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In the last Sisterhooves Social, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash won in a landslide. Now she won’t stop talking about how Rainbow is the coolest sibling in Equestria. But that’s just not true, Thunderlane’s the best sibling ever! After being indirectly challenged by Scootaloo to prove it, Rumble comes up with the best idea in his life. He and Thunderlane will win the Sisterhooves Social, he just needs to talk Thunderlane into wearing a dress.

Many thanks to the amazing Noble Savage for his great cover art. You did perfectly for this one :rainbowlaugh:

Turns out that I managed to predict the episode Brotherhooves Social a month and a half in advance! What a crazy coincidence. I guess great minds think alike. Though greater minds did said episode better than this story :rainbowlaugh: Either way, I'm still pretty happy with myself for coming up with such a premise.

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Isn't it? :rainbowwild: Didn't expect that from me, now did ya?


That's a good wow, right? XD


Awesome! I hope you enjoy what else I have and will release.


Well, I try to give an estimate with blogs. I'll be releasing my next one as soon as I get covert art. So feel free to keep an eye out on my blogs.

PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:
overall I think this is a great story! :twilightsmile:
btw: I love the cover art it's hilarious!


Yeah, Noble Savage did a really good job on this one, as he usually does.

And I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

O this is to good I loved it.
Harts Fire


I'm glad :twilightsmile: I hope you continue to enjoy my work.

6353943 well to tell the truth as of right now I have a back log of 2674 chapter to read so it may be a wile till get to the rest of your story's.
but if you are interested there is a TeamSpeak server up for the fimfiction nation feel free to join. all the information you need to get on is in my blog.

Oh...... My........ God.!!! Ahavahahahaha. I'm dying :rainbowlaugh: oh god that was perfect!!!!

I think I just died of laughter xD

Very good story, Kestrel!

Lol, this was great!:rainbowlaugh::heart:


Thank you all for the support! I'm glad I can make people laugh. Soon it'll be time to see if I can make you cry or at least punch you in the feels :rainbowwild:

But yep! This was a pretty good success! :rainbowdetermined2:


If you can punch me in the feels and/or make me cry, I will bow to you sir! :ajsmug:

This story is freaking hilarious! I'm adding it to my library! Expect some promotion for this fic coming up pretty soon!


Heh, thanks Harmony! :twilightsmile: I need to read some of your others too.

I wonder if I can make your feels ache at all... :trixieshiftleft:

Try me, little Kestrel.


I'm older than you... :trixieshiftleft:

This was absolutely amazing! Loved it! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm always happy to hear things from readers. I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to look at some of my other stuff if you feel like it :rainbowwild:

This was so funny. Why does such an adorable tiny thing like you write so good! * picks you up hugging you gently*

*squee talking* your so small! I wonder how calm is holding up *looks at the hospital bed with calm and fleet sleeping on the floor*....ok.....I guess.


Because practice. And don't worry, the new chapter will be released soon.

I am waiting. Clawing my hands.........er hooves.. NEEDING IT!

*puts you down by fleet, who's eyes are closed, worried* in the meantime. Cheer her up a bit. *pushes you towards her gently with my hoof*

Well done! This story (and the picture) had me laughing the entire time :rainbowlaugh:

Also...if Silver Lining (or any of the Wonderbolts) heard about this...they're probably not gonna let Thunderlane live it down lol


Well, it's not a Wonderverse story, so I don't think that'll be a problem.

Oh brother! I died. They are never going to live that one down.


Nope! And thanks for the favorite.

Wtf did i read


One of the more interesting ideas I've come up with :rainbowlaugh: Though what did you think? I hope you at least don't regret coming to read it XD

I didn't regret its a good story in my opinion


I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

Okay, that was worth reading!
Although the ending makes it feel like there should be a sequel or something...


I'm not really sure what I'd even do for a sequel to this. Besides, I've got some other projects I'm working on right now.

6439183 The sequel would probably be dealing with the aftermath of the events of this story, with Rumble getting embarrassed in school while the other Wonderbolts tease Thunderlane about it.

Woah! You somehow predicted the Brotherhooves social episode! I tip my non-existent hat at you!


Thank you good sir, I should really make an edit in the description to voice my own surprise at that! And thanks for the favorite :twilightsmile:

Funny, although Scootaloo was a bit sexist and the mares were a bit harsh on Rumble and Thunderlane, especially since they didn’t win in the end.

It's the kind of story i can totally see happen on the série

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