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Babs Seed has officially started her own branch of the Cute Mark Crusaders in Manehattan. Will it take off, and who will join?

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i think this may be the first story of its kind here on fimfic. :moustache: kudos on making it good.

Well done! I'm excited to see where this is headed!:yay:

Hey, the Babs Seed Character tag is out, put it on this. Please.

Cute. This is certainly expandable. In which case this would serve as a decent introuctory chapter. As for now, it's merely a snapshot. Not particularly eventful, but that's fine for slice of life. You managed to throw in some good characterisation fr such a short piece too. I'd like to know the original crusaders' reaction to their second branch suddenly dwarfing their original branch though. Seeing how they try to deal with the bullying and cutie mark earning would also be good. You could atually safely have a cutie mark earned every now and then with the size of the cast. Tat would be an interesting thing to explore. As well as correspondance with the original branch and plans forexpansion into other cities. Maybe you should also have Babs questioning why the original branch remains so small. It's not like there are no other blank flanks in Ponyville.

I like it, I like that her main Crusade is to end bullying... perhaps that's what her Cutie Mark will be about. I would love to see this turn into a multi-chapter story.

Buck yeah! Cutie Mark Crusaders Manehattan Division yay!

Thanks for the ideas! I actually do have some of those things in mind already.

Rule two: don't do anything dangerous or illegal.

I think you mean, "do everything dangerous and illegal". :scootangel:

Looks good! I look forward to seeing what these kids get up to. You've got a nice cross-section of ponies there.

Well, they're not criminals, but the dangerous part is addressed in rule 2.5.:pinkiesmile:

I would like to see more of this and if it's in Manehattan, then maybe they could go to Marevel Comics, right ? :pinkiehappy:

Babs Seed is easily my favorite one shot character in the series, thank you

Let's all hope she isn't one-shot!:pinkiehappy:

Holly Day... I see what you did there.:trollestia:

And a new chapter is posted! This story is officially not a one-shot! :scootangel:

I was waiting for a CMCMD story! Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

My story has an M. Bison "Yes" video. I have succeeded. :pinkiehappy:

I have waited hours for this!!:flutterrage:

Oh dear... a CMC convention... this wont end well... I think there is a saying that might fit: Epona help Fools, Foals, and Alicorns.

I'll follow this until the end! And you just got a watch! :rainbowkiss:

Only one thing to say...
The Small Pants and Eruptions of a Winning Organization.

Ah, excellent. Meeting the founders should be interesting for the new memebers. And the original CMC have a lot to be overwelmed by. Also, Manehatten has special significance to Applebloom seeing as though her sister ran away there for a while and she has family there.

This verision of the CMC, maybe a bit interesting since one of its members come from a rich family. :rainbowhuh:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

Fantastic! I do hope we see more of Babs Seed in the show, but for now, this works. :pinkiehappy:

Chapter 3 is up. This time, we're focusing on Rain Drummer. :pinkiesmile:

So far, I'm still loving this story! :pinkiehappy:

Nice update, but I do wonder if Manehatten has any Urban sites to see ? :rainbowhuh:

You know, like the Bronx in New york...:ajsmug:

Still nice update, as I do wonder if the girls will also be going alone or will they be chaprone by one the adults ?

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale.

This continues to be adorable. I really like the way Babs stuck to her guns regarding the "nothing illegal" rule.



This is so freaking adorable.

That said, your writing style occasionally needs work. In chapter 2 I noticed an entire paragraph where practically every sentence started with 'he'.

love the premise, and love the story even more....so just love this all around, great work, hope to read more of it soon.

You know i has an idea ike this nie back of my head for ages though never got around ot fleshing it out. I may lread this later. major reason i never started my idea was well having to flesh out characters and all that is hard.

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