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A Pony Farce

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A story I wrote way back over the summer, slightly revised and brought over to Fimfiction. The basic idea was to take that moment in Suited For Success where Spike bursts in and says he convinced Hoity Toity to come see Rarity's show and expand upon it, exploring the implication that everyone's favorite baby dragon is a highly effective networker who's built up such a wide web of friends and acquaintances throughout Canterlot that he has enough clout to drag a big-shot fashion designer to a goofy little just-for-fun fashion show in the middle of nowhere. However, I found myself enjoying the characters and setting enough that it ended up being the start of a little fanon side-continuity I've taken to writing in, one where the action focuses on Canterlot and musicians have the spotlight.

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Oh, you're cool. Good stuff.
Might wanna add Octavia to the tagged characters.

224871 I thought about it, but I feel like she's not really involved enough to justify it. She's only got a couple lines of dialog in the beginning and after that she's pretty much out of the story except for being alluded to once.

This story is just amazing.:pinkiehappy:

Does this incident involves Hoity Toity and Photo Finish?

3054736 Hoity Toity yes, Photo Finish maybe depending on whether a namedrop counts or not.

Enjoyed this. Definitely one of the more interesting takes on Spike that I've seen. There are plenty of fics where he'll angst over being left out of the adventures, but I much prefer seeing someone come up with what he might be doing off-camera and giving him adventures of his own.

I love it.
You know of any other stories like this? Like, ones that have Spike knowing a whole lot of ponies influential in certain spheres.

3055403 Celestia is spikes mom... Adopted... And that is canon.

This got pointed out on The Fanfiction Forum, and I have to say, Spike is pretty much like, a canon important background pony dragon, so there's always lots of room for him to do stuff behind the scenes. This is a nice take on one of those "Wait, what?" moments, given how he apparently got the DJ and Hoity Toity out for Rarity's fashion show (twice even, given HT would probably be reluctant after the first showing).

So, Spike successfully blackmailed Hoity-Toity and then went and spilled the beans on the secret he was using to blackmail him? That's messed up.

Spike's connections haven't been used nor explored nearly enough in canon. I suppose that's the point of the title?

Lovely stuff.

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