S. please continue.

I had a sorta similar concept soon after Canterlot Wedding, except further back in time. Shining and Twilight never met the real Cadance, there is a skeleton of a 5-year-old alicorn in the mines.

alright, you earned my fav and updates through emails.

Ermagerd! I'm loving this so far. "Favorite foal to sit for" indeed...

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for me to come across a Cadance/Twilight story that didn't involve a threesome with Shining Armor.

Let me try to keep track of all of this. So Chrysalis loves Shining, Shining loves Cadence, and Cadence loves Twilight? This should be interesting. :rainbowderp:

Good beginning, I was laughing most of the way through. Keep up the good work!

Ok, you caught my attention enough that it has been added to my read list.

Now that was hilarious. This story is going to be wonderful, I can already tell.

1604599 "Chrysalis was in love with somepony else." Normally I wouldn't offer suggestions for comment typos, but as its the very first comment you may want to fix it.

Everyone's a changeling. Even me.

Even you! :twistnerd:

I don't even...

This is better than the synopsis made me think it would be.

I almost wasn't this one a shot... I'm glad I did!

Oh man. That gives a whole new reason to why cadence was so eager to do that little rhyme with twilight now...

Highly amusing and looking forward to more!

It is a very short chapter, but sure full of suprcied.

As much as I do not like romance part in fanfic ( especialy between 2 mares ), I still find this chapter amusing.

so, let me get this straight:

Cadence ♥ Twilight,
Twilight ♦ Cadence, (not entirely according to the actual rules, but the best I have for their relationship atm.)
Chrysalis ♥ Shining, and
everyone ♠ Chrysalis.

This is so. bucking. weird.
Followed and upvoted.

Oh man, I've been waiting for something like this. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to read more!

Oh, I need more of this.

This is... I don't even know what this is. But I like it. :twilightsmile:

Well you and defender2222 both do good work, so... what the heck, I'll favorite this, see where it goes.

I am so excited for this story. It has great potential.

Yeah, I am to blame for this. I accept... well, not full credit since Darth did most of the work. I am the fic's daddy and he is the mama (yeah, I went there).

Now can we reveal the sexual overtones to the little nursery rhyme (You don't want to know what it means when a ladybug 'shakes')


What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Chrysalis was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

I think you meant Cadence

W-What, B-B-B-B, I don't know even what to say except maybe this:

I think I thought the phrase "didn't see that coming" like three times while reading this, and laughed out loud about five. "Waht a twist" doesn't even begin to describe it. Ridiculous concept, so much promise for hilarity, and written by an exceptional author?? Like, upvote, fav, mustache, whatever. :moustache: MOAR. :twilightsmile:

And my brain is now full of wut... I LOVE IT THOUGH!

Oh man, this is gonna get really crazy, really fast...

And Twilight is COMPLETELY freaked out by this whole thing. :twilightoops:

Well, thought this was going to be a new chapter of About Last Night, but I see I was wrong... :facehoof:

A little short as you said, but also seems kinda bland. Just due to lack of detail I guess and like Honeymoon, how confusing this seems to be and how casual some of the characters seem to be (like Celestia and Mane 6 not being hostile toward Chrysalis, if they knew she was still there before she spoke up and how'd the spell work, if they didn't truly love each other in the same way?). If Chrysalis didn't put her in the caverns, who did? And almost thought the worst mare comment was like if she loved Chrysalis herself or some other baddie. But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... :pinkiegasp: So Cadence loves Twilight? And Chrysalis loves Shining Armor? This is going to get SO awkward super fast, especially for the parents and siblings, I'd think. :twilightoops: Well, even though this chapter didn't really draw me in, I like the premise of this and chalk this up as another story I'm tracking by you!

Epic story is epic. I love it. The part at the end where they just fainted... :rainbowlaugh:

So, Chrysalis is kinda... adorable, I think. I can't wait to see more of this story. Now, if Shining would just get over the whole "She's a changeling" thing...

Oh the dramas, they are delicious.

:twilightoops: :derpyderp1: I have no words. Faved, and upvoted.

*sees incomplete* You mean this isn't just a oneshot? *Fist pump*

But please, don't let things get too absurd or OOC. Don't lower yourself to the likes of Art Inspired, who come up with a good idea and ruin it with stupidity and blatantly OOC characters. I don't think you will though, Families and Post Nuptials prove you're too good an author to do that.

:rainbowlaugh: This is so fucking hilarious. 1616289 You're not the only one man. Cute picture by the way.


this is my face
and i love it :pinkiehappy:

Wait ! .. Wha?
ummm... but ...
I think my mind just broke ... :unsuresweetie:
it feels ... GOOD! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, most delicious. Please continue.

I've been waiting for someone to do Twidance fic. This will be deliciously funny and awkward.

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