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Human, 2nd person. After a day in town you make your way back home and come across a reluctant Hobo Pony. After pleading with her she agrees to let you take her in from the cold for a night. You try your best to give her everything that the street lacks in your eternal goal to leave the world a little happier.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

d'awww so adorable :twilightsmile:
be awesome if you make another one :3

This story really remind me of someone in the pass, even though is bit short, but sure is a good one. Thank you sir for this awesome story. You are Awsome!

Aw man!:pinkiehappy: This deserves a sequel. :pinkiehappy: Awesome job :twilightsmile:

The fact that this is 2nd person is a tragedy. It's so well written but...GAH 2nd person :fluttercry:.

No natural fire burns with the hatred I have for 2nd person stories. That said, this is still getting a thumbs up because it is THAT GOOD.:moustache:



*slow clap*

Sequel plz!

This was really nice and I'm with everyone else in the sequel thing, you should really consider it.

Thanks for all the comments everyone! I would be willing to do a sequel in the future, but I've got at least two other stories I need to get through before that'd be a possibility.

I requested this, but I didn't get a chance to give you feedback when you posted the pastebin link in the general.
Thanks a lot for writing this, it's great!
I wish to bathe, feed, and snuggle Hobo Pone.


I'll wait patiently for this. Dusty so needs a happy ending :fluttershysad:

Huh thought this was a one shot but glad that you proved me wrong and that there seems like more is coming.
Anyways Great story once again.


I was about to go to sleep when i notice this, this was great thanks and keep the good work.:ajsmug:

Man... I just watched the last episode of House and felt a bitter sweet saddness from it, now I read what seems to be an epilogue to one of my favorite one shots.
:raritydespair:ALL THESE FEELS!!:fluttercry:

Kinda wished we could know what was in her bindle.

*Edit*: 3 posts into that tumbler and I am LOLing
I really liked the fic, but the part of me that is persistantly in the gutter wants to know if there will be future hobo on human action.


While I've never particularly cared for clop, the author is able to elicit crazy powerful emotions in such a small amount of text. I'd love to see more interaction between Dusty and the Human if nothing more because god damn it makes me sad/happy :fluttershysad:

Admitedly I like clop for the post coital feel or the hilarity that comes up during it (ex: someone walks in on the act an freaks out which freaks out the other two). The porno part of it is just a minor plus.

I would like to second your motion Shira for more Dusty.
Seeing Dusty acclimate to a stable living condition and maybe dealing with those who recognize her as a hobo would be great material to cover.
Dusty and the Human go camping maybe? To see Dusty's old skills (or lack of them) shine.

*scrolls up and sees author's comment* Yay! Sequel in the pipes!


I think this *IS* the sequel. If there are additional plans for one, they haven't spoken on them yet.

Even just a simple slice of life with Dusty. Heck all of the awkwardness of introducing his 'marefriend' to everyone in town. Trying to get her used to living in a stable environment. There's lots that could be done still, but it wouldn't be necessary per se. I wouldn't exactly complain if the author decided to explore Dusty more. She's quickly becoming my fav OC pony despite how little there is on her.

so....bucking....adorable...manly tears where shedded....*squee*

*looks at time stamp for sequel promise* Whoops!:twilightsheepish:
I would like to start a motion for a sequel then. Anyone want to second the motion?

Yes this is the sequel mentioned above. No, I do not have any further plans for this story or characters. Sorry to crush any dreams.

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