Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember

by Alex Warlorn

Episode 159: Invitations Sent And Lots and lots of Ponies

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember
Part 1
Invitations Sent
By Alex Warlorn

Please understand, a lot of our interview notes, and on the sight recordings were destroyed or lost in the conflict that was to come. And we kinda didn't have time to get these really orderly with all that's going on.

So we're sorry if we write briefly in more than a few places. MANY ponies and other creatures were involved here. And we don't have the time left to give full credit and detail to all of them. But I hope what we've managed to recover and bring together here, will help you appreciate these grand events you have demanded to see.

Also, with recent revelations, and changes, we can finally show a complete exchange between us, and Shining that we dearly wanted to share before.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Wait... you mean that wasn't the real ending?! WAAHHHHH!)

Oh Celestia, don't cry, don't cry... Just think of it as an alternative ending! Like how Colonial Mareines is an alternative ending to Xenomorphs... And is somehow worse than Xenomorphs 3 and Xenomorphs Revivification...

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I'm... I'm not allowed to read those books... mommy told me a long time ago they'd give me scary nightmares.)

Your mommy sounds like a very smart mare. Well then, we can't be having nightmares now, can we? Here. Let me gets these tears off your face. Somepony as nice as you shouldn't have to tears on her muzzle.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Oh... uh, thank you. you're a good hugger. Can you give Smarty Pants one too?)

Huh? Oh sure! There she goes.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Thank you!)

Even when he wasn't aware of what we were, his heart still was.

--Half-Light Noon


"Pitcher Plant."

"Yes my Queen?" She responded to the queen who had named her after her premature hatching the day Chrysalis had become queen.

"Until I call for you and our workforce and nymphs, I leave our home, Hive Jormungand, in your care."

The changeling in constant Zebra form curtsied, "Yes my Queen. May your day be perfect."


"You may kiss the bride."

The lovely couple kissed, and everypony cheered, and everydonkey too!

Cranky Doodle could be stubborn, but even he could admit when he was wrong, Filthy Rich had been right: it was good to finally marry Matilda after a donkey's lifetime of looking for her. Which for a donkey was a very long time! (It led some to wonder if Granny Smith had any hinnys stashed away in her family tree.)

Pinkie Pie had offered a blond toupee in exchange for Cranky's black one (never mind how she EVEN KNEW he wore a toupee!), but Matilda still liked his black one and that settled that.

Matilda was also the only person who Cranky had told the real story of Cranky's day of Discord. Not the lie he told everypony else. He had been traveling between towns, that was true. But Discord had taken notice of him. Cranky wasn't one for deep story telling and kept his descriptions brief and to the point.

Cranky slipped and slide along the road as it turned to soap and the landscape turned to checkerboard, and Princesses were apparently squabbling as sisters tended to do. And a tree he swore stepped into his way so he'd bang into it!

Having been blessed to be born a donkey instead of a pony, Cranky didn't have a cutie mark for Discord to imitate, the king of anti-understanding had appeared in his true form.

Introductions had been swift and to the point.

"So you're the one causing this stupid mess?"

"It's not stupid, IT'S SENSELESS!" Discord grinned absurdly wide his pointy teeth glistening. "This is stupid," he said, snapping his fingers and creating a candle, which he promptly lit at both ends.

"You think this is fun?" Cranky asked his face straight as an arrow.

"Confusion and disorder are always fun!"

"I'm not smiling."

Discord snapped his fingers.

"There! Now you're smiling!" Discord had grinned.

"I'm not smiling stupid, you're just making my face smile."

"What's the difference?"

"It's not real you idiot!"

"You mean like THIS?" Discord grabbed his toupee.

"Hey!" Cranky grasped for it, but Discord kept pulling it out of his reach like a dog trainer.

Discord looked at it, "Now why would a donkey, so stiff and stern, be so ashamed of being bald? Oh why why why?...Could there be somepony, excuse me, someJENNY that you want to look nice for if in a one in a million chance you happen to find her?"

"Leave her out of this YOU LOSER!"

"...do you have any idea what I could do to you?"

"Exactly what you're going to do if I pretend to be nice OR tell you how pathetic you are anyway!"

"Whose really the pathetic one little donkey? The all-powerful idea of chaos itself, who can do whatever he wants? Or the old, very bald donkey whose spent his entire long life going from town to town trying to find a jenny he met once in his life?"

"The 'all-powerful one' who STILL needs to bully others like a foal to feel big!"

"Like you felt big that one tiny night in your entire lonely life?"

"I've made more than a few friends over the years, there's been nothing lonely about it."

"But you've still constantly looked for that one jenny who made you feel special that one time. Tell me, how can you even forgive her? For making it sound like you'd spend your lives together, and then she vanishes without a trace."

"This should be fun for you, because I'm betting it doesn't make sense to you, but donkeys are, ponies are, Equestria is about love, it's what makes us special. And love doesn't hold grudges!"

"I know!" Discord rolled his eyes, "Ponies, they're all full of compassion and forgiveness. They trip over themselves ready to forgive, almost anything. It's their inherent weakness-spot."

"As a non-pony, let me tell you: it's a strength."

"For some reason, you make me think of the one I 'borrowed' my wonderful winning voice from."

(In Another Universe Far Far Away)

An all powerful being disguised as a pony in a star fleet uniform sat in a infinite and complex quantum nexus currently disguised as a gas station in a desert. He held up a sign that read,

'That ******* Discord. I'm going to ******* ****** his ***** up his ****** then ******* his *******!!!!'

A blond member of the same race of all powerful beings popped next to him.

"Greeting fellow member of omnipotent single letter species, what is that on your shoulder?"

The sign now read, 'It's called a conscience, thought I'd give it a try.'

'It looks like a draconequus.'

'Bought it off of E-Bray.'

"How's that working out?"

'Well, mortals seem to like me more.'
(Back In Equestria)

"Oh whatever!" Discord tossed the toupee back to the donkey, "Know why I'm giving that back to you?"

"For the reason you're about to tell me."

Discord growled, "Because! There's nothing I can do to you, to make your sad little life MORE miserable! You've done my job for me! Your sad, lonely, empty, shallow, with nothing but memories and trinkets to keep you company, pathetically throwing away your ONE life looking for a jenny you met once!...Or...I could tell you where she is...assuming she's alive of course...all you need to do is say 'Discord is funky, and super tubular,' and mean every word."

