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If there exists a higher art than lesbian horses, I certainly don't know of it.


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If there exists a higher art than lesbian horses, I certainly don't know of it.

True words.


Well I'm going to admit, a lot of my prior ship fics wind up turning more into clopfics. Had I not included the passionate kiss there at the end, this likely could have been rated E. Thanks for your comment though, I appreciate it and "Building A Different Fence" was inspired by one of my all time favorite episodes. With those two, I just couldn't produce something people would label smut, with those two I felt it had to be something that would develop into something special over time.

But of course! Adorable lesbian ships are my JAM! And you, sir/madam, created an excellent example of just that :twilightsmile:
I can't speak for what you've written before, but that story was well-written, charming, and just so goddamn cute! I have the utmost confidence that you'll produce even more lovely work :heart:

Thanks for the fave on "Building A Different Fence"

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