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A Pony Farce

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When Vinyl Scratch gets invited to play at the royal reception, she and Octavia find that the event is no exception to the essential truism of fiction: where main characters go, trouble follows.

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Man, I don't know why more people haven't read this. Well done! You get four happy Pinkies!

Why does this not have more comments?! A Scratchtavia action adventure story packed with excitement and comedy deserves readers! Loved the scene with the two changlings :pinkiehappy:

562993 I uploaded it at an odd time of day and it wasn't on the front page at a time that was conducive to people seeing it. Maybe once it pops up on EqD.

P.S. I cleared out some silly nonsense from the comments. I'm all for goofing around and stuff, but let's not start posting image macros about who got here first.

Oh, my. Well now it just looks like I'm talking to myself.

Alright, to pre-emptively answer some potential questions: The "cotton candy guy" line et al. is a reference to The Return of Harmony. I have another story in the works whose premise is that Octavia is stuck spending the night out of town because of unspecified "weirdness" in Canterlot, the implication being that Discord is out messin' stuff up in the Canterlot/Ponyville region. I didn't really intend for that bit of continuity to pop up, but the conversation just kind of naturally drifted to Discord and the story in question has been in the works for a good couple of months now, so it ended up turning into a bit of a running gag.

Also, on the scene with the changeling impersonanting Scratch: Vinyl's cutie mark is a pair of eighth notes, but they're drawn backwards: the stems are on the left side when normally they're supposed to be on the right. (Octavia mentions this earlier in the story, when she's describing Scratch to Thunderbeak.) So, when Octavia says that fake-Scratch's mark is "on the right way", what she means is that it appears the way it would usually appear in a piece of music- in other words, the opposite of how it's supposed to be on Scratch. The idea is that the changeling didn't take a close enough look at Scratch and just assumed her cutie mark would reflect proper musical notation.

Great story, I liked it.

I'm putting this on my to-read list and giving you a mustache just for the Harvey Danger reference. That band never got nearly enough love. :moustache:


i love this awesome story

Apparently this story has been sitting in my to-read list for a hell of a long time, but I'm glad I finally got around to reading it.

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