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He up and vanished, what a faker! The world was his oyster so why did he forsake her?

Where is he now?

Dedicated to Darf, Syd Barrett, and all the other artists who dance too long upon the knife's edge of insanity.

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Auto-publish at its finest.

Super Trampoline, you never cease to amaze. This was oddly enjoyable. And by enjoyable I'm editing this comment to add that I mean terrifying.

7490905 insanity is a hell of a drug.

7490905 Also, I edited the ending just a pinch, too.

Well it's certainly something. More or less I recognized some of the writing paralleled the drama.

I like it.

Perhaps the worst parts are the glimmers of coherence, the moments where the pony peeks out from under the thick pharmaceutical fog. Those brief moments of lucidity show just how much Melody and the world have lost. Of course, it's the demands of the world that put him in this position to begin with...

An excellent, hazy tragedy. Thank you for it.

This is scarily close to my mind at times, and I don't even do drugs.

Well..... I..... Um.....
I literally don't know what to say about this, so good work.

Side note, I would point out typos, but I'm assuming that was on purpose because melody is going/has gone nuts.

Congratulations, I suffered a seizure due to your cover art.

My lawyer will contact your lawyer.

Jk bby it was da best

This made me laugh at the sheer Hitchiker's Guide-ish absurdity. Thanks! I really needed this today.

7491512 To make a pony smile is a rich reward indeed! :pinkiehappy:

7491490 can you imagine it being animated? I crawled through a lot of "Surrealism, drugs" tags on Derpibooru to find that.

7491366 "something something pretentious quote about those of us who are craziest actually being closest to true or enlightenment or whatever"

7491877 Enlightenment is overrated, all you really get is bragging rights. Also truths of the universe tend to be depressing.

Deeply unsettling in a great many ways.

Also, does anyone have any clue why NOTEWORTHY has his own tag?

7495455 well, I guess you could say

N O T E W O R T H Y .



Immortality is stupid and overrated