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Ssshhhh, no words, just dreams...

What Happened when I Had a Spasm Attack in my Fingers

Goals for Site and in General

Have 25 [Δ]
Have 50 [Δ]
Have 75 [Δ] (not anymore though :c)
Have 100 [ ]
Have 150 [ ]
Have 200+ [ ]
Actually put work into another story (inactive for a year) [ ]
Read 30 [Δ]
Read 100 [ ]
Create 1 [Δ]
Create 2 [ ]
Create 5 [ ]
Create 10+ [ ]
Favorite 50 [ ]
Favorite 100+ [ ]
Have a story with 50 likes [ ]
Have a story with 100 likes [ ]
Have a story with 200+ likes [ ]
Have a story with 10 favorites [Δ]
Have a story with 20 favorites [ ]
Have a story with 50+ favorites [ ]
Have a story with 100 views [Δ]
Have a story with 200 views [Δ]
Have a story with 500 views [Δ]
Have a story with 1000 views [ ]
Have a story with 2000+ views [ ]
Get in the popular box [ ]
Get on the feature box [ ]
Write a story of every type (except clopfics, or anything sexual) (combined types included) [ ]
Have a dream about someone's story [ ]
Become famous for an uncommon ship [ ]
Have a drawing of mine as someone's cover art [ ]
Help at least 5 or more people with story ideas [ ]
Serve the peanut butter god [ ]
Maybe write a collab with Deep? [ ]
Try to be more creative with pony designs! [ ]
Make a ship look hawt. [Δ]
Perfect a male pony's head. [ ]
Maybe persuade Lily or someone else to join this site. [Δ] (I had many friends help me get QuartzRunner to join, check him out!)
Create a group [ ]
Finally watch season 5 [ ]

About Me

I've basically lost my interest in ponies, but I'll make a comeback one day and watch where I've left off at in the series and maybe get back into making stories. Sorry about leaving, old friends.

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Happy Holidays, hope you get to enjoy today to the fullest. And I wish you and those in your life a wonderful New Year's Eve.

To the best of my abilities I guess I'm alright, but I'm glad to hear from you and to know that you're doing well. And ya I remember those talks when I was at the same time in my life, it's a shame that you'll be leaving the site but I understand and wish you the best. Hope we get to meet again somewhere on another site, unless you'd like to trade emails before you go.

I am alive somehow, but just letting you know it's highly likely I won't be active on this site anymore. Its pretty obvious I haven't been on in a year, and mostly everyone else I enjoyed talking to is gone as well. (which wasn't very many people in the first place but you get the idea) As for how I am, things are ok, I'm a senior in high school now and nothing is more annoying than college talk with parents. But anyways I hope you're having a good time with life.

Haven't heard from you in a while, how have you been doing?

How have you been?

Hey how have you been?

hey how are you doing?

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon

For your statement up above.

I have over a month of gametime for it and I'm not sure how considering I play much more than that...

Probably just for my warlock.

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