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Fluttershy goes into town to pick up a new toy, one she's been in need of for a while. She gets what she needs, but all the replicas in the world just aren't the same as the real thing.

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Oh Sweet Celestia. You just brought back my childhood. This is absolutely... It's amazing. Wow. Great, and I mean, GREAT work.

That was so adorable and fun and nostalgic and all of those other great adjectives used to describe growing up with a hobby. Let's hope Fluttershy never grows out of it.

Aww, I can see this happening in a way, given Fluttershy's love for safety and the ground.

In a way, this could be how Rainbow Dash loves the Sky in Fluttershy's eyes. :yay:

Either way, this is a great hobby idea as I do enjoy seeing such a hobby like this one come to light. Great idea for a short tale.:yay:

So much d'aww...
Good job, though you referred to Fluttershy's hooves as hands at one point.

so cute! :yay:

Really sweet - though the adorable illustration rather destroys the "joke" in the first half. But that was not the main purpose of the fic so that doesn't matter.

:yay: Absoutely adorable.

Oh, and a minor criticism: I wish you could have had more character moments with Fluttershy. For example, how does her horde of animals (or specifically, Angel) relate to her hobby?


This is a cool story haha

Dat description...

A fine marble sculpture of a story. Well done!

My god, this is adorable! :raritystarry: Kudos for all the worldbuilding, too.
Fluttershy likes trains, and now I think I started to like them too :yay:

It's a very enjoyable story, but I do have some small nitpicks. In the first paragraph, that should be "wares" instead of "wears". Also you have a couple of uses of "quite" when it should be "quiet". Also, there are some references to hands ("hand built", "either hand") that you may want to modify.

She carefully picked up the flat disc being careful not to hold it in either hand. The immense pressure of the train had squished the coin flat and made it boiling hot. Juggling it between her hooves

Well? Which is it?


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