"Matilda..." Cranky whispered. "BUCK! YOU!" He told the beast.

"Remember . . ." Discord said cheerfully, "When you die all alone, unloved and unmourned, it's because you couldn't give someequus a compliment! Bye-bye!" Discord laughed and vanished.

Cranky spat air, and continued down the road after the wave of rainbow light repaired the world.

Last night Matilda wouldn't stop whispering, "My Doodle, you were so strong and brave facing up to that big-lipped chimera."

Cranky had said, "He was no different than a foal carrying around a pie like it makes them a king.."

But that was now all in the past, and both of the donkeys had their long lives ahead of them now.

Pinkie Pie cried gushers at the wedding, "It's so beautiful!"

Tootsie Flute nodded, having served as flower filly.

As fate would have it, many of Ponyville's big-name residents were out of town, and that was fine by the donkeys. Cranky believed in making his own fate. Their friends in Canterlot had told them a major royal wedding in was in the works, which drew all the attention away from two no-face, no-name donkeys tying the knot. And Cranky couldn't be happier about it. This was his and Matilda's special day, he didn't want a bunch of look-seers and fair weather friends crowding it. It made the perfect time.

And Filthy Rich's very generous donations to the festivities had not gone to waste, the wedding had all the beauty and prestige of a miniature Grand Galloping Gala. Cranky didn't care for it, but he knew Matilda loved it, and that was the point.

Filthy Rich himself however, was not in attendance, his maid, Shiny Star, had attended in his place. She only said Filthy Rich had very personal, and very important family issues in Canterlot, but he wished the newly wed couple well.


Cheerilee looked at the clock on the wall, she had managed to complete the grading of that week's pop quiz before they got here. That was good, she wanted to give these foals her full attention.

She knew she should have given this task to a royal guard, but these three fillies had proven very fast, and very good at avoiding authority figures from police to their own parents. Sometimes you needed to fight fire with fire.


"Cutie Mark Crusader Truancy Officers Take Two! YEAH!"

Cheerilee groaned. "Girls...you didn't need to tie them up."

"They wouldn't stop squirming," Scootaloo defended.

"They tried to bite me!" Sweetie Belle said in her sweater and dream-catcher.


"We still get that extra credit right?" Applebloom asked. The CMC didn't care much about extra-credit, but they did care if it gave them brownie points with their teacher to get more time to perform more experiments to find out what their special talents were.

Cheerilee sighed, she didn't like encouraging this type of behavior. Sadly she hadn't bothered to include 'not to hog-tie' on the list of ways the fillies couldn't get Checkered Flag, Grace Lightning, and Hot Wheels here to speak with their teacher.

"I'll...let you girls know. Can you please give us some alone time?"

"Are you going to be okay Miss Cheerilee?" Applebloom asked. That Cheerilee had been one of Princess Gaia's willing supporters, the same Princess Gaia who had trapped Applebloom in tease of getting her cutie mark, had done very very little to defuse the foals positive view of their teacher.

"I'll be fine girls, I promise, now scoot along." Cheerilee realized what she had just said when Scootaloo gave her a look and the founding members of the CMC left.

"Untie us already!" Checkered Flag snapped.

"In a minute," Cheerilee said as she sat down in front of the foals.

"You girls have been absent from school for a long time. I allow home schooling, but your parents are all worried, your grades have been dropping. And the attitude you've been showing other foals at the roller rink has not been encouraging. I've talked it over with your parents, and they've conceded that you need more socialization in a noncompetitive environment."

"School's a competition, same as any other, there's winners and then there's losers," Hot Wheel said.

"If I may ask, why did you even tease Dinky to begin with? Do you even know? Did you even once think about it? Did you ever have a reason to begin with? Why her? Why not her? Did it make you feel better? Or were that bored and uninspired that it was all you could think of?"

"HEY! We're not stupid!" Hot Wheels snapped, "And it was just a joke."

"SHE didn't think it was just a joke."

"That's her fault!"

"It's always somepony else's fault isn't it? You three barely even think of yourselves as yourselves anymore. It's always the three of you. I've seen friends who act like they're one pony before, and it's normally healthy. The three that brought you in are a good example. But you three have turned it into an excuse to do whatever, and then just say 'it was part of the group' 'not my fault.' You don't even try to think about it."

"That's not true! We're plenty ourselves!"

"Is it Grace? Or have you noticed I've been talking to all three of you, and none of you have objected to that? Like you three are the heads of Cerberus. Like you three are carbon copies instead of three parts of a whole." The roller fillies eyes widened and they looked at each other, looking a tiny bit scared.

"I ask again, why did you tease Dinky?"

The three roller fillies look at each other again, confused, scared, showing the foals they were underneath all that bravado, desperation hoping one of the other two had the answer.
I give them a full minute before saying. "In other words, you were just doing what you thought everypony else was doing," I said flatly.

They settled down. And humbled and smaller, I knew this wasn't the end solution, but it was a start in the right direction.

Dinky...that filly had gone through so much. They all had, but she had more than her share even before The Day The World Unzipped.

Many foals were naturally the same race of pony as their parents, and were confused and unsure of a unicorn having a pegasus for a mother. It didn't help that Derpy Hooves was generally considered Ponyville's resident featherbrain who more than once got Rainbow Dash's direction wrong for winter wrap up, some weather peagsi actually took sick days when she was scheduled just to avoid her (Rainbow Dash being Weather Team Captain didn't have that option).

This all came back down on Dinky, who was teased for being as 'stupid' as her mother. I don't blame Derpy's elder daughter Sparkler for fleeing Ponyville to start a new life in Canterlot for as long as she did.

I don't blame the doctors and civil workers for checking in on Derpy and Dinky after the day of chaos, given everything that was said about Derpy around town. I actually heard Dr. Whooves actually made things worse by trying to bully some of them into leaving Derpy alone. I don't know about them, but if I was trying to make sure that a parents was truly caring for their child, and somepony tried to intimidate me into dropping it, I'd only be more determined and then be a little bias against the idea this single parent had nothing to hide.

I'm just happy that Derpy was able to prove she was a worth while mother after all. And I am happy Dinky chose to try harder to prove them wrong instead of believing what was said. But in my humble opinion, Derpy should stick to being a mailmare like she's good at. A weather pony she is not.

