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Damn, I wish I could read.


`Scootaloo hung her head glumly, her right fore-hoof absently drawing an indistinguishable pattern on the wood of her desk. Her purple eyes drifted wistfully to one of the windows. The sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing, a perfect day to be out.

But she was stuck here.

With both of her friends sick one day from school, Scootaloo has to find somepony else to hang out with. Terrible taunts, slimy spitballs and errant TV quotes ensure.

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Comments ( 28 )

I found this most enjoyable, but then I am a sucker for Scootaloo, slice of life stories, and Rumble.

Hmmmm.... Looks good
I'm gonna add to Favourates and read later
(as soon as something goes into my read later list I forget about it forever)

read later love scoots, would make an awesome daughter :rainbowdetermined2:
edit: that was cute and i like to see diamond get her flank wooped
some people say she should not be hated but all bullies deserve nothing less

References.... References everywhere...

I see a lot of "Of Rumbling Dinks" and maybe a little of "Friends have Benefits".... Tell me, when was this to FhB?

No relation to Friends have benefits.

I have no idea what 'Of Rumbling Dinks' is...


Oh right, should have guessed.

Might read that later...


Cool, good read...

Ever going to tell us what Soran gave to Rainbow?



No... :pinkiehappy:

Use your imagination though, I find it more fun that way. Was it a declaration of love, a letter of hate, a picture of some erotic thing, an invitation to some fancy event or possibly just a piece of paper the word 'DICKS' scrawled crudely across it



That's why I think it's related (in that tiny bit) to Friends Have Benefits, because of.... those two...

Bah, I'll think of something.... maybe it was an invite to the Grand Galloping Gala...


I'll put it this way. I like leaving things a little open ended so people can put their own spin on it.

If you want to believe that it's something to do with Friends have benefits, go right ahead. I'm happy for you to do that as nothing from this story really conflicts with what I wrote for FhB.

Don't let me tell you how to think or feel.

This story, I like it. ANOTHER!


I know, it's great right?

1989442 HE SMASHED SCOOTS! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Also he should really have chicken soup in a bowl.

Stories are taking me way to long to get around to.:facehoof:
This was a lot of fun though...can't really see Scoots using that kind of language (maybe I'm just overly-sheltered and kids really do learn it that young) but minor quibble.

Well Rumble likes you and you’re not afraid of nasty colt germs so he’s the perfect candy- candidate.

No Dinky, I think you were on the right track with candy.:raritywink:

RumbleXScootaloo, almost as good as SoarinDash, which this totally would have lead to, yep...totally. No ThunderDash implications at all...Nope...Just aaaall SoarinDash...Completely and utterly. Nothing else...Uno Shi..pepo...
SoarinDash 2016!
*Flails away*

Fan-friggin-tastic! Far and away the best Scootaloo story I've read yet, and I read a lot of Scootaloo stories. A lot. :scootangel:

Oh my gosh... That was freakin awesome!
Man the way you formed the story without breaking some major canon was just awesome! Like the part with scootaloo family wasn't mentioned or discussed to in depth which was good you kept that air of mystery that the show keeps about Scootaloo. Dinky was adorable, and *gasp* those implications about Derpy! For shame Diamond Tiara!
And aww Shady was adorable, I love that little quote he had that he said he heard on tv, such child like innocence. And lets not forgett best colt; Rumble! God he was adorable, his cute crush on Scoots. And I really like how Scootaloo took it all in stride, she wasn't completely icked out by the idea and just totally reject him, she responded in her usual tomboy-ish attitude but gave Rumble a little hope for later. That was just cute. You captured their personalities so amazingly :) and you know now that you mention it Shady does look a bit like Soarin, but while browsing fanart I tend to mistaken grown up Rumble for Soarin, but Rumbles mlpwiki description does say he resembles Shady. Yeah so all around amazing story, a freaking 5 out of 5! By far the best Scootaloo story I've read :)

Thank you. Your kind words inspire and encourage me to greater feats of writing.

Or more accurately, they show that I made something beautiful by sheer dumb luck.

On a semi-related note, I now have two different, completely unbiased people saying this is the best Scootaloo story they have read... must mean it's pretty good.

I love the part where Shady and scoots suspects about Rainbow and Soarin and also the part where Thunder lane and Rainbow suspects Rumble and Scootaloo. For me it was funny. But are making a sequel? I enjoyed it!

Imply all the things!


Make that three, then. :pinkiehappy:

At least it's the best Scootaloo-centered story I remember reading. :twilightsheepish:

I know it's wrong... but I FREAKING LOVE SEEING SCOOTALOO WAILING ON DIAMOND TIARA!!! HOORAH!!!! Little pink banshee deserved it. Maybe a letter to her with Poison Joke in it will end up in the mail somehow????

I'll write a comment! With blackjack! And hookers!

Oh My Goodness! This was SUCH a good story, really hope you're thinking of writing a sequal or something, because I would SO read it <3
Maybe, with the pairs growing up, and times Scootaloo spends with her other friends, besides the CMC, and perhaps even something on her learning to fly :D Who knows, juts possibilities spinning in my head, but I would DEFINITELY like to read more

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