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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy vs. Shower

Cleaning has never been a problem for Fluttershy.
Until she saw how humans do it.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip and Blueshift for editing.

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Haven't read this yet, but I'll go ahead and put ten bits on the vacuum cleaner. :fluttershbad: :trollestia:

The instructions, while legible, were so complicated and confusing that Fluttershy felt as if she was being lectured by Twilight.

:twilightangry2:: "What's that supposed to mean?!"

Good story.

I'm curious what "problems" Fluttershy will have next.
Maybe the microwave, TV or the radio?

That was an excellent Fluttershy story. Also it appears to be PiRL? Is there more of this? I must investigate further. :rainbowderp:

This is what it feels like prepping myself to vacuum sometimes...I used to have terrible migraines, and that sound did not help. Thankfully, I hear there are quieter ones now.

Oh poor Flutters. That was adorable.

Dammit, why you gotta make me laugh at Fluttershy and then wanna hug her?! Dammit, this was way too funny. Kinda plausible, too.

Cute story!

Poor flutters may never get a break from the complex technology of the human world.


8087132 That picture is amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

Gotta admit, the implied FlutterDash shipping at the end of both of these just makes 'em even funnier.

This was great, can't wait for more.

Thought she was going to give the vacuum a sultry look when she was told she had to "turn it on."
"Oh, Mister Vacuum, I'd be just ever so grateful if you were to suck up that little pile of crumbs over there. Maybe I'd even... return the favor."

Haha, that was pretty funny. :rainbowlaugh: Very in-character.


... I'm not seeing whatever you're seeing.


So did I. Then I remembered who the author was. :derpytongue2:

8087956 For all I know, I may be seeing things that aren't there, but...

In both stories, Rainbow walks in, sees Flutters having issues with the item of focus, blushes, and walks out. Flutters then proceeds to get annoyed at said item of focus after Rainbow leaves because of whatever predicament Flutters got herself into. To me, that seems like some subtle shipping, but like I said, maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there. :applejackunsure:


I interpreted that as embarrassment.

8087969 That very well may simply have been what it was, and I just interpreted it differently. I can be weird that way. :derpytongue2:

lol.. really Lise? really? xD...

8087101 What about a computer? Keyboards are too small for hooves xP

Yes, the hooves would be a problem.
But an even bigger problem would be what she might find in the internet:
(There are countless examples, but I'm setting with this one, since it was the first I found.)

(Important: Don't follow Fluttershy's example and look it up. Don't!)

I've never wanted to punch a vacuum before today.

I can see just the opposite happening if Twilight was left alone in the room, parts strewn across the floor and bed in highly organized arrays, possibly with flashcards indicating use or Twilight's own counting system. The hotel vacuum, TV, microwave, even the helpless clock victim to the voracious curiosity of the purple booksmart pony. Total technological carnage, metal and plastic bones all that remains from the intellectual feeding of Twilight's endless hunger.

Next... that car. (*whisper to the car* Flee! Flee you fool!)

I... uh.

Nope. I'm just going to assume that I've managed to drop myself well wide of your target audience with this one. I note, however, that you are creeping ever closer towards your word count objective, so congrats. Keep at it!!!

Next up: Fluttershy vs Elevators.

lol loved it. and it could easily be a snippet in any good pony on earth story.

8088893 Or a long flight of stairs

8087101 What about the air conditioning? Seems like something Fluttershy, as a pegasus, must have some understanding about. Although the human approach completely baffles her. Shenanigans ensue.

Fluttershy should have swept the vacuum cleaner away and dusted off an alternative that didn't suck. :raritywink:

Poor Fluttershy. Ponies and human technology really don't mesh well, do they?



I vote for Fluttershy trying coffee which turns her into Mean, Assertive Fluttershy and she gets angry at the room coffeemaker trying to work it.

Man, poor Fluttershy. And yet, can't stop laughing. (And how does she not know what a housekeeper or maid is? I mean, Equestria has them too...)

8087108 Yeah, but they suck.
8087540 You're not the only one who expected that. But then, we're all perverts here. :moustache:


an interesting one to see would be rarity vs sewing machine

8090951 She has an actual sewing machine in the show. :raritywink:

The cable had tightened round her legs and torso, keeping her from flying or even getting up, like a trapped kitten. Fluttershy had always been amused how tangled kittens behaved—always making things worse with their chaotic twitching, until she came to untangle them.

8088893 Or possibly Fluttershy vs Stereo (last used left at near full volume).

Dashie, bad filly, you have a dirty mind. (needs vacuuming?):derpytongue2:

8087097 Trick :) Vacuum cleaner for the win! :D

8087101 Apparently you've never been to oneof her more... academic lectures *yawn* :P

Andstill trying to figure out what appliance to use should there be mor stories.

8087106 :D There is the vs Shower. Othing more, for now :)

8087108 Yikes. :( Yes the noise can be annoying without headphones,

8087189 :D Thanks :) Its a strange world out there.

8087192 :D A new challenger has appeared :)

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