In spite of her campaign against Applebloom and her friends being the stuff of legends, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had shown minimal interest in bullying foals besides the CMC.

Tiara had always been full of herself, but after getting her cutie mark she singled out Applebloom and Twist as her playthings until Twist earned her cutie mark and had become invisible to the filly while Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were now on her list for defending Applebloom.

Alula, always wanting to make friends with the elitist filly but not having a clue how to go about it, had tried to imitate Diamond Tiara's style of teasing 'blank flanks' and had brought more unhappiness down on Dinky. When Diamond Tiara pushed Dinky out of the way once to read the school newspaper that was free, Derpy had assumed Diamond Tiara, whose reputation proceeded her, was the main source of her foal's misery at school. Ironically by then, Checkered and her two friends had vanished from my class room.

All in all, I don't blame Derpy for making Dinky home school as long as she did.

Thankfully I didn't have parents pulling their foals out of class after Princess Gaia's brief reign. Though a few made gratuitous threats about 'having an eye on you', and 'don't think we're not watching.' Which I found more agitating than intimidating. While I didn't make a secret that I still loved my Princess, I made it crystal clear to the parents I was not going to try and 'convert' any of their children, and that as a teacher, I had to be above religion and politics. My special talent was helping each flower bloom, not stay a bud, and I would never forget that again. It more than one talk with Derpy to help her understand that I wasn't going to try and 'steal away' Dinky from her.

At least I had Zecora for my own support. I hadn't given the zebra much thought before, besides being that 'strange witch' who lived in Everfree, and she did a wonderful performance with her alchemy on Nightmare Night. Now however she was one of the few ponies I could talk openly with about that both of truly understood what Fluttershy had been trying to do, and that she had learned and grew from the experience, even if her methods had been misguided, everything had turned out for the better in the end.

And there was my sister, Berry Punch, I was happy she had never tried to take Ruby out of class. Ruby's actually sorry she didn't get to play with her mother when she was a filly.

I think Berry was grateful for a day where she wasn't dependent on hard cider and come to me for help. And I've been trying as hard as I can to do so, like any sister would., and learning what Ruby wanted when given a world where she could have had anything, gave Berry strength she needed to finally start swearing off hard cider. She's gone weeks now without touching anything. And we all love her for it. She's free.

Bridges were finally healing. Though I did get an odd note from the CMC about missing a day or two of school for 'royal business.'


Blueblood looked in the mirror, for the first time other than to enjoy his own beauty. He wanted to look his best: for the first time, he was having a date with a mare more than once. Until Arcane Spell, it had been a long line of rejections starting with his early foalhood.

"Are you crazy? You're stuck-up, cowardly, rude and only think about yourself. I wouldn't marry you in a thousand years!"

Blueblood could still remember the royal horseshoe print on his royal face, when a naive and ignorant royal colt had asked his cousin to marry him. Like any hurt child, he had lashed back at her, reminding her of the disaster of the royal love poison incident. She had calmly accepted it, talking so much like an grown-up when she did that it was scary.

Rude, stuck-up? His mother and later his instructors had made it clear exactly how he was supposed to act around others if he didn't want a ruler to the flanks.

"Stand up straight! Not that fork! You're royalty you get others to open doors! You don't swallow commoner food, you spit it out! You get others to shield yourself! You don't need to think, just look pretty!"

Cowardly? The ramparts of Canterlot Castle hadn't been walls of his home, they were the borders of his prison. Why do you think he accepted being an ambassador? Thought only of himself? What did she know about what he thought?

'And in these decades that followed, I became exactly what you said I was cousin,' Prince Blueblood though.

In his heart of hearts, Blueblood couldn't deny the truth, he envied his cousin. She had the freedom that was denied him, parents there for her, by a random whim of fate she was born what he wasn't, Celestia paid her more attention than him because of what he wasn't born as. They were both nobility, but he was worth LESS than her because he didn't have the horn AND wings.

"Why do you get to be a pegasus-unicorn and not me?!" Little Blueblood had demanded. If he had wings, he could have flown away from this castle.

"That's ALICORN. I embody all three tribes," little Cadence said repeating what Auntie Celestia had told her.

He even envied her for foalsitting uncontrollable, hyperactive, destructive, violent brats, at least she was allowed to leave the castle, away from instructors, away from guards, away from having your every move watched and measured, being made into what others wanted you to be.

And for the first time in a long time, Blueblood was ashamed of that envy. Auntie Luna's envy and hate had transformed her into an unholy force of eternal night...It was like even the forces of darkness didn't care for Blueblood.

Blueblood was never one to care much for animals, but he couldn't help but feel a momentary form of kinship with the caged birds he occasionally saw in the possession of his fellow nobles. There was a joke going around Canterlot that Blueblood was kept around just so Princess Celestia had somepony's presence to punish the rest of the elite with.

Once upon a time, Cadence had actually sent letters to her cousin when he was finally away from the castle as a diplomat (the whole reason he had taken the job, and Auntie felt he was good at saying one thing while meaning another). Blueblood had simply returned them unopened. If she wanted nothing to do with him, then he'd have nothing to do with her. Now he wished he had read them. Then, he had finally gotten the royal news, and for the first time ever, he wrote his cousin.


I shall admit, leaving Blueblood solely in the care of his mother was not my, most thought out decision. Having lost her husband, Blueblood was all she had left, her only foal and her only heir. She protected him like a glass doll, while at the same time grinding him to become what she perceived as the perfect royal stallion.

I still know not where Hemlock Blood (the name she was born with) or rather 'Lady Pure Blood' learned the Royal Canterlot voice.

Blue Knight, or 'Blue Zenith' as he changed it after marrying his wife, was not a coward. Something he had didn't have time to impart unto his son. While Blue Zenith did say "Yes dear!" as his wife wished, this had nothing to do with his courage, he did all she asked because he loved her, nothing else to it.

I think Blueblood actually smiled at her funeral when she finally died of a heart attack when abroad. No pony called him heartless for it. Yes I was sad at her funeral, I mourn all my ponies. In particular the ones I wasn't able to save from themselves.

Cadence had power she had to learn how to use right, and not to think of herself as 'superior' to the mortals around her. You're surprised to hear me say that? Let me ask you, is the ocean 'superior' to a pony? Is a mountain? The two are so different that even measuring them against each other for what they are is illogical. And as Queen Tiamat told me, Concepts in many ways needed life to give us meaning. The life giving sun exists because life needs warmth, without them, it'd just be a ball of burning gas floating in space. That is something Discord never understood: a universe without the mortals he saw as nothing but toys would have nocreature to 'appreciate' his chaos.

