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Vinyl Scratch, Applejack, and Octavia. Three names known throughout Equestria. They are known as The Gun Girls: three females whose crime sprees range from grand theft to armed robbery. Barely escaping the police, the trio find a new city to raid: Las Pegasus. Will anypony stop them or will their legacy continue?

Art for characters and story arc goes to: NCMares

Character credit goes to: Zedrin

Teen for: Language, Sexual themes

Chapters (15)
Comments ( 98 )

Good so far. I await the next chapter anxiously.

:rainbowlaugh: Pretty funny, and nicely done. I like female badasses.

Very well thought out. Especially the villains. Got their charectors spot on!

5271372 Well, working on more now as we speak.

5271434 Then this is the perfect story for you. Oh and the awkwardness between Twi and Big Mac just gets better :rainbowlaugh:

5271778 Thank you :twilightsmile:


Whoops! Sorry the story is TOO AWESOME TO BE RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5277137 :rainbowlaugh: Thanks, the next chapter will either be released tomorrow or tuesday


Better be tomorrow or... or... Meh! So long as it comes out fast!

You're cruel... You know that right?

5279275 I like to call it suspenseful theatre :trollestia:

Its also called being cruel and unusual punishment.

5279656 Well, good news everyone! The chapter will be released.
- And what's the bad news?

- I don't know if it will be tomorrow. :trollestia: But seriously, it will be released tomorrow :trollestia:
But the new concern that arose. Should they be more length chapters 3,000-5,000 words, or is 1,500-2,500 enough?

1500 to 2500. That way you balance out fast updates with big meat. Daily updates.

Look at it this way. The 1500 min. is fast food. The 2500 min. is gourmet food.

5279845 Releasing it in 2 hours. Can you hold it? :trollestia:

Slightly disappointed, yet slightly happy...

So what's the basic plot?

I mean I like AJ and I really hope she's on the side of good.


I don't CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excellent. This is getting good...

I can't wait for the restaurant scene with Twilight and Big Mac!

That part will be sure to make a lot of people laugh! :rainbowlaugh:

C'mon, make them into a foursome.

I want it to be like Payday 2!

5282865 :trollestia: I just don't know when the next chapter will be released

5283827 Thank you! I have many plot twists in store ahead :pinkiecrazy:

5283887 I think that's the next chapter, I believe :rainbowlaugh:


LIES!!!!!!!!!!! SPURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5285780 Probably.......nah I'll keep that a secret :raritywink:

5287654 I'm thinking.....Thursday. Will be a good time to release it. However...if the likes go up to 75 through IDK, more limelight on this story, then it'll be within two days :yay:

Impressive that you got it all the way up to 33 likes without a single dislike, you know!


Cool. As long as they don't kill 500 cops in a heist...

5287705 Ohhhhh, that's what you meant. I figured mature rating lol :rainbowlaugh:

Omg! So glad you kept the comedy tag!

5297968 1st downvote and no reason why..... :ajbemused: People like that annoy me. Give me a reason why you didn't like it, not just, oh a story that doesn't intrigue me? Why a downvote for you!

5298060 me? I love it! It's in my favs! The charecter develope ment is great! I can tell Big Mac reminds the audience of a young officer who's, well horny! I also love the comedy! "You sex life bores me." Great line for Twi btw.

Lol. This was hilarious the entire time! You're really gettin' ambitious here, you devil. Keep up the excellent work.

5298082 :rainbowlaugh: Thanks! Yeah, you're fine. Just checked and now 2 downvotes. I'm just merely venting but it's little things like that which make me question my work: could the dialogue be better? Character development? More setting detail? etc. And without the criticism for the downvote, it leaves the impression that the individual is A) A Troll or B) Too damn lazy to make a constructive comment, yet has enough time to downvote. IDK, just my two cents worth :derpytongue2:

5298845 :raritywink: Aw shucks! Next chapter tho.......there's some imagery I leave open to your wandering mind :trixieshiftleft:

5299389 I look forward to it, dear sir/madam.

5299389 lol. I think some ponys just scroll down the story list, and randomly down vote. :facehoof:

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