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Physicist and computer scientist by trade. I write in my free time. My main series are The Wandering Physicist Adventures and Starlight Chronicles, with all my series wrapped in one large story.



FAQ for this story: FiM Fic version and GDoc version (constantly updated and edited)

The Wandering Physicist is a mysterious traveller who just arrived in Ponyville. After establishing himself in the video game shop, he begins his encounters with the denizens of Ponyville. This sets off many ongoing adventures with his new friends. With a constant stream of visitors from around Equestria, friendship, family, twists and turns and legions of nerds are on the horizon.

Setting: Approximately a year after the end of the series.

Character References: On tumblr - On Deviant Art - Warning: Contains spoilers and peanut products.

To new readers: These were written as an ongoing serial. The individual story does not necessarily carry chapter to chapter, but the continuing story and events carry over. Feel free to skip around the chapters without losing too much continuity. If you do not wish to start at the beginning, Crossroads is a good starting location as it lays down the groundwork most of what follow.

As this was a serial, there is a cast list at the top of each chapter allowing the you to read only those with characters you are interested in. The main characters listed are those that appear in the majority of the chapters.

TWP vs the World: The Game Arc - A Trixie Situation to Final Boss - Trixie is on the run from some nasty elements in her family. Ponyville is placed in gaming illusions to force TWP to turn Trixie over.
The Physicist's Wife Arc - The Physicist's Wife to Confessions - Fluttershy gets injured and thinks she is married to The Wandering Physicist. She spends a month living with her love, but what do her friends think of the new Mrs Wanderer?
Adventures in Neighpon - Turning Neighponese to Tomodachi Sketch - The Wandering Physicists takes his friends on a trip to Neighpon. A series of interconnected adventures take place leading to love, fortune, action and a giant alicorn plushie.

Prequel to The Master Game
Prequel to Starlight Chronicles

Chapters (100)
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Comments ( 569 )

References abound. Something about your writing style disarms me a little bit, makes me not take it too seriously and makes it easy to laugh at all the jokes.

A good read and I can't wait for more chapters but, I mean, it could use some work. One thing is for sure, no matter what, you definitely deserve more views.

Thank you. These early parts didn't get as much polish as I started giving my later, more recent stories. (Back then I was rushing to get a story done in a day unlike now where it is a rush to get it done in a week.) I know the series as a whole needs work here and there too, but my main goal was to get writing again.

.... And a paragraph reply to a couple sentences gets to how much I stripped out of the stories because they were too wordy.

Love the xkcd reference. It's useful in so many situations.

Dude this is brilliant. Epic. Deserves so many more views.

Rarity is just awesome in this! I could barely contain my laughter at Scootaloo's parents opinions and it quite frankly bubbled over during the Rarity scene :twilightsmile:

The bitchy-ness between those two about the whole Multiplayer thing was just genius!

Comment posted by Staccato Beat deleted Jan 15th, 2013

I think this series has everything I love :rainbowkiss: . Pokemon, TF2 Flutterheavy, so many references, Luna and a programmer called Ruby Dart!


Dear Author,
You just succeeded in making this series 20% cooler, skipping over the Yaoi-loving Rarity, a Carl Sagan reference. I didn't think this series could get any better from the last chapter but I have been proved wrong!

Yours faithfully,
One happy reader :twilightsmile:

Dear Author,
You managed to do it again. I tip my hat at you, and begin construction of my shrine to worship your story... I'll have to move my XKCD one a bit over to the right first...

Yours faithfully,
One hell of a satisfied reader.

Post Scriptum. I have no idea why I'm writing in formal letter format. That is what your fic has done to me. :pinkiehappy:

:yay: Excitement, adventure and really wild things! The insight into James' character was also incredibly interesting... As a long time follower of Dr Who (excluding Matt Smith) I've often wondered about the mindset of the Time Lord, and how it goes wrong (example The Master) I think that this offered a very nice insight into just what a Time Lord has to cope with!

Wow. These are a lot of comments. Uh... I'm a pretty shy person so... :fluttershyouch: and :yay:


I got the idea for Occupy Canterlot from a pretty awesome pic I stumbled upon on deviant Art. I'll have to find that again... There aren't that many direct politics in the series. Still trying to keep the series in the vein of the show and be more about finding yourself in the world.


Wow. I don't know where to begin. Thanks for all of the comments. Uh... I just write what I like and try to fit the characters to the story. Since it is a serial-style story, everything can change story to story. It helps keep things fresh

Don't worry about too much 11. I only have two appearances of his written. TWP does act as a bit of a bloggy outlet for my insanities. I try to write his Time Lord-iness off of 1-11 with lots of 2, 4, and 11 styled behaviors.

Again. Just thanks for all of the kind comments. Keep reading. This is only about 2/3 or the series to date. (Now I am really curious to see how everyone will react to that story. I'll go warn Lyra...)

FINALLY A PORTAL REFERENCE! You rock, by the way.

Oh, by the way, I just noticed, you didn't spell glad the way it's actually spelled in the lyrics. In the lyrics it's actually spelled GLaD, but you probably knew that, huh? Just thought I'd let you know!

409441 Sorry about the amount, I've been kinda staying up late to read this so I might have gone slightly mad :twilightblush: .But really I've been commenting as I've read and this really is wonderful! Through in a few Monty Python references and you've pretty much covered everything I love!

Yay another Luna fan! That ending made me shiver slightly I did not expect that!