I learned, after the fact, while I was with little Cadence one time with her parents, that Blueblood had somehow found his way down to the crystal mines, the same ones reopened by different greedy diamond dogs and later ponies throughout history. I believe the sections he'd found were ones no pony had seen since the Pre-Chaos era. And by the time the servants thought it important enough, or rather had become brave enough to tell me, the foal had found his own way out, and had unwittingly gained his cutie mark in the process. Turns out my little prince was very good at making maps.

After both his parents were lost I should have made more time with him, of all of my nephews, he clearly needed me.

But at the time of course, I had been making sure Cadence didn't become a second Nightmare Moon, while at the same time preparing for my insane sister's return and...having to start over in those preparation due to my own mistakes with the loss of a beloved student...There is good reason I wanted Cadence and Twilight to not see the world revolve around them. Power and that worldview are a disastrous combination.

I know why Mother and Father insisted we be born without the ability to feel regret. It would kill us if we had to endure them for as long as we live them. So no, I feel no regret for what I did through neglect through Blueblood, I made my choice, nothing else to it.

The worst part is the rumors between myself and Blueblood, not all tabloids are written by Sunny Day. Most write that I'm just waiting for the right excuse to have Blueblood imprisoned, exiled, or...eliminated.

Yes, I did choose to tell him how attacking Princess Gaia's fog would be sure to inspire respect among his peers. Using his personal battered and misused guards of course. For his guards, it was the paid vacation they had never gotten, for Blueblood, it was the foalhood he never had.

I wondered if anything I said to him struck home in that heart he had sealed off from everyone in a wall of mirrors. When my information network revealed him dating his MAID, Arcane Spell, I worried for a little while he was trying to claim Rarity Belle vicariously, her coloring and species being the same as the Element of Generosity.

I do not believe either of them noticed the pink and milk white sunbird, sunfish, and servant-filly who chaperoned their first few outings and made no secret of being there with them. My nephew knows maps and high-society but I've fooled much smarter ponies than him.

But I'd learn I was not the queen of manipulation or subterfuge, that title belonged to another. There were those who lived and breathed deception.

I, and the many adults turned foals for one day, Applejack, and Princess Gaia, and three others, all laid down the foundation and most fill the glass, and there were certainly improvements....But it was one unicorn maid, no blood relation to the Paradise Ponies or those of the First Ponyville, with a Earth pony little sister and an ailing father, was finally the tipping point my nephew needed, and become a better pony. And I love them both for it.

I was able to carry a bit of happiness when I made my centennial visit to where I died. A foolish young goddess who made a deal with Discord's Mother for the means to end the hatred between ponies, and got the windigos for her childish naiveté. As punishment by My Parents: live a life of an Earth Pony, experience the hatred they felt at the unicorns and pegasi, die after seeing everypony else around you freeze to death, and your last breath cursing whatever brought about this fate, and learning the moment after your death, it was yourself.

How can I be happy at that? Because, for all the prejudice that might linger, all the classism, all of it that exists today put together is still not even a shadow of a ghost of the unbridled fundamental hate that dwelled within just one pony in the days of the Three Tribes. Even the most stuck-up, elitist noble in Canterlot, would still gasp away in horror at even the softest 'solutions' that the tribes had for each other before Equestria. My ponies have grown, my ponies are learning, they can grow up.

That's why I use Earth Pony Star-Catcher's form for my Sunny Day persona: she's grown up and learned too. You can't force ponies to make the right choices.

Starswirl The Bearded? He has as nearly as many stories circling him as myself. Rumors ranged from him being Discord's mortal form to creator of the Windigos to being a female Earth pony in a costume with a quick mouth. I think it is all to cover up that Starswirl did indeed think 'pure blooded' unicorns were superior in magic to 'tainted blood' one, but in his day and age? He was considered a radical! And his fellows would have been scandalized if they knew he had taken a 'part-dirt-pony' apprentice. My little ponies, they try to fit growing out of their prejudice they fell into as black and white. It wasn't. The circumstances that gave birth to ponies like Pansy, Smart Cookie, and Clover The Clever were one step at a time, much like their downward spiral into tribal lines to begin with.

And they keep getting stronger, always becoming just a tiny bit wiser, their children only learn a fraction of the lessons their parents did, make new mistakes, and learn from them as well, and I'll always love them for that.

I took a walk in the gardens when I returned.


Blueblood was not used to ponies banging on his door, opening it, he found Arcane Spell looking at him red-eyed and crying.

"Arcane? What's wrong?" Was all he could think to ask.

She grasped for words like she was trying to eat soup with a fork.

"They've... I told mom and dad, but I... Blueblood, Princess Celestia found Neatly Spell."

"...what happened?"

"... She won't say."

"How is she?"

"S-she refuses to say!"

"Why would Auntie do that?"

"She says she has her reasons, and...oh, Blueblood. I was so looking forward to introducing her to you. Neatly would have loved you!'"

"But Arcane, this doesn't make any sense! Why in Equestria wouldn't Auntie be able to provide a simple, straightforward answer?! Is Neatly alive and unharmed? Or injured? Ill? Even if some horrible calamity had happened, even if, heaven forbid, the poor girl were DEAD... what is to be gained by keeping such a thing secret?!"

"...The Princess says Neatly is alive. That's all she WILL say, though." We both found out eventually. And I understood a need for this to be quiet. Too bad it didn't stay that way.


The most logical suspect was deemed to be a pegasus who had been Neatly Spell's overseer in the castle. This pegasus had vanished the same day as the filly had. But how he could have possibly rendered Neatly Spell to this state of being, was a mystery unto itself. One which the authorities would eagerly question the pegasus about, once he was in their custody.

The status of the poor filly was spread by castle staff and guards like a virus, whispered from one to another, becoming somehow more fantastic and grim with each telling. One pony suggested her status was due to being another of Clockwork's victims, and the paranoia erupted like a wildfire. It didn't matter Clockwork had been found and forced to see that turning fillies into sapient dolls wasn't what her father, Watch D. Wotch meant by 'saving' foals. Or that her father himself had died performing the magic that saved his terminally ill child, and that she had magically assumed her father's identity.

