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No, we're not talking about physics. We're answering Coolbauch's question of what happens if Graves and Rarity just friendzoned each other? Set as a non-canon set of stories in The Journey of Graves universe, we set the marshal free so he can get it on with all the fine ladies. Or lads. Whatevs.

Short one shots that come as they will. After all, you can't rush love.

Chapters (2)
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ohhh... Ship ALL the things :pinkiehappy:

Ha! Oh, brilliant, my friend!

Can we get some MarshalJack? Oh, no! Better idea: Grilda! I wonder how you would portray griffons in this AU...

Graves x Octavia!


I know, that was bad and I should feel bad.

Great one shot!

These are funny, can't wait to see what next one is.

Holy crap I helped create a beautiful monster :rainbowlaugh:
But, much like this story, there are no words needed to further show you how I love this chapter.

HAHAHAHA!:rainbowlaugh: Of course Twilight would write that! I wanna see a reaction from Graves and Mac after they find out what it is.

musics should be "music's". (Because music is.)

Also, lawlz. No matter what, Graves still gets tongue-tied around love interests.

OH! But he and Rarity are still friends, yes? Good friends? Someone needs to write one about Rarity trying to help him prep for a date, or her talking him into asking someone out, or... something! So much could be done with Rarity trying to help.

5250018 I can't believe I didn't notice you followed the Marshalverse too! XD Wow, I are dumb.


... Grilda.

I'm thinkin' cook-out.

Well dying from laughter seems logical at this point.:pinkiesmile:

crack-ships every day...
also more yaoi

*This use cannot form a reply as he is to busy rolling on the floor laughing*

Was having a boring night before I saw this was up. Now it's comedy night! Time for some Key & Peele, thanks to you. Maybe even some writing of my own.

Ha ha ha... not the only one this happen to.

Well if gravity doesn't exist so... Picture a barren wasteland. According to James Overduin, a physicist at Towson University in Maryland who specializes in gravitation, a universe without gravity would be "completely flat and featureless." Overduin explained that gravity is just another term for the curvature of space-time — how steep or shallow the fabric of the universe is in a given place (and thus how likely objects are to fall toward the source of curvature). Just as a bowling ball placed on a trampoline curves its surface, it is the presence of matter and energy that cause space-time to curve. So, if the universe can't curve (because gravity doesn't exist), then there can be no matter or energy within it.

Wait, it's not about physics?


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