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Youtube Readings · 11:04pm Sep 23rd, 2023

Oh no! Somebody has done a youtube reading of my first story Trixie's New Big Red Life.
Why was I not told?? I know 11 years is a little late to find out about it but still!
Listen, Captain-Brony is an alias I use for my pony stuff. I have another account at fanfiction for my not pony stuff.
I keep both separate from each other and that's how I like it.
But with my other account I did get a reading for one of my stories and it wasn't what I would call "positive".

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1948521 Sorry but I'm afraid I'm done with that.:twistnerd: Gotta keep moving forward you know?:scootangel:

Hey there I meant to ask, are you gonna ever do more for Trixie' Big Red Life aside form what you have already done by chance?

990941 My pleasure:pinkiesmile: it's good to see Ernest again:yay:

Howdy Captain. Thanks for the fave on Ernest Saves Equestria.:twilightsmile:

968551 oH!:derpyderp1: In that case maybe I should take a look:moustache:

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