No. It didn't matter one bit. And the rumors just grew more fantastic from there, it was almost like somepony was fanning the flames, taking advantage. And the source of the rumors, poor Neatly Spell, was all but forgotten in the paranoia, save for her family her friends, and their families.

It didn't help matters that several ponies had been found petrified outside the city walls. It didn't change opinions that it was most likely a rogue cockatrice attack (which the ponies revealed as the truth once they were returned to their flesh and blood). That was drown out by the rumors.

Long Haul, Equestria's long-standing Chief of Intelligent and Security, with intelligence gathered from reliable sources, declared that there was indeed an unknown threat at play. This gave the ponies something to focus on. Long Haul approached the Princess amidst other high-ranking guards and submitted security measures to be taken, new troop positions, and new flight patterns for pegasi guards...Celestia accepted them all, knowing they would keep her ponies happy. And hopefully keep them safe.


"And now ladies and gentlecolts! Twilight Sparkle will perform wonders not before seen by pony eyes!" Spike called out on stage built in Hoofington square.

Then she brought up our comrades. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack, the same three friends I first tripped up in my first Ponyville show.

Twilight took out a horn seal, she first used it on Rarity to prove that it wasn't a fake then placed it on her own horn, but she STILL could get enough magic out to do telekinesis and the like as she showed off with some of Fluttershy's animals. That's impossible. How?

The rest of the crowd (including my sisters and brothers) loved it.

"Now behold!" Twilight hit Applejack and Rarity in a flash and  . . . they were fillies?! Since when did Twilight learn THAT magic? Who am I kidding? What magic doesn't Twilight know?

The crowd was enthralled.

Then she returned the two to normal and . .  made Applejack an old mare?! Then returned her to normal again just as easily!

Their hoof claps were deafening.

Then she looked at Rainbow Dash and blasted her, and when the flash cleared . . . Rainbow Dash had been doubled . . . I don't know if the world is ready for this. But it's incredible! The two Rainbow Dash flew and circled one another. The crowd was loving it.

I couldn't tell how she was doing this magic at all! Yes, I had been reading the book Twilight gave me.

Then she made Pinkie Pie play a dozen instruments. Followed by her climax of changing Applejack into a stallion! I went numb.

"The great and powerful Twilight! The great and powerful Twilight!" They were cheering. I . . . politely clapped, putting on the best smile I could.

Behind stage, I asked, "Twilight! That magic! How did you do all that?!"

"Oh it wasn't magic." Twilight smiled.

Explanation. Just smoke and lights. And her friends and their families in make-up and wigs to make them look like the our comrades. And 'Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.'

"So . . . So you did all that, with stage magic?"

Twilight simply smiled and nodded. "It was all so easy. So simple. It was a breeze for a change instead of hard work."

I felt my heart sink. "But . . . Twilight, stage magic is my special talent."

"And it still is," Twilight patted me on the back. "It's still your little thing you can do."

"Little thing?"

"Sure, a little thing for a little pony. You know that Element of Magic inside you is the only reason I was able to save you. You need to accept that without it, you're not anything, you whine that it's a curse, but it's the only thing that makes you worth while. Without it, you're a fraud and a weakling whose special talent is being all flare and no substance. Otherwise you'll just be setting yourself up for disappoint after disappointment. And I care too much about you for that." She hugged me. I didn't feel better.

I backed out of the hug, "Uh, I have be going Twilight."

"Bye-bye!" She waved happily.

I had to get out of there, I couldn't breath. I sat down on a empty bench, feeling my heart pounding and my body heavy.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie shouldn't have to take that."

A unicorn stallion was next to me, handsome like a statue, gray fur, black mane, red eyes (I don't judge by appearance) and an odd red jewel pendant topped with an Alicorn as a cutie mark.

"Who are you?"

He did a bow.

"Your biggest fan. I've heard so much about you, Great and Powerful Trixie. I've felt you, sensed you, seen you, heard you, known of you," he held out one of the posters for one of my shows to me with a quill for an autograph. I signed it after examining it closely. I'd wanted to sign autographs for a long time, but Discord had left me a little weary of signing things without checking first. "And your family, we have a history, we've worked together before, but it's been many years, then you came along . . . you had such HATE in your heart Trixie. You wished to bring DESPAIR to all who had laughed at you, mocked you, belittled you, dismissed you as being just another unicorn, sentenced to die in obscurity. Why did you give up your STRENGTH?"

" . . . It wasn't a strength, it was a weakness, all my hate ever did was blind me. All my grudge did was drag me down."

"It's what gave you the strength to keep moving forward after you life was destroyed."

"And it's what kept me from going to my family for help when I needed them most."

"You shouldn't need them. But they aren't the point. The point is what Twilight Sparkle said to you. As an Element of Magic you are superfluous, and as a magician on your own, you are a triviality. But that doesn't have to be your fate. You can change it."

"I am."

"Are you? Or are you just spinning your wheels? But I can help you. Like I've helped other members of your line in the distant past. You and I are bound by fate. By destiny. Together, we can crush those who looked down on you! And you can achieve the greatness you've always wanted."

"Trixie makes her own destiny!"

"And make it with me. Think it. Cow everypony who ever laughed at you. Those who sneered at you, enslaved. Torture all who slighted you. Silence all who berated you. You don't need to take their judgment. Together, you and I. I, the one forged from the remnants of despair, the piece of the black rainbow, and empowered by The Great Dark One. Given life by anger, given mind by hate. And you, the one of your blood who does not fear to sacrifice all in the name of power."

He reached out his hoof.

"So what do you think? Do you want to be great and powerful again?"

. . . Was that what I wanted? Did I want to push into the dirt all who brushed me aside and treated me like I was nothing? To make their lives ten times the misery mine was? A hundred fold? A thousand fold? To become Great and Powerful again? To become feared again?

I slapped his hoof away. "Go clop yourself."


"It wasn't the magic of HATE that beat Discord, Nightmare Moon and Whisper. It was friendship! And I've FELT the difference! All my hate and bitterness ever did was WEAKEN me!"

"You didn't embrace it ENOUGH!"

"If I embraced it anymore I'd have been a Nightmare! The fantasies I had of what I'd do to Twilight were petty and vicious! All that would be is me back sliding into the mare I used to be! A WEAK pale imitation of a pony like you."

"You can't do this! I need you! YOU NEED ME! You're a weakling and will always BE a weakling without me!"