Ahh, Trylestia I do love you so!

This is why I don't go to party's... Or go outside... Anyway, I would have thought that Time Travelling aliens would have been in the 1%...

Yay, portal and a H2G2 reference! Why doesn't this fic have more views! I blame the white one...

I'm finding myself loving the politics in this story, although I can't help but feel that Celestia would put an end to it with a few mmmmbananas and knowing Trollestia a bit of *cough* shock tactics...

MORE PORTAL REFERENCES! I already mentioned that you rock, so I won't repeat myself. I will say that this semester I'm taking Vocal Music as one of my electives, and Still Alive is the song I chose for my first solo.

MOAR! Please please please continue this! And include MOAR Portal (2) references!


Well... I have the next [insert simple math] fourteen(ish) parts written and another dozen or so planned already. I will do my best, but I don't know where they would fit organically :twilightblush:

Also, I shall answer the questions.

Favourite game: Portal, obviously.

Favourite character: GLaDOS

Favourite type of game: Not sure.

Favourite type of food: Bacon. All bacon, all the time.

What do you think of the video game industry: That's a pretty big question. I'm gonna have to go with the same answer as Snails. They make games.

Hat question: I'm not a hat person, but a fedora I guess.

Lights question: Ummmmmm... Eleventy twelve. :derpytongue2:

Coke or Pepsi: Classic Coke. Not the "New Coke". It tastes flat.

Weird question: Congratulations. You've brained my stab.

Other weird question: Unless I get my hands on some combustible lemons, that is highly unlikely to happen.

Trapped on the moon: Portal, Portal 2, aaaaand... Warcraft.

Used games: I like used games, because sometimes you can find ones that the store doesn't carry unused copies of anymore.

There! Done.

THREE cakes? But... But... How am I suppose to tell which one is a lie?

Comment posted by Staccato Beat deleted Jan 15th, 2013


Also, this is a great chapter. Very funny.

First! (again)

Now I shall actually read the chapter.

Damn second...:pinkiesad2: :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, was that a reference to The Apprentice at the end there. Because (terrible grammar) if it was this series just got 20% cooler... Although that doesn't mean much as its already approached infinite coolness!

First again!

This was a great chapter. I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more when I'm not half asleep.

Scootaloo x Diamond Tiara? :derpyderp1: Also its nice to see a fellow Linux fan!


Am I doing to have to defend that ship? Just trust that it changes over time. They are still foals after all.

And Linux isn't a fandom. It is a lifestyle.


All of three parts of the :trixieshiftleft: arc is ready. Just about 24hr to posting the first one.

Hope I don't forget... :trollestia:

Fluttershy as Navi... MIND == BLOWN! :yay:

Well I was wondering why they were suddenly human... so none of it actually happened? That sucks, I really like the Rei/Inkie and Stormy/Trixie pairings more than the others.

Another great chapter as always, excellent work.

Something in this scene is considered story canon...

:pinkiegasp: My first down vote! :raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::fluttershbad::applecry:

:derpytongue2: NM. I was hoping my train of good feelings towards my writing would come to an end soon. I would have loved a criticism though... Anyway! Back to work. Got so little to do and so much time. Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it.


Checkpoint recently updated stores, find 230k work masterpiece.

I guess i'll call in sick :pinkiecrazy:


:twilightblush: I don't know about 'masterpiece'...



Couldn't think of a better word, was kinda high, lolz

So much to catch up on. If I wasn't supposed to be up in a few hours, I'd power through this. Barely at Crossroads. This has been an interesting read so far, I must say. Its simple enough to follow, while still being fairly smart in its wording so as not to seem basic. The fact that its a bunch of individual stories with a background continuity makes it all the more appealing to me, as its like watching a tv show without commercials. I'll probably do another chapter or two before I turn in, but none the less, this is quite fascinating so far, especially with your other side story running in tangent with this one. Blast, wasting time. Must continue.

"‘He’s not some kind of madpony?’

Twilight pauses for several seconds. ‘I absolutely trust him.’"


All I can say is that this is at your usual level of Genius!

Okay, gone through every chapter. That took longer than expected. I still like how the stories could essentially be somewhat self contained while having their connecting arcs. However, you do tend to have a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings throughout the chapters, and it was starting to grate on my nerves. Go through them and read them aloud on occasion to make sure they flow proper. The second thing that bothers me is how often Japanese terms come up, even though some of the characters come from different nationalities. Its more of a personal vendetta for me, but please try to expand on different vocabulary for the other characters. Rei is fine, since she was established as being raised in that worlds japan, but don't have every character use that regions suffixes.
None the less, the story is still intriguing to keep tabs on.

What is page one-thirty-seven?

Oh, and one thing overshadowed the entire chapter (after its revealed) Big Mac is a Brony! Instant head-cannon! :eeyup:


I have not actually determined what page 137 is. All I know it that it involves two mares and a stallion, and it is up to the reader to determine that for themselves. Maybe if I become famous enough, somepony will write a clop fiction based on the idea. (And if it is well-written enough, I would fave and promote it... maybe.)

I try to make subtle jokes about the Brony fandom throughout the series. I figure Big Mac would be whatever the pony equivalent of a Brony would be ever since Smarty Pants.


Right, I wasn't sure if I was missing a reference to something! And I completely agree that the whole Smarty Pants thing makes a rather good case for Big Mac being a fan of 'My Little Human'!

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