The Feature Box Is More Than Clop 65 members · 333 stories

This is a group for people, who are sick of clop.
For the people, who remember the time when the box had class.

Feel free to add any fics you want.
NO CLOP!!!!!

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Wait, that was a legit problem back in the day? Damn, I don't even remember that.

This is the group I've been looking for!

This seems to be an anti-clop group. While I have nothing for or against clop, I do agree with the title. Some writers actually write loads of little clopfics just to boost their numbers and make it to the feature box with no other ambition or writing interest whatsoever, which is just sad. Let's encourage writers, especially new ones, to make it to the box by bettering themselves in their writing!

I have had a brilliant idea on this subject:

Turning the 'view mature' setting off should also apply to the feature box.
Read about it here:

despite the fact i do write clop occasionally (i have one now) i do agree with this. the featured box shouldnt just be clop.

I feel that this would work as our theme song.

324603 I agree with you. It is a really shame that the fetish stuff steals the spot light from truly creative stories. The Box is a broken system.

I don't hate it. I just feel that clop get 's way more attention, then it should. There are plenty of amazing fics out there that never see the light. But a terribly written smut fic, get's all the lime light.

I will join your group; foal con is the worst type of fic.

Wile I do clop on occasion... not really a big fan of it. Wile I agree with that some pretty sick shit get's featured way too much, theirs just know way to filter it. Clop does hurt the fandom, but the best thing you can do is ignorant and enjoy the show. I do have an anit-foal con group you can join if your interested. If anything should be banned, it that. Really, who right the really smutty clop are people that are only looking for attention anyway.

Whoops my bad.


I recommend changing the group name to "The Feature Box Is More THAN Clop"

I thank you for your input.:twilightsmile:

This is a group for people who should just disable their mature content.

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