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Damn, I wish I could read.


Nightmare Night! Rainbow Dash's favourite time of the year.

Well, it would be if she wasn't cooped up amongst the upper-class of Canterlot.

Taking matters into her own hooves, Rainbow Dash breaks out an old costume and goes to show the Canterlot elite what a real nightmare night is like.
Little does she know somepony else already has the same idea...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 192 )

I was bored one day and found the neat little picture up there in the corner and I was immediately inspired to write something short and sweet about it and well... here we are.

Tell me how badly I failed/ how awesome it isn't. Your choice.

Also, 3000 words on the dot. Heck yeah.

And just for clarification, 'M' is not an OC or anything, he's a character from the show. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about who he is though.

If you're looking for the source, that artist of the picture is Jackie (here on fimfiction). You might also wanna get permission for using it (if you haven't already)

I have no idea who he is!!?
Oh well, I'll figure it out. I loved this fanfic! :twilightsmile:

Fairly easy to guess who :)

HAHAHAHA ok that was cute :rainbowlaugh:


And by the way, ignore 1592331. He's always posting that crap.

I likes it also I at the top were twilight was applying makeup you spelled fo instead of for which made me lol
Ghetto twilight ain't goin to no ball she gettin ready fo a cruise

Oh please don't let this guy be soarin. I want to like this story, it looks good, but I know ill rage if it ends up being soarindash.:pinkiesad2:

10 bits on it being soarin :twilightsmile:

It's Soarin, pretty oblivious :raritywink:

Of course I just have to ruin it for you like that, but again, feel quite free to make your own assumptions. I state nothing absolutely definitive.

*le sigh*:ajsleepy:
I'll graciously pass on this. At the very least, it seems like everyone else likes it. Good luck on this and any future stories.

The formatting makes it look a little bunched up, and there are some grammar/spelling errors, but all in all it's nice. The style easily let me sympathise with Dash and M, right up to their little moment. I have to say, based on the pic I kept assuming it was Rumble or some such, but that wasn't possible. True, it's set years after the series, but there'd be no romance with that age difference (gods, someone's going to write that fic, aren't they :fluttercry:?)

Anyway, I like that M's identity is going to be revealed to Dash eventually, but isn't specified in the story itself. That makes the whole thing seem like a very private, intimate first encounter. Where it goes doesn't matter, we're left to wonder. All that matters is Dashie had a good time, and made a new friend or more-than-a-friend.

I'm voting it up because the idea is well thought out and executed (ie: there's a good reason Dash is left alone and the consequences come naturally), but I'd have to liked to see some different spacing.

Still, an enjoyable fic, glad to have spotted it.

Cheers, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Sorry, I don’t know what came over me...Silly Dash, M was over you.
Another story of yours I like, that makes 3. Congratulations you have met 1 of the 3 ways to be watched by me:pinkiehappy:, not that you have any reason to care.:twilightsheepish:

"This prank, I like it.” M chortled. “Another!”

That reminds me of something but what :ajsmug:

You could do a sequel or something if not I respect your decision :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: This story I like it bring me another:pinkiehappy:

It's Soarin isn't it?

1592520 raise ya to 20 :P it is soarin

he stated that the coat was dyed grey. thus it's not him.

1597593 i see your 20 bits and raise to 50

Its Soarin' for sure he has green eyes, goofy smile and died his mane grey. Also what shipping does kibbles ship the most SOARIN'XDASH

1597629 i see you 50 bits i raise it to 75

why do we even bother? we all know it's soarin :rainbowlaugh:


I have no idea what you're talking about,, I don't even know where you got that name from. Is it from some TV show or something?

So that's what people are calling it these days... Guess Big Mac is getting pretty good at ploughing those fiel-

Actually, I'm not going to go there.

I also don't see where I insinuated that he ploughed her... If I did... good dod, how did that get past the radar!

Oh come on. we all know that it wasn't the last time they met :twilightsmile:

Oh... right.

Bow chicka bow wow!

I don't mind. Soarindash is best ship :rainbowlaugh:



There is a distinct lack of good examples on this site however...

1616549 indeed.
Which is why i hope to help a bit in the future.
It won't be a downright soarindash, but soarindash wil be a part of the plot :rainbowwild:
Anyway, that's a LONG time in the future (they'd probably finish s3 before i post chapter 1)

1593806 Rumble doesn't have green eyes

Whoop! SOarinDash...:heart:

1612480 I see your 75 bits, I raise it to 90! :rainbowlaugh:

o3o The whole time I was like "WTF Who is he?" And then it said he had green eyes. I was just like. Soarin'.

Soarindash is best ship! Soarindash FTW!

So, is this kind of a prequel to Friends Have Benefits?

Nope, just a short fun thing I wrote. Nothing to do with it at all.

1587632 I was bored one day and found the neat little picture up there in the corner and I was immediately inspired to write something short and sweet about it and well... here we are.
Squee! :rainbowkiss: I never thought my art would inspire someone to write :heart: I'm glad that the picture inspired you to write.

I knew it :twilightsmile:
Great ending

Cute story ^_^ *gives thumbs up*

Am i the only one who knew it was Soarin' all along?

1662729 And i see your 90 bits and raise it to 110 bits!!


It's obviously Soarin.
The colt has a navy blue mane, dark green eyes and the fact that Rainbow recognized his voice. Rainbow wouldn't really squeal if it wasn't a Wonderbolt. Soarin likes pranks too and his funny. :rainbowkiss:
Anyways, great story!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

It's Soarin

That's totally soarin:rainbowkiss:

The movie Thor when Thor drinks coffee and throws the mug on the ground with that quote.

3014425.i know that now, I wish people would stop replying to comments that are more than sicpx weeks old :ajsleepy:

I see your 110 bits and raise it to 170!!!


3494129 Then I will answer that bid by raising it to 200 bits!

I see your 200 and raise it to 250.

(Have never played poker before. Is this how you play?)

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