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The Rainbow Blitz Banner was created by: Brauner02

• Due to certain circumstances, this group will be under construction for a long time unfortunately.


• To be announced

General [Fimfiction] Rules:

• Do not make groups designed specifically to attack another user or group of people.

• Caveat: It is okay to make groups attacking fictional characters. I.e. “We hate Rarity”

• Do not make groups designed to attack or organize hatred against a user’s story.

• If your group deals with mature-rated subject matter, be sure to mark it NSFW in the Group Options.

• Do not post NSFW images in groups, even if the group is marked NSFW.

• Roleplaying is not allowed on Fimfiction. This includes carrying out RP scenarios with other users and acting out online personas.


• Have a fanfic you would like to add to the group? Well it's as easy as just submitting it!

• Before doing so please ensure you place your fanfic in the correct folder(s).

• If you are unsure of where you should put your master piece / other master pieces just place it in the "unknown" folder and the administrators will reorganize it

"Tag" Folders
Adventure - Fanfics with the Adventure tag.
Tragedy/Sad - Fanfics with Tragedy or Sad tags.
Romance - Fanfics with the Romance tag.
Slice of Life - Fanfics with the Slice of Life tag.
Dark - Fanfics with the Dark tag.
Comedy - Fanfics with the Comedy tag.
Clop- Fanfics with Sex tag
"Unknown"- Fanfics unknown


Dashing -- Main administrator, also the boss

Gamer XZ -- Another main administrator, an artist, & the organizer

Sweetie-Belle -- Founder, inactive administrator

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Cool group, a friend of mine told me about this shipping

awesome group, dis best group :rainbowdetermined2: :derpyderp1:

Awesome group! :heart:

R63 RD is pretty cool, I'll join.

Yesyesyesyesyes this group is love and life.:heart:

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