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Vinyl Scratch's attempt to introduce Princess Luna to Canterlot's nightlife after her 1001 year absence takes a turn for the worse thanks to stubborn DJs and old rivalries.

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Can someone say AWESOME? :pinkiecrazy:

Wasn't this posted like... 2 month ago already?

226130 Yeah, it's been around on other sites (DA and EqD), and although I made some slight revisions when I brought it over here they weren't anything major. This is just the first time I've gotten around to uploading my stuff to FimFiction.

This was amazing and I'd love to see more like it.

226135 Ah yes! Must have read it on DA.
I have found memorys of this one. 5 stars!

Luna+Vinyl seems a good fit, Vinyl likes to laze about all day and only comes out at night, seems the same with luna

Yeah, I could totally see that. They hand out, Luna makes Scratch an Lady, she's embarrassed about it and Octavia's jealous, and hhnnnnnggggg

226333 Vinyl- or at least my interpretation of her- is, I think, one of those people(/ponies) with a very flexible sleep cycle. She prefers being out all night and sleeping all day, but she's also usually capable of getting up early if she has to and can probably get by on short cat naps in a pinch.

I also think there's a distinct possibility that her inconsistent sleeping habits mean she basically spends her life in a state of constant sleep deprivation.

Huh. . . . Did you tone down Vinyl's informalities in this piece (perhaps because of the presence of royalty)? I liked her usage of slang in your other stories; it seemed very reasonably moderated and totally not "trying too hard."

I imagined K's set as focused on house. Do you have anything to recommend for Vinyl and Octavia's? You've put me in the mood for Lindsey Stirling. She is cool.

Yes. Jet Set Radio Future is my favorite video game and my favorite video game soundtrack.

>"G-greetings, your h-highness,"
Shouldn't "Your Highness" be capitalized?

227667 I actually never noticed that about Scratch before, although I do kind of see it now that I look. I wouldn't say that was intentional, exactly, but I suspect it happened primarily because Scratch ended up taking on a little more of a mentor role in this piece; she spends a lot of time explaining things to or reassuring Luna, and I think as a result of that her dialog is a little more deliberate than usual, which means she ends up using less slang.

Unfortunately, I don't really have any recommendations for music. To be honest, I'm a little out of my depth writing about a DJ and a classical musician; I'm more of a punk guy at heart and I don't know as much as I feel like I probably should about either genre. This is the closet thing I have because I am a giant nerd.

(I hadn't heard of Lindsey Stirling before, though. She's pretty cool.)

As for Highness, Octavia was simply too flustered to properly pronounce the capital letters.

That's very cool!

Good God, that is mellifluous. :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry: I am now listening to DJ Hero's soundtrack to pick out my favorites. Ohhh. "Euphoria", huh?


awwwwwwww ya i got a ton more love for luna now that was bitchen

awwwwwwww ya i got a ton more love for luna now that was bitchen

LOVE IT. Has my Three fav ponies Octavia, Luna, and Vinyl!

Ok, noticed one issue that bothers me, just how huge is Sunny supposed to be? :rainbowderp:
Luna might not be as big as Celestia, but she is, compared to other ponies, HUGE, even compared to BigMacintosh, she'd be tall (even though she might loose in mass/weight).

So just how big is Sunny supposed to be?

regular ponies are about 4 feet high, Big Mac is maybe 4,5 to 5 feet, Luna is atleast 6.
Average pony hight taken from
used applebuck season to compare bigmac and Applejcks hights
compared Luna to Twilight from Nightmare Night

388281 You're overestimating Luna's size, I think. Take a good look at Luna Eclipsed again- the way the characters move and the way the shots are staged and just general cartoony abstraction makes it hard to pin down an exact height for the characters, but Luna's only about a head taller than Twilight (which is around the same height as she was in the pilot, for what it's worth). Granted, their heads are pretty big, but if your average main 6-sized pony is four feet, that puts her at around 5 feet or so by my estimation. She'd maybe get to six feet if you counted the mane/horn, but I would consider those outside of her main 'body' and wouldn't count them here.

