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Damn, I wish I could read.


If you asked Big Macintosh what he liked about a pony there would be very little about Vinyl Scratch that would fit the bill. That's probably why he doesn't really like her. You might even say he detested her.

Then again, he hardly knows her.
Nothing that a bit of forced confinement can't fix.

Written for the Straight Shipping group 'A disagreement of sorts' competition. Yes, I couldn't think of a better name, sue me. Also written on a very random prompt from a friend who sarcastically said 'I ship it' when he saw a picture of Big Mac and Vinyl somewhere vaguely near each other.

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I'm surprised in one of those very pleasant ways. :eeyup:

Interesting... :moustache:

Comment posted by alexanderhunt88 deleted Jan 13th, 2014

What's a Cherno Apple?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to continue this story line.:duck:

3782355 Ditto. This is a ship with crazy fun potential.

That was adorable. Full of warm fuzzies, and now I shall celebrate these fuzzies with some cider.

This is...very well written. I like it.

I know it says "Complete" but by all means...you should totally continue it.

Please, sir; more. You've done this pairing justice; very well done.

Wall of text... make it go away.

Honestly though. It's so much harder to read when text is formatted this way. Please just press enter after each paragraph, I guarantee you that a number of readers have simply left the moment they saw the lack of proper formatting. It's really quite jarring.

3783695 This is a pet peeve of mine, so apologies in advance.

But technically speaking, this IS proper formatting. The double-spacing thing is just something people around here encourage because they have lazy eyes, I guess. It's only jarring because you're used to everybody else doing it technically wrong. :facehoof: And, also technically, double-spacing it doesn't change the amount of words any, so it would still be a wall of text anyway, it just better conforms to the supposed "standard."

There, now that I've said that, I'll ditch the soap box.

*points at the soap box* Git!

As for the fanfic itself, it's a nice little fic, helped by the fact that I've gotten rather partial to the Vinyl Scratch character as of late. My only gripe is that they warmed up to each other a bit quicker than I would've expected (not necessarily a bad thing, I'm just thinking logistics here) and Vinyl at times came across like she was trying to deliberately take advantage of the situation. But other than that, everything flows smoothly and the set-up for the situation feels natural and normal...at least as normal as you can get in the magical land of Equestria. :twilightsmile:

I guess it's true: Big Macintosh does get all the mares. :rainbowlaugh:

Read Latered! :pinkiehappy:

If you really wanna get technical about it, either one is correct. For electronic media such as this it's acceptable to use either indents or double spaces between each paragraph. It's only incorrect if you use both, and even then only because it's redundant.

Well I kinda feel empty about this. Yes this ship is needs to be done more but the ending was kinda I don't know...... There really wasn't that much shipping in this story I guess.

This story had an interesting concept, but I would have preferred more chapters with furthering romance. But that is my opinion. Good job with this story. Very original

More would be awesome, but what you have is great and I'm glad I read it. :pinkiehappy:

Very cute story, would love to read more, but it's nice the way it is

Comment posted by Truly Luminous deleted Mar 15th, 2015

This story was amazing, I would love another chapter!!!

What I really like in this story is how it conveys Big Mac's initial irritation quite well. The then sudden shift to Vinyl's perspective forces an emotional swing in the reader akin to what Big Mac experiences when she invites him into her home. It really puts the reader into Big Mac's mindset.

However, I did have several issues. There was never a confrontation concerning the bottle she threw at him, which I wanted to understand better. I was expecting perhaps a past injustice or something to validate her behavior.
I also believe there was much untapped potential for the synergy between the two characters. Essentially, Big Mac's irritation towards her could have been a subconscious reaction to his underlying attraction towards her, this is however never implied. I also believe the dialogue should have been expanded more.

Overall though, it was well written, and might I recommend you continue and write another chapter. There is definitely space to do so.

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