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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.


This story is a sequel to Treasured Moon and Stars: Vol. 1 Luna's Treasured Moon

The crew of the Fancy Flute is back and in peril already. Captain Scratch, thought to be alright, is slowly dying. Of what? That is what Octavia wants to find out. Octavia has to find a way to save Vinyl and she has to find the Elements of Harmony. But how can she find them when the other three elements were out of sight and the three she already found are bickering and not trusting each other?

Meanwhile, Vinyl is traveling between life and death. She finds a place where everypony lives in harmony, rich and poor, riff raff with the nobles. Vinyl faces her past head on and meets the one pony she lost. Even if she was reunited with the ones that were dear to her in the past, Vinyl thought of something that made her heart flip. Can she ever face Octavia, again and tell her about her true feelings for her?

The story takes a darker turn as more mysteries are revealed and the past reveals itself. Is it possible that Octavia might find the answers to who is really the true leader of Canterlot’s corrupted government? Can she save the Elements from themselves? What truth is Rainbow Dash trying to hide from Octavia? So many new questions and yet so little time for answers; can Octavia find the answers she seeks? Discover the answers for yourself in Volume 2 of the Treasured Moon & Stars trilogy.

Edited by: Xhoral1865
April 9th, 2014: Added the cover art. I drew it myself with PS. Hope you guys like it.

Chapters (25)
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her past. Vinyl faces her past head on and meets the one pony she lost in her past. Even if she was reunited with the ones that were dear to her in the past

Im guessing shes reliving her past?

3765836 oooops I'll fix that.:facehoof:
Edit: fixed it. I was a little concerned and I should have changed that.

3765843 right....well its all in the..past :twistnerd:

3765913 yeah I should haven't put too many "past" in that.
Cool pic.:raritystarry:

3765942 Your avatar picture. That's what I meant.

3765945 yeah its pretty sweet :rainbowkiss: theres a whole story behind it

3765963 Hmm, you have me interested.

3765974 ...you want me to tell you dont you?

3766002 well you heard of SolidFire? The guy that seems to edit nearly everything? Re-uploaded Family Mares to this site?

3766033 Hmm, I'm still new here so I don't know who SolidFire is. I think I saw Family Mares in the featured box, I think, a while ago. (Is that story good?)

3766044 pfft i don't know, never read it. Anyway when we both first started this site, we somehow ended up with the exact same avatar pic, like the one i have, except less awesome. So we became friends over it. Eventually we noticed everyone using the same avatar pic we had and decided we needed a new one. So we each searched for each others, i found his, he found mine. Unfortunately i could not change my avatar pic, due to my computer being a pile of crap. So i gave him my account details and stuff so he could do it for me. :rainbowkiss:
He's like, my best bud now!

Not really exciting, i know!

Pretty neat start :twilightsmile:
it was nice to see how the 6 met back in the day :twilightsmile:

well ive got both your stories in read later cause im busy but they sound amazing and im suprised that i didn't find the first part earlier these two stories are going to be the first non shipping ive read other than cupcakes i dont usually go for sad and dark but like i said it sounds good like a proper novel and now im rambling and need to sleep

3766275 Wow, I think that's cool. :twilightsmile:

3766344 Glad you like it. But yeah this is just the beginning and you'll read about their trails in the Discordian War and even what happened afterwards. Chapter 1 might not be up for a little while.

3766353 Actually, it is a romance story. It has popular ships and one new one in TMS 2. (Which I hope people don't get crazy mad over. It just happened while I was writing.:fluttershyouch:) Well when you do get to read them, I hope you'll enjoy them.:twilightsmile:

3766374 I probably will and vinyl and octy are my favorite characters (ship aswell) but like I said I tend to stay away from sad fanfic stories while I'm fine with normal novels sometimes fanfics just make me feel depressed wheen they're sad I'll probably read through a bit of the first one tomorrow

3766394 Yeah, I tend to stay away from sad fics as well. But yeah OctaScratch all the way man! :pinkiehappy:

3766412 for that you earned a brohoof /) and if I wasn't doing this from my phone I would use the faces but yea good night good sir :D

3766500 night to you. :tips hat:

3766504 damnit now I'm going to have nightmares about hats again...n-not that I've ever had nightmares about h-hats x_x :3

In all honestly, I was hoping to see Rarity get into an epic battle with the guards before escaping or being captured, Rainbow said she was the artillery of their team and I would have expected her to be tossing spells left and right at the lightest hint a burglar was in her shop.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Trixie and Lighting Dust get the justice they deserve. I can totally see Rarity and Twilight working together to deal with Trixie while Rainbow deals with Lighting Dust.

