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This story is a sequel to Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember

A short drabble where Discord chats about Destruction: one of Discord's siblings, one of the Draconequi, one of Nature's Fury. Destruction has never liked his job. But for a spirit to not like his purpose, its about not liking yourself. What's are the finer details of him?

Cover art by Dalekcolt.

Proof read by Mtangalion.
Grammar Checked by Docontra

Part of the pony POV Series http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

Discord brings up a very good point, but he's forgetting one thing. You can accept your nature and purpose, but you don't have to be a dick about it.


If case you haven't noticed, Discord doesn't tend to be that mature a deity! :-) THANK YOU for the comment!

I feel like Discord is really talking about himself at the end. After all, if a leopard can't change his spots, then he doesn't have to try, does he?

Sounds about right for Discord. Discord has always feared changing means giving up his identity. 'That I won't be me anymore.'

Discord's comment regarding Celestia comes off very high and mighty, considering he's from roughly the same generation of Concepts; until I remembered Havoc is a part of him :twilightblush:. (Which does make me wonder if the fic isn't also displaying some tension between "stand-alone Discord" and Havoc, in the way Discord starts the fic proud of the similarities he had with his brother, and then steadily distances his situation from his brother's).

Also, for all Discord's complaining about Destruction refusing to do his job, Destruction was actually being really effective at it; just not in the way his peers wanted him to :trollestia: (and against his presumed end goal, according to Discord :pinkiesad2:).

Simply because if old species didn't die out, there wouldn’t be room for new species to evolve.

Arguably, if the new species on its own couldn't displace the older one (above-board or otherwise :fluttershyouch:), then it's not that much better now is it.

In truth, his berserk mode was from his own inability to accept himself.

Which made his specialty self-destruction :pinkiesad2:.

PS: Loved the narrator's voice, it was real easy to hear John de Lancie as I read it! :pinkiehappy:.

After Götterdämmerung, when the cosmic dust settles and the universe is reborn anew, only Kettle Corn will remain of the old pantheon.

She'll be as surprised as anyone.

In any case, interesting examination of a tragedy of a draconequus as told by one who isn't much better.

I'm happy to know I kept things in character!


Ironically. Something that happened naturally. Is how Ragnarok for the gods had already happened, and instead of being obliterated, they simply picked up the pieces and moved on. (Sound familiar?)

In any case, interesting examination of a tragedy of a draconequus as told by one who isn't much better.


Destruction can't run from his nature. Denying oneself is the path of self destruction.

That is the real irony. Makes you wonder how many people go insane hiding their true self from the world.

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