"You're offering an EASY way out! You think I'm scared of EARNING power? Trixie is many things, but afraid of hard work isn't one, or I'd have curled up and died a long time ago! Now excuse me!"

I got up from the bench. He pointed a hoof at me.

"I swear this truth, this reality, this FACT: One day, when your heart embraces hate so pure it blocks out the sun, you heart will call out to ME and I shall lead you to me."

I narrowed my eyes at him. I trotted forwards, staring him down.

"Sorry, but that's not happening, EVER." I pushed him back onto his haunches.  Then hit him with my fireworks spell at point blank range. He shattered like glass.

And I saw  a filly, I knew all too well standing behind where the stallion had been like he had been obscuring her.

The world changed. I was on stage, and I saw my friends and family all clapping and cheering for me, throwing flowers onto my stage.

"Congratulations!" Mother said.

"One and only Trixie!" Twilight shouted.

"Right on!" RD called.

I looked around at my friends...at my family. This was where I belonged...I didn't want to throw them away...I was afraid of losing them. I was happy to have them. Happy to be with them.

Princess Loving-Bright-Shinny-Star Sparkling-Dawn-Flower The Eighty-Eighth galloped up on stage and hugged me, I hugged her back. "I'm so proud you Trixie! You beat the bad stallion! You really did! You really did!"

I slowly return the hug and nuzzle her. "Yes, I really did. And I did it because of my friends. Do we have time to play princesses again before I wake up?"

"I think so! Wait, you want to play after all this time?"

"Maybe I'm overdue, for a little playtime."

After saving Hoofingtonia from the Smooze and being given my own personal dragon and giving Princess Loving-Bright-Shinny-Star Sparkling-Dawn-Flower The Eighty-Eighth one last hug I woke up. And found I had fallen asleep on the bedroom desk going through my junk mail.

Trixie, I, made it a point to never let my family see my mail. There were some things that still creeped in that Trixie wasn't proud of.

I got some weird letters from Pinkie Pie, who kept mentioning buses for some reason. She kept signing them 'Pinkie Diane' instead of 'Pinkie Pie.' Trixie cannot believe it, but she is actually sorry she has not gotten any mail from the ego with wings.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Maybe you can find a full of themselves Earth pony and you three can combine into the Alicorn of Big Egos!)

...While being an Alicorn is tempting, Trixie would rather keep her individuality, thank you, and where are the rest of you?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): We're kinda spread out, with different opinions, can we please keep this focused on you?)

Never did Trixie once dream she'd have to be asked that! But yes, I was sad that I hadn't gotten any mail from Rainbow Dash. Trixie hates to admit it, but somewhere deep down, I think we're more alike than I and Twilight are.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Rainbow Dash wanted to be the best to test her limits and challenge herself. You wanted to be the best so everypony would look up to you and love you.)

Pst. Twilight gave me all her notes on what had happened in Ponyville before. I know about Mare-Do-Well. Rainbow Dash has as much need for others to acknowledge she exists as I do.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): You admit that?)

Where have you been? I'm done hiding from myself....But Rainbow Dash, she found something more important, she found her friends. Once upon a time I would have considered her an idiot for that. Now I'm forced to admit she's a wiser pony than me. ...She realized her dreams...didn't hold any value unless she had somepony to share them with.

And she's now more famous than Trixie has ever been, she's better than me as an performer...she is the best. No Trixie isn't crying. If they were, they'd be tears of joy, for a friend. Trixie might have an ego, but she's no longer focused solely on herself.

And I have very dear friends indeed! Ponyville wasn't just another town where my act had gone south, it had hit the south pole!

Snips and Snails' parents weren't rich enough to be worth suing. So instead the pony whose home had been destroyed by my worst fear made flesh, demanded bits I didn't have.

You see while the most of Ponyville didn't connect with the bully I was before, it's easier for a pony who lost their house to recognize the one responsible.

I won't give her name, Rarity told me they're normally a good pony and a wonderful mother, and having your house destroyed is enough to fill anypony with seething hateful rage: I speak from experience.

While their insurance had already paid for the damages (how anypony insured a town right next to the Everfree Forest was lost on me), their demands for restitution from me were crystal clear. If I had enough bits to afford a house, would I have been living in a gypsy cart?

Having just recovered from my ordeal involving, that thing inside my mind, I was surprised when Rarity, the mare who I had gleefully humiliated, came to my defense. So yes, Trixie DOES now consider her a friend!

"Darling, how much do you honestly expect to sue out of a traveling showmare who has also lost her home, all her belongings, and her job?" I had to give Rarity credit, she could have been a good showmare herself if she wanted. She knew how to use the proper language to a pony in their particular emotional state. She was angry and hurt, so she spoke of anger and being hurt.

But the U-Ursa did crush her house and she did have a foal to raise, and needed something to give her a conclusion. I gave my apology after Princess Gaia's festival, in private, in a low voice, apologizing was something I was still getting used to doing at the time. It only cost me the exact amount of my royal commission to perform during the Gaia Festival. I didn't move back in with my family just because I wanted to make up for years of ignoring them.

But . . . I don't regret it in the least, I still got a show, the ponies of Ponyville now love my magic, my friends were there to enjoy it, and talk about me HAPPILY, who wants money when reputation can't be bought?

Did I ever say I was sorry for my show in Ponyville to Rainbow and the others? Hadn't I just been putting on a show? Why are we all going over this mess again? I'm about to put on a show that tops all this!

They had accepted my challenge of their own choice, and tripping up ponies on their own signature tricks had always pleased the crowd from my earliest shows and had become a staple of mine.

Had I taken pleasure in seeings others squirm? Seeing others humiliated and laughed at? It gave me a sense of power, just like lying did. And power carries a sweet seduction all its own. Like any narcotic, it took time to let go. It's an addiction and breaking it wasn't easy.

And I'm HAPPY I had friends to teach me not to give myself the chance TO humiliate ponies who just wanted a good magic show.

...I still don't want to be submissive and humble, apologizing for everything and anything I've done. You will NOT find that Trixie here!

I don't want to be another face in the herd. I wasn't sorry for putting on a magic show that involved wrong-hoofing challengers...I apologized that I rubbed their muzzles in it, like they were clowns there to entertain me. I apologized for being a sadistic bully, not for being a showmare. And they accepted my apology! And not with cold and icy glares like I was used to! They truly honest did! It was like a delusion at the time, but a good one!

