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A brave new world, created. A line between reality and fiction, shattered.

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Ye Olde Typical Bio Post

Name: Wyngs
Gender: Male
Occupation: Studying for a Bachelor's in Screenwriting
Fan Since/Introduced by: Nov. 2015/Introduced by Your OC Sucks Podcast. Check them out on YT!

I'm online fairly often, perusing the pages and of course, working on my own projects and stories. Feel free to contact me for advice, prereading, discussions, anything of the sort. It's not like I have a life... *cries in corner* :fluttercry:

Also, you're going to have to pardon my strange mannerisms and way of speaking. Just the effect of too many stories, video games, and web shows.

Fics I enjoy: Adventures, romances, comedies, slice-of-life, stories that try to stick to the show style, stories that stick to and expand on the cannon, stories that support my ships, next-gen fics, clopfics that are more than porn, philosophical themes and stories, non-dark deviations, well-written OCs, even alicorns, somewhat relatable AUs, show-style continuities.

Fics I probably dislike: anything too dark, edgy, angsty, poorly-written alicorns, repetitive human-in-equestrian fics, totally-not-self-insert fics, fics with hilariously bad spelling/punctuation, poorly written clopfics, bashing fics, way OOC fics, and fics, AUs, and continuities that stray too much from show-style.

NOTICE: These are simply vague guidelines of my standards. There are exceptions to everything. Take my dislike for dark, gritty fics. I'm heavily biased against them, yet perhaps my favorite fic is Fallout: Equestria. It's VERY dark, gritty, not even close to show-style, and I should hate it, but I don't. I love it and gush over it. In the end, stupendous writing can overcome any or all of my biases, keep that in mind.

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Thank you for adding my work to your favourites! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

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