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Fierce Feline

Not much to say. I like to play video games, read, and watch T.V. My favorite shows are Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and MLP: FiM. I also like to watch the web show Friendship is Witchcraft.


Bad news everyone. · 1:13am Nov 17th, 2012

What the title said. Let me sum up what I want to say in a story.

Once upon a time, there was an imagination that belonged to a person named Fierce Feline. This imagination was always overflowing with weird, fun, and outright random ideas. Sometimes, Fierce could even morph the ideas and crazy visions into stories. Not great stories, but stories all the same. But sometimes, a terrible disease would plague the over-active imagination. It's called, 'The Writer's Block'.

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Why did you delete it, it was the best Sherlock crossover I've ever seen or read it was so well done, keep up the hope keep the faith, "you may lose faith in others, but never in yourself."

Well, I entered an idea. :pinkiehappy: Sorry for not noticing the comment. Maybe next time you hold a contest, you should notify people through a comment and a blog post.

Contest? This is news to me. :rainbowhuh: Explain, please?:pinkiehappy:

No, not the fez! I have read your story Doctor Who: Equestrian Chronicles Series 1, and it's very good.:pinkiehappy:

No problem. :pinkiesmile: Your story Dear... Princess Celestia? is really good so far.

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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