I still have the book Twilight gave me. It's proving interesting reading, Starswirl The Bearded For The Laymare. A part of me now wonders if there is a point in picking up studying magic again, now that I can just replicate any spell I observe. A quick road to power, like I always wanted, for the respect and admiration I had wanted so badly.


But how was I supposed to put on a good show everypony wanted to see, if all I could do was everypony's else's tricks? I surprised even myself with that realization.

I had everything together for my grand performance in Canterlot, including my new costume. My dream had finally come true. A command performance in Canterlot by one of the Princesses themselves? The elite would be talking about it for ages to come, I'd be getting contracts left and right after this. Everything from theater shows to overpriced birthday parties for nobles' spoiled brats. Well, maybe I'll have enough to pick and choose a little. And everypony will see Trixie's grand performance! And they will know Trixie! The One And Only Trixie!

And I wasn't sure I wanted to go.

Instead of waiting forever for Twilight to convince her friends to spend an episode of their lives in Hoofington for no apparent reason, I could have simply gone to them instead. I'm an adult, I could have moved to Ponyville if I wanted, it wasn't like I had a standing address at the time.

But mother, father, Mixie, Pixie, Nyxie, 'Hexy', Puck, Robin. I didn't want to just leave them again.

This was everything I had wanted as a showpony. What I had expected to happen naturally years before, what I had kept telling myself had to have been just repeatedly lost in the mail or something, was the only reason I wasn't given a Canterlot command performance sooner.

Was the fact I was a good magician the reason why I was asked to perform after Gaia's Festival? Or just because I was friends with Twilight Sparkle? Never really having had friends before, I have nothing to compare it with: and for the first time in my life that feels like a negative.

I wasn't scared of messing up, I wasn't scared of the nightmare that grinning zoo mash-up had forced me through becoming real, I wasn't scared of being dismissed and known through out Canterlot of being not worth a first glance.

I was scared of dumping my family for a second time.

I made a point of not letting my family see my mail, least they read something that might upset them...I didn't want to lose their love after I finally appreciated it. I was afraid of losing it, I admit it. I was afraid losing genuinely love now that I knew I had it.

The longer I delayed, the less time I'd have to set-up, and the more things that could go wrong. But...could I just leave them again? Ditch them again? What right did I have to do that? I had a lifetime to catch up on with them, did even the chance of a lifetime have the right to take priority over that? I wanted to be a new Trixie. If I left my family hanging again just to make it big, had I really changed at all?

"I'd wait for you tell me what's wrong dear, but I know you'll just keep it bottled up until you implode."


"Last time I checked dear. So please, can you tell your mother for once what's hurting you?"

"What makes you think anything is hurting me?"

"You and your sisters got your bombastery from your father. Whenever it starts to wane, I know something is bothering you."

"Maybe I've just changed."

"Yes you have dear. But that isn't something that has. Your ability to read ponies you got from me, I'm not easy to fool. Now please open up to your mother."

"I don't want to."

She sighed. "And I can't force you to. But I have no intention of letting you begin to hurt yourself again. So My Little Trickster, please tell mommy whut's hurtin' you so bad."

I cringed as she used that voice. No pony in existence I knew san Fluttershy knew the stare. But mom had her own verbal version that could work on us! I would not surrender! "T-that isn't going to work mother!"

"Is that so?" She gently hugged me, and gave me a loving nuzzle.

"T-That's not fair!" I squealed.

"Everything's fair in war and love, now speak to me your worries," she whispered.

My resistance to her will dissolved like powder in water.

"I'm invited to do big show in Canterlot. A royal wedding."


"I don't want to just leave all of you for it."


"Because I don't want to act like you don't mean anything to me...Like I acted for so long. I don't want to let you go."

"And I think that's enough dear." She let go of the hug, and the 'spell' was broken.

I said nothing. For all things in creation, me at a loss for words was something that just felt wrong.

"Did you know dear, when I first got my cutie mark, I thought it meant I was like a 'wicked queen' like in the story books? That I was good for nothing except hurting others?"

"Yes mother, you have. You told Mixie that story after she got her cutie mark, and thought it meant she was a wicked witch."

"And I told her my how cutie mark actually meant that I was good at USING POWER, knowing how to use not too much, and not too little to accomplish things. Trixie, your damaged reputation isn't going to change if you stay cooped up at home."

"How could you know that?!"

"You're hardly sublime where you go Trixie, I've been keeping informed of your shows since the day you left home. If you don't believe me, I've got a scrapbook of newspaper clippings."

I couldn't bring myself to ask how much she knew.

"And I was disappointed young lady, that you didn't come to us for help after your first show in Ponyville apparently flopped and you lost everything. I mean, I heard you even took a job at a rock farm for a while. And you didn't tell us hello when you came back to Hoofington."

My bowed my head. "I'm sorry mother."

"You're forgiven, you've been through enough already, and my baby had grown up so much since then. Going too strongly is one thing, but going too timid is just as bad Trixie. Where is that confident trickster I raised and loved?"

"She got too confident, fell, and broke into pieces, and when they put her back together again, it got left out."

Mother looked at me deadpan like I had lied about my hoof still being in the cookie jar. "You're getting far too out of practice Trixie. You used to be an excellent liar."

"If I rise, I might fall and break again, but much more importantly I don't want to leave all of you again!!"

"Do you still want to be seen by other ponies? For ponies to love your magic and stories?"

"...yes mother. But I...I...I-!" It was like drinking tar, "-I can't enjoy it, if I had to shuffle you all off again."


"Yes mother?"

"Listen very carefully to what your mother has to say. You've made me proud my little trickster, that you're thinking about me, thinking about us, instead of just yourself. But I'm afraid you're a little...stunted when it comes to these things." For some reason, I thought of Twilight and her friendship reports. "You are not abandoning your family my little trickster to take up a royal command performance. You're making us proud that our Trixie has made it this far! I know you like to be your own pony dear, and I'll never stop you from being that, but you make us all happy too when you reach the stars . . .

"See the world outside, why miss anything?
Time to show the world you exist.
You can gain so much, but lose nothing.
So why should you resist
Showing the whole wide world your brand new face?
Show them you're not the same.
We all love you, Trixie, don't think you're a disgrace
There's no need to hide in shame

Listen to your mother, my words are not lies
Go see the world out there.
Hiding yourself away would be most unwise
Being ignored you can't bare
You're your happiest when seen by every eye around.
There is nothing more important
To me than seeing that my foals' happiness abounds
If I've failed then I'm impotent.

