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-Comin' back on the rebound!- I'm the guy who specialises in Spike stories.


Let`s be fair here... · 12:11am Aug 21st, 2015

I`m horrible at keeping promises that I`ll make more stories. Interest is just kind of dwindling, but I do want to write some more stories, but life is just kind of taking over and it`s getting difficult to drum up interest.

Not to say I won`t stop, but I`ll try and get out of this rut. Keyword being try.

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Random MLP trivia!

Overall Favourite Character?

Favourite Mane 6 pony?
Applejack, but may be replaced by Twilight.

Least Favourite Mane 6 Pony?
Rainbow Dash.

Favourite Side Characters?
Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Mrs. Cake.

Favourite Episodes?
Secret of My Excess, Lesson Zero, It's About Time, Crystal Empire Part 2, Power Ponies

Least Favourite Episodes?
The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Sonic Rainboom, Daring Don't.

When did you become a brony?
A few days before Best Night Ever aired, on April 2011.

Favourite Stories?
A Day for Spike and Twilight, Quit Dragon Your Heels, Unconditional, Fraternal Brotherhood of Mann, You're My Favourite Princess Ever!, Side Stories are Never Successful.

Favourite Clopfics?
That's for me to know, and you to never find out. :twilightblush:

Favourite Authors?
Symphony, VashTheStampede, The Descendant, Maledictator

Greatest Achievements?
Having Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer as an influence for this image: CelestiYarn

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282246 I was meant to add something, but I pressed enter by mistake. I'll fix it, and this time I won't mess it up, I promise!

I hope.

I just saw your blog post and it just read 'It's getting cold.'

Too bad you deleted it as I think this picture would have sufficed as my response.


Anyway, you got any snow down there yet?

I thank you for the Fave of Our Gifts, and especially for the Watch! I promise to keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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