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‘Nothing acts that cute without some ulterior motive.’ — Lord Nibbler of the Nibblonians.

Dinky Doo melts ponies hearts and hugs everything wherever she goes. Normally this is limited to scamming sweets from adults and convincing ponies to lose at battleclouds, but It’s only a matter of time before she uses her adorableness to achieve her true destiny: Enslaving Equestria to fulfill her every desire.

By mere chance, Octavia has resisted the filly’s siren song. Together with her old friend Vinyl, they must survive as the only sane ponies in a world gone mad.

Prereaders Include: Chengar Qordath, Luminary, Ponibus, and Web of Hope
Cover Art acquired from Flausch-Katzerl's 'Fitting In'
While peripherally related to the Winningverse, and part of their AU month, this is primarily a standalone story. All you need to know is that Dinky is cute like a baby harp seal.

I'm also pleased to say that this story has been approved by Twilight's Library. I'm quite proud of that.

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That was a very fun, short adventure story. And extremely creepy mind control.

Vinyl and Octavia make for quite the adventuring pair.

I definitely liked this. A solid adventure full of wacky hijinks, with the fate of Equestria at stake. Vinyl and Octavia were a solid adventuring pair too.

Adore Dinky. All glory to her.

Oh goodness. Dinky in charge, you say? Equestria's about to get an overdose of super cute adventure time.

Mah heart!!:heart:

Clearly we must Alicornize Alula and get them to do hug-combat for the sake of Equestria.

Delightful! Any day I get to see the devious DJ in action, well, that's a good day. Fantastic story!

*Grins and applauds* Bravo.

Truth: When something looks too cute to be natural... kill it quickly before it spreads.


I can completely see this happening...

I knew I didn't trust Dinky for good reason...!

I considered the virgin vinyl.

I very much doubt that.

I recognize the melody but can't place words to it.

Re… fa… do… te-do, re… fa… do…

I'll have you know that ever since you stated that this is from a song, it has been driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

Well done! This was highly enjoyable!

That final part of the description made me go to YouTube to see what a baby harp seal was. I think it fits Dinky well.

I've never been great with musical notation, but that reminds me of the code/lullaby from the first episode of Darkwing Duck.

My god, this is...there are no words.
You sir, are a genius.

I will forever bow to your awesomeness for making this the perfect idea for a comic. thanks man :trixieshiftright:

when we she recognised The Pony Pokey.

You've got a lost "we" there.

Amusing, cute, and rather clever. I like how wrote something that offers a plausible explanation to what happened and a reasonable way to overcome it. Also, I like how even Celestia and Luna are subject to hubris. :)

All you need to know is that Dinky is cute like a baby harp seal.

hmm cute eh?harpseals.org/images/sealing/clubbing1.jpg so cute I just want to beat her.


I noticed Celestia had a statue of Shadow Kicker in her head-space. :D

saying it aloud reminds me of the Royal Melody from Ocarina of Time.

Allow me to help. FIMfiction uses BBC coding which works like HTML tags, to get images you enclose a link, like yours above, within [ img ] [ /img ] (without spaces).

The result is:

Just played it, and yeah Zelda's Lullaby fits.

Hm, no, don't recognise it....

Edit: whoops, switched notes. Hm, yeh, i'm guessing Zelda's lullabye, too.

The C in BBC stands for code. Just call it BB code or BBCode.

Heh, Gendo!Luna.

If we're going to discuss semantics. The context I used, 'BBC coding', refers to the use of a coding standard rather than the name itself, Bulletin Board Code. This is similar to me saying 'a post should be Bulletin Board Code coded.' Though strictly speaking I should say 'You can embed images using BBCode's [ img ] tags'.

English can be such fun.

3884182 3884346 3884351 3884429

It is in fact, Zelda's Lullaby. Though you could call it Luna's Lullaby here.

Have a sample on cello. I wrote a lot of this with this video on a loop.

I just didn't want anyone unfamiliar with it to think it was related to BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Look forward to reading this. :eeyup:


Your a genius!
Princess erroria is coming BITCH!!!!"!!:pinkiecrazy:

3883134 That comment crosses the line twice :pinkiecrazy:

3883893 I agree she's the cuter one, but I don't think they should resort to beating. They should merely love and Tolerate each other.


Welcome to the Lunaverse

We have a baseball bat with Love and Tolerate carved onto it, so you can do both at once.

Celestia’s always been the only real princess who’s done anything.

And you know this how? Just because she's in charge of PR doesn't mean she actually does that much work.

Okay, I'm not ACTUALLY a musician, but as I understand it while "do re me fa so la ti do" can be used to refer to notes, those constructions really only exist to teach someone how to get a feel for pitch. In singing.

It was very enjoyable :pinkiehappy:
Are you going to write about their trip to the seaponie?

3884083 Of course. She has to have something to remember her old bang-buddy by. :raritywink:

Imagine that you lived your entire life with only one princess, naturally you start thinking she's the one who makes everything work. Without any major changes to Equestria that can be labeled "Luna's idea", nopony is really going to take much notice. Not that Vinyl Scratch has ever been super attentive to anything outside her area.

Strictly speaking, I'm limited to text format, so rather than writing D... F... C... B-C D... F... C... I figured I was better off using Solfège (Do,re,mi) so that a reader could try it aloud to pick up the tune. Which meant I could hide a sound based easter egg in plain text, which is kinda awesome.

Thanks for picking that up. The lost 'we' was returned safely to its parents, who were glad it was found.

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