Listen to your mother, don't sit and hide
Being special is hard to do
But impossible if all alone you abide
Don't you doubt I care about you
So you want to show the world your new self, Trixie dear?

So long as you are happy that way
You have my blessings, so you have no reason to fear.
If you're happy...happy I will stay.

If you're happy...happy I will stay..."

I had already gathered my things (including the dress given to me by Rarity Belle). All I need now was to tell my family that I loved them and, not good-bye, but that I'd seen them later.

What I said to my sisters, brothers, and parents is private thank you very much. And uh, maybe we'd be here for the next several hours if I had to recount the entire exchange between us. The Lulamoon clan does love to talk and is very large. Hexy had time to make herself a sandwich as Puck and Robin gave their good-byes.

Maybe I could convince an elite to finally give Mixie the funding she needed to bridge the gap between unicorn and zebra magic. Give a word in edgewise for Pixie to get a performance, or get one of Nyxie's works published, and 'Hexy'...I stunned my self. I shocked myself as if hit by lightning. Here I was, Trixie, thinking about my sisters?! About what I could do for them?...How much had I changed?

I didn't even flinch when they all admitted they couldn't attend the royal wedding on such short notice. And I'm happy for that. Theirs is a world without having to fight mad gods, without having to save the world, without magic trinkets empowered by the heart, they had endured enough as is. I was happy I was able to keep their world separate from the world I entered with Twilight Sparkle, at least just for now. I knew I was holding back the inevitable. But I needed to see, after the Gaia Festival with my sisters saving my flanks when I was caught with my saddle down, that I could still put on a show as the One And Only Trixie. Maybe then, I could finally let them into this new world I had stumbled into.

Time to show Twilight Sparkle isn't the only mage unicorn in Equestria! Abracadabra! Alakazoo! One epic teleport later, and the One and Only Trixie is in Ponyville central!

All eyes on me, shock and awe! I look up in pride. I don't think ponies are used to seeing a unicorn and luggage teleport right into the center of town!

And all her things being twenty-five hooves above her! Catch!Catch!Catch!Catch!Catch!Catch! Rainbow coordinated teapots! Save!Save!Save!Save!Save!Save!Save! Thank Celestia for telekinesis.

All props present and accounted for? Check. Blech. I almost sound like Twilight Sparkle. Funny considering what Princess Gaia's fog revealed what I wanted in my heart of hearts.

Well, saved my props from being all destroyed again. And I saved myself from becoming a blue pancake. I think I may have impressed some ponies by being able to catch that much stuff. Uh, you don't need to write this particular scene down...

Now then...I really should have brought a cart. Maybe I can borrow one or learn a materialization spell.

Library...no sign of Spike or Twilight, wished I knew how to speak owl. Maybe I should cheek out the Carousel Boutique or Sugar Cube Corner next. I hope they aren't all gathered to face another evil force again... .Maybe Trixie will end up having to save them all in a solo adventure. Then again I doubt even fate has that warped a sense of humor.

Hmmm? A note?

To Who It May Concern

Golden Oaks Library will be closes for 1-3 Hours starting at 12:30 PM. All personnel are presently on a picnic with our friends in the second highest hill in the park.

If you have a book to return, please return it through the book slot.

If you are are a friend, feel free to join us.

If you are a villain seeking to do evil, kindly turn yourself in.

If you are...

Ugh! Twilight! can you even make a note without a checklist?!

If you are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, don't touch the matches, I hid them all.

Twilight Sparkle, Librarian of the Golden Oaks Library.

A picnic?

Well that takes the fun out of things. Ick. Now I almost sound like Pinkie Pie. Maybe it's true and friend do rub off on you...wonder if that means I've rubbed off on them any. I don't feel as upset at that idea as I should. I should be upset at the idea of being 'diffused'. Maybe I've stopped being a one note pony after all. Well I'm sure Twilight won't mind me keeping my props here just for a little bit. Time to add my beat to the melody.


We all saw her make her big entrance in Ponyville square. And almost get smashed by her stuff. Guess we won't be Cutie Mark Crusader Paramedics today.

Okay...maybe that was mean.

But she was a big jerk to Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack when she first showed up!

"It's her," I said, she didn't notice us. "How about we give her a piece of ours minds?"

I was surprised when the others just looked at each other and then me.

"If Spike was here I know he'd agree with me." Spike had run off a while ago after burping up a scroll.

Can't Princess Celestia teach him a less gross way to do that? I mean you'd think he'd realize Rarity might like him better that way. Not that I mind, Sweetie is the 'refined one.' It's just kinda a mood killer whenever it happened.

"Actually, Spike told me," Silver Spoon said, "That while he's not Miss Trixie's biggest fan, telling her how big a jerk she was has really gotten old."

"How would you know?"

"We talk a lot. And I don't know about her mean show, but to me she's the pony who helped break Miss Fluttershy's dream world." She shuddered, remember the tease of being with Diamond again I think. "And everypony LIKED her magic show at Miss Fluttershy's festival."

"Rarity talks about her now like she's a friend. It would mean to say bad things to a friend of my sister's."

"So does Applejack, and . . . " Applebloom crossed her legs uncomfortable,"Considerin' how we hurt her back already when we were Gabby Gum, that's somethin' we AIN'T proud of, and wouldn't it be like diggin' up old bones, like Miss Twili did with talkin' 'bout the Want-It-Need-It Spell just 'cause she didn't want to feel guilty . . . wouldn't it be like we're holdin' a grudge when our sisters ain't?"

"And if she helped save Fluttershy, and our big sisters forgave her already, and we want to bring up stuff from a year ago . . . ins't that what a bully would do? And Silver Spoon's our friend now." She put a hoof on her shoulder.

Silver nodded with a...oddly serious look. "She's right...I know more than anypony that a jerk can change their ways..."

"Okay, okay, I get it, treating her like she hasn't changed would be . . . hippocritical."

"That's hypocritical." Sweetie Belle said.


"Thank you," Sweetie Belle said smiling.

Applebloom said, "Hey, do you think we could be Cutie Mark Crusader Magicians? Dang, she's gone, Ah don't think she ever noticed us."