As for Sunny, I imagined him at around Big Macintosh's height, which- now that I look closely- is probably actually a bit smaller than Luna height-wise (I had him judged at a head taller than the others but looking closely it's more like half a head), but the other side to it is that Big Macintosh-sized ponies also have a much fuller build than the lankier Luna. So Sunny is probably actually a bit shorter than Luna (a lot shorter if you count her giant horn and crazy flowy star hair), but also maybe a bit larger in terms of mass.

On the whole, you're probably right, and that's a bit of a misjudgement on my part; I didn't look closely enough at Big Mac's size and had him pegged as a fair bit bigger than he actually is, so the sizes ended up coming out a little weird. To a certain extent, that's also a result of the fact that I originally wrote this story during the break between seasons 1 and 2, when Luna only had like two minutes of screentime and her height was even harder to pin down. I'll probably revise that passage a bit (something along the lines of "Luna was taller than Sunny, but leaner and more agile").

(Since we're already discussing the relative sizes of magical cartoon ponies, though, the finale seems to be throwing yet another wrench into any attempt to gauge just how big these small horses can get/are- Shining Armor seems to be a bit bigger than even Big Mac, and Cadence is around the same size as him, although as far as I can tell she also seems to be slightly smaller than Luna.)

I disagree, the size keeps varying over the episode, but on the more clear parts where the perspective can't be at fault, Luna seems to be head, and most of neck, taller than mane 6, putting it closer to 6 feet than 5, and that is without horn or mane.
Now, as said, Luna is not a sturdy pony by any means, nor is Celestia, so a normal sized pony might be able to overtake her in mass, but not in general hight, where as Celestia would be not only taller, but heavier than any but the fattest of ponies (she is easily twice the hight of mane 6, at which point even if she is gracefull in build, the sheer size of the build would increase her mass).

Ofcourse, with her size varying over the episode, the excact amount of how much she is taller than others is up to argument, but the basics fact that she is taller than any regular ponies (unless we have a pony version of professional basketball player) is pretty clear.

Haven't seen any group pictures with Shining Armor and Cadence, so can't really comment on that.

388850 I am not right in the head, so I went and took a screenshot of the one scene in Luna Eclipsed where we actually see Twilight and Luna standing next to each other and tried to get a rough measurement of them, and it seems like you're right- Twilight came up to about 140 pixels and Luna was around 210, which fits with the 4 feet/6 feet estimate. Granted, Twilight was shrinking back a bit and Luna was standing tall in that particular shot, but that shouldn't make a significant difference in the long run.

The other thing I noticed is that Luna's neck is proportionally longer than the standard pony builds', so how she holds her head makes a pretty significant difference in her height relative to other ponies, which strikes me as apt; if I wasn't largely incapable of forming coherent thoughts at the moment, I could probably turn it into a metaphor for the episode's central conflict (because a Proper, Traditional Princess is supposed to hold her head high, but doing so means Luna towers over all the other characters, turning her into an even more intimidating figure).

(Also I think being 6 feet tall means Luna is less of a pony and more just a straight-up horse.)


Celestia and Luna both use very different models than regular ponies (Luna's was modified for use with the Fancy Pants marefriend/trophywife/whatever), and are considerably larger than average ponies, and i have seen Celestia being compared to a horse in relation to ponies of regular cast before.
Also, it's an easy mistake to make (i went back twice to look for better angles during this discussion) with the varying sizes over the episode, so all i will admit certainty to is the over 5 feet figure, while being relatively certain about 6 feet.

Exceedingly well written and enjoyable.The characters were very believable and realistic.

YESH!!! Luna is, in my opinion, clearly best pony. :pinkiehappy: Tavi is kinda funny in this story, and that is cool. Also, classic pairing of Vinyl and Tavi. :derpytongue2: Now I'm headed to YouTube to watch Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville

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