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Physicist and computer scientist by trade. I write in my free time. My main series are The Wandering Physicist Adventures and Starlight Chronicles, with all my series wrapped in one large story.

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Updates and Chatting · 1:39am Mar 19th, 2017

Yeah. Yeah. Been a while without an update. Heck. This would have been posted last week if I hadn't gotten very sick.

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When new chapters are completed they are posted:

Starlight Chronicles

When they are done...

New Content:

New stories and other non-SCS content will be posted as soon as it is complete and edited.

Long Bio Because Short Bios are for Wimps

I guess I'll start with the FAQs:
Yes, I am an actual physicist. I have my degree and everything.
Yes, I am really horrible at drawing, but I am practicing since I cannot afford paying for commissions.
Yes, you can get ahold of me using any of those links in the bio to the right or by asking questions. As long as it is not story spoilers or possible identity theft questions, I will answer everything truthfully.
Other FAQs/Favs listed below.

That out of the way. I started writing MLP FiM fiction on September 24, 2011. It was my way of getting back into writing regularly after years of a drought. I have been writing daily since then. I used to write a crossover fiction of countless nerd culture series. My love of being a nerd and nerd culture heavily influences my writing.

I am a huge fan of animation. The quality of a show is gauged in story, characters, and use of animation resources. I got into FiM because the characters are amazing and the stories are fun, though the animation really impressed me in season 2. Hayate has about average anime animation, but Hata Kenjiro's characters and stories are beyond compare. All of my favorite shows, from Avatar: The Last Airbender to Shugo Chara to Hidamari Sketch, have some quality that makes them enjoyable.

I love talking science, computers, gaming, television and much more. Feel free to talk to me. You can even talk to the characters of The Wandering Physicist Adventures, The Master Game, Starlight Chronicles or Rebirth of Harmony on Ask TWP, my drawing practice blog.

Thanks for reading. Even if you are not a fan of my works, thank you the time you invested in my series. I hope all of us can be in touch.

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the action of buying and selling goods and services.
"a move to ban all trade in ivory"

a skilled job, typically one requiring manual skills and special training.
"the fundamentals of the construction trade"

See definition 2

1794770 Modified the drawing I got from Fleecs. Digitally of course. Don't want to ruin the original.

1688598 Fair enough. Looks nice.

1687886 Sometime last week. I'd have to dig through my Twitter to get an exact date. We had to make a logo for ourselves in a class so I took the time to make a TWP version since I was already basing my design on his cutie mark already.

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FAQ & Favs

Best Pony: Twilight Sparkle
Favorite background pony: Octavia
Favorite side pony (assuming this means outside the Mane6 and CMC): Trixie
Favorite side pony (assuming this means just outside the Mane6): Still Trixie (I actually have a written list!)
Favorite side pony (assuming this means outside the Mane6 and not counting Sunset Shimmer as EqG Mane6): Sunset Shimmer (who is my number 2 after Twilight)
Favorite OC (counting any I write): Starlight, Alba or Rei
Favorite OC (not counting any I write): Mare Sombra or teen Chyrssy. Both are really funny.
Favorite OC (not counting reskins of existing characters): Either Sunshine and Meadowlark from Woonastuck or Ebony from this story.
Wut abut Reinbow Desh!: You don't want to know how low she ranks on my list
Favorite MLP Villain (canon): Chrysalis, being one of the few antagonists who could actually be classified as a villain. Sonata Dusk is #2 because she is so adorawesome
Favorite MLP Villain (headcanon): Human Flash Sentry for causing all of the events of Equestria Girls to happen, from Sunset's internal torment to her villainous breakdown to the destruction of the school to drawing the Sirens to the school to the Sirens conquering the school and draining the Human Mane 6 (+Twilight's) magic. His breaking up with Sunset nearly brought their world to an end TWICE within months of each event just because he thought it was smart to f*** with the emotions of someone who is clearly unstable before we even factor in possible hormonal factors outside of Sunset's control. At the very least, he could have shown some regret about it but instead, he reacted as calmly as Tirek draining Discord's magic or Chrysalis in the middle of This Day Aria. It was not intended but that jackass high school punk not only embodies everything that makes high school sick and wrong, but he also came closer to destroying two worlds than Tirek did with FOUR princesses + a Discord worth of magic in him. Flash earned his Ron the Death Eater status just by his mere presence.
Favorite MLP Song: This Day Aria, The Smile Song, Tricks Up My Sleeve, or either of Sunset's songs (A Friend for Life or her role in the anti-Siren song)
Favorite MLP Episode: Party of One, Lesson Zero, A Friend in Deed, Magic Duel, Maud Pie
Favorite MLP Couple: Twinkie, since it has essentially been canon since the first season.
Favorite MLP Fanfic: Allegrezza, should be a link around here somewhere.
Favorite MLP Comic Arc (to date): Reflections
Favorite MLP Micro-Series Comic: Luna. Tibbles is an added bonus.
Favorite MLP Friends Forever Comic (to date): Trixie & Rainbow Dash; AJ & Rarity; Twilight & Pinkie (bonus for the Ryuko and Mako cameo!)

Favorite US Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series
Favorite Anime: Hayate no Gotoku
Favorite Cartoon Character: Twilight Sparkle
Favorite Anime Character: Ayanami Rei
Favorite Live Action TV Show: Doctor Who, because Firefly isn't on anymore
Favorite Comic Series: Hayate no Gotoku, Atomic Robo
Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman, Atomic Robo and/or Dr Dinosaur
Marvel vs DC: Marvel (except Batman can beat all of them. On both sides. At the same time.)
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 Golden, and/or Xenoblade Chronicles
Favorite Console: SNES, for the golden era of good RPGs, or DS, for the massive (region-free) library and my favorite Pokemon generations.
Favorite Pokemon Generation: Gen 5 - Black, White, Black 2, White 2. They are the only Pokemon games with a little thing called story. (Plus a ton of awesome Pokemon.)
Favorite Pokemon: Mew
Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon: Probably Zorua
Favorite RPG: See Favorite Game
Favorite Platformer: New Super Mario/Luigi U or Mario 3D World
Favorite Open-World Game: Saints Row IV or Fallout: New Vegas
Favorite FPS: Metroid Prime series are the only ones I'll play
Favorite Action Game: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Favorite Game series: Legend of Zelda with Final Fantasy at #2
Favorite Final Fantasy Game: Final Fantasy VIII, even though VI is a better quality game overall
Favorite Mario Game: See Platformer or Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Favorite Gameplay Mechanic: Side quests that actually influence the main plot; see Chrono Trigger, Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 Golden, Saints Row IV, Fallout: New Vegas, Xenoblade Chronicles
Favorite LPer: Proton Jon or SuperJeenius (and when you get something like RE5...)
Favorite Game Reviewer: The Completionist is the only one I can watch
Favorite Video Game Character: Aerith Gainsborough. (Full List found here.)
Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz
Favorite Movie Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe (current). Ask again in December and it will likely be back to Star Wars
Wars vs Trek: Well, my dream job is STILL Jedi...
Favorite Star Wars Film: RotJ. I'm a softy for silly, happy endings
Favorite Star Trek Film: First Contact. Easily the best. (Detractors: *smashes model ships* NOOOOOOOOOO!)
Favorite Disney Animated Film: Wreck-It Ralph or Lilo and Stitch
Favorite Disney Princess: Venelope Von Sweetz or Leia Organa
Favorite Social Network: @skynetmain
Favorite Food: The 3Ps - Pineapple, Potatoes, Pizza and Sushi. Best foods out there if done right.
Favorite Dessert: Brownies or fudge
Favorite Cake Flavor: Lemon/yellow
Favorite Fast Food: In-N-Out is the only correct answer, though Tim Hortons was fun when I went to Canadia.
Favorite Place to Live: I would like to try Seattle, but failing that, I'll settle for Long Beach, Vancouver or Sendai.
Favorite School Attended: Cal Poly SLO, so good that friends who went to the other Cal Poly even call it 'The Good Cal Poly'.
Dream Job: Jedi. (Warning: May go Sith at any moment.)
Realistic Dream Job: Scenario or script writer for video games. Somewhere where I'm working design more than programming. Other than that, Jedi.
Favorite Song: The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton
Favorite Video Game Soundtrack: Anything Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles or Persona 3/4.
Favorite Video Game Soundtrack with Non-Original Music: Saints Row IV, especially how they used it. (Eg: The Touch or Walk the Dinosaur.) Fallout: New Vegas is second since I love Rat Pack era songs. (Bonus points since the selection IS the Rat Pack.)
Favorite Video Game Song: Aerith's Theme or Aria de Mezzo Carattere. Both get me choked up every time. Any Chocobo them from Final Fantasy V onwards too.
Favorite Fictional Archetype: Villains, well-written villains. See Ikari Gendo, Traize Kushranada, Queen Chrysalis, N, Walter White, The Joker. Make the viewer cheer for the villain as much as the hero and you have done your job.
Favorite Animal: Fox, then penguin. (Ironically, I'll pick a Piplup over a Fennikin any day of the week.)
Favorite Webcomic: xkcd or Gunnerkrigg Court.
Favorite Non-MLP Ship: Shinji x Kaworu, since all my other favs are canon.
Favorite Sport: Football. Real football. Not that American (or Australian) crap.

Ask more and check back for updates.