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Wyngs Triumphant

A brave new world, created. A line between reality and fiction, shattered.


Spoilers for MLP Movie ahead, you've been warned.


After a long and perilous journey, as well as an intense final confrontation, Twilight has managed to secure the staff... and finds herself trapped in a raging storm.

Yet to everyone else on the ground below, she was only gone for less than a minute before returning perfectly unscathed and even happy. Did she simply use the staff to calm the storm?

Or... did something else happen as well?


Just a simple one-shot to illustrate my take on the movie's theme and moral. No relation or connection to any of my other stories.

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Now this was an interesting little interlude. Twilight really needed that pep talk.

Well, well, well, look what the (blue)cat dragged in, eh? Big fan of your works, btw. :scootangel:

Anyways, thanks! That whole sequence, especially with the ambience and lighting as Twilight came down, really got my head thinking. It’s been forever since I published something, thought this would be a nice chance to dip my feet again.

Well, it seems like you haven't lost any skill during your absence. I certainly hope you write again soon.

And I'm glad to hear you like my own stories.

I can tell that I’m apparently still interesting by the fact that my dislike stalker is apparently still here. That’s always a good sign!

Nice little story.

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