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I'm a simple college student in Canada who likes to write about ponies.

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Good morning everyone.

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Good morning,
I am 20 years old and live in a small town in Quebec. Yes, that means I do speak french, but only because the government forces it onto us. Don't get me wrong, my best friend is still french, I just hate taking a french course and having no say in the matter.

Anyways, I had decided to join this site over a year ago. I had been reading from this site for a year before I actually joined. So, when I found my love of writing I decided that I start here. I haven't regretted the decision yet. My favorite pony, out of all of them, is Octavia Melody, closely followed by Derpy Hooves.

I do consider myself as a bit of a nerd. Asides from my love of writing, I also love Magic the Gathering, watch Doctor Who, love to play board games. That said, I don't focus too much on any particular subject. Which is why I don't fully consider myself a nerd.

Anyways, That's me. If you have questions ask away, I would be happy to answer. Until next time,

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2618943 Well, I'm glad you enjoyed that mess of a story. I should probably clean it up now that I think of it...

I loved reading captains journey

2525590 Appreciated, however she's not my Oc. Originally I was using a Octavia avatar, but then I found this on DeviantArt and figured it went better with my user name. The artist who drew it is 'MyHandsAreCrazy'. Again, it's not an Oc and just something I found online. Still, thanks, and thank you very much for the watch.

Hey there cool OC you got there.

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