Of course... the real thing that would have me laughing is meek little Fluttershy trashing a whole battalion of guards sent to capture her and then tending to them such that they can't come after her when she flies off. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I can't see her leaving ponies in pain... but putting them in full body casts so they can't chase her would work.:raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

3778500 well for rarity, there's a reason why. In this story she's afraid of being in trouble. Don't you worry, rarity will have her rage on in this story. As for lightning dust and trixie, they'll get what they deserve in due time. I have a big epic ending still being planned out for book 3. And fluttershy, hmm I can't really say anything about her yet. You just have to wait and see.:raritywink:

As much as I want to say it, I will be... Remaking a quote from one of my favorite Dubstep songs. Here' sweat the quote is: FUCKIN CLIFFHANGERS

So are they going to find Zecora or Fluttershy... :pinkiegasp:or even better both???
And Pinkie isn't dead, she's just really good at playing Hide and Seek :pinkiehappy:
DON'T DIE VINYL!!!!:applecry::raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:

My theory with :pinkiehappy: is that she go a small poison that made it seem like she was dead when she really wasn't, and when she was carried out, she replaced her body with someone else's and took off


Speculating is fun.:trollestia:

You'll be surprised what I got coming up.

Tee hee! The last part was funny. Maybe... :pinkiegasp:! You're gonna use Octavia's magic using the Luna Amulet to unDiscord Rainbow!

I like Crystal Ponies forging the EOH more than them growing on a tree, it harkens back to my love of Tolkien and the forging of the Great Rings in Middle Earth.
Well... I really hope Rainbow can get her spirit back, I get the feeling she isn't fully restored to normal. I hope they find the healer for Vinyl soon. I also hope VS Sr. and Rarity can keep each other's spirits up in jail.

3987263 hmm you'll just to wait and see.

3987992 When I decided to put the Crystal pony connection for TMS, I made the idea of connecting the Guardians and the EOH together. It also explained the reason why Octavia had magical connections with Twilight, Rainbow and AJ. But learning that the EOH were made from a super magical tree? :rainbowhuh::facehoof: well I was a tad bit disappointed. But they have their ideas and I have mine. And I want to keep the crystal empire connection to keep it in line for the TMS plot.

4002750 As I said, I approve. It makes much more sense to have CRYSTAL PONIES be responsible for making mystical crystal artifacts.

Now, the main question that occurred to me over the last few days is if Celestia is Discorded or been replaced by a Changeling Queen or just went plain psycho without Luna to keep her balanced???? All three would be fun to see explained, though I favor the second just because it brings in Changelings as adversaries and makes for all kinds of shenanigans and rescuing the real Celestia.

4002799 h3y tigerswirl .... im completly at a loss of words right now because of how amazing this story is. You are one of the best writers ive seen on this website.keep these storys coming please.

4032416 :twilightblush: Wow, thanks for the kind words. I'm happy that you enjoy the story. The next chapter will be up later. :twilightsmile:

I... Didn't expect that. Also... Haters gonna hate... First?

Rainbow with little Octavia was adorable... then she went total badass on the assassin. I hope they can develop a good relationship without Rainbow almost dying to save Octavia.
I can't wait to see Everfree. But I can totally see the three little fillies finding some small animal, possibly dangerous but maybe not, and begging Vinyl to let them keep it as a pet.:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:

Living in, or rather, on Everfree, with the Zebra Tribe, it's Zecora.

This was an excellent chapter and honestly for the secind half of the chapter i was surprised all the way.

i hade a double take at fluttershys personality change.
well worth the wait:heart:

I'm calling this Amazon Fluttershy. I don't want to see what she's like when she's cornered, it's probably very ugly.

4111418 4111624
Yep I knew you guys were going to like this different Fluttershy.:raritywink: it just adds more questions.

4112910 Amazon Fluttershy eh? Cool. Actually the look of Fluttershy was based off of Survivor Shy. (Cool fic too.) Fluttershy will be fighting her inner daemons throughout this story. Next chapter will be coming soon.

4113458 I'd be more worried if she WASN'T fighting inner demons.:pinkiesad2: BTW, will we get to see some more family moments between Applebloom and Applejack????? I mean, they should be snuggling together quite a bit after being apart for so long. Or Applejack should be teaching Bloom a few tricks. Just have them bonding a bit please.

4114175 They will have a bonding moment. :raritywink: Not to worry.

Thank god for spring break!!! I'm finally able to find time to catch up on TMS!! :pinkiehappy: Btw the story is turning out amazingly! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

4120974 Thanks, there is more coming. :twilightsmile:

4122389 OMG YOU POSTED ANOUTHER CHAPPTER *squee* time to read this is gonna be great tiger

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