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After waking up from an odd dream, Soarin takes a little time to think about his life with Rainbow Dash, and how far things have gone.

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That was cliché, but still pretty cute. I liked it.

Very sweet. :3

D'awww this was nice.

Saw a handful of minor errors, mostly missing words like: "end up where was at that moment" so I'd recommend another bout of proofing, but this was a nice oneshot. Yeah it's a bit cliche but that's not always a bad thing.:rainbowwild:

Guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. I was pretty drunk when I wrote this.

1331883 Regardless, thank you.

1332056 Yeah i did a bit of that. Like I said, I wasn't myself. But thank you very much.

1332052 And thank you.

it's cliche, but I can't deny its awesome! :yay:

Hairless Ape= Human

:pinkiesad2:Is this smile free or do I have to pay? Because that awesome!

Heartwarming story! I thought it was great, save for one small error.

"Lying there in that crib, was their first foal. A little baby filly."

But because of it, he was probably the most happy he had ever been in his life.

The most happy what actually?

I would have to say this story is truly beautiful. I personally love SoarinDash, and they are my favorite couple. The way you have put together this truly brought out what Rainbow Dash meant to Soarin. I would like to congratulate you for doing such an excellent and wonderful job on this memory/story of Soarin and Rainbow Dash. This story made me chuckle and smile to myself, I really do hope you write another story about SoarinDash. I'd like to see stuff like this more often, thank you for taking your time and effort to create such a lovely story. Please write again.

As someone who's read this story numerous times, I feel bad that it's taken this long to leave a comment... still, better late than never.

Anyways, yes, great story! Quick, yet well-paced. Detailed, but not boring. Romantic, but not over-the-top. A very good story, overall. I've read another one of your stories, and I like what I see :twilightsmile:.

This story was so good, I was kind of shocked to see that it came from such a new, underrated author. You've got plenty of potential, buddy. Keep at it. :raritywink:

All in all, yes, very good, cute, just wonderful. Hope to see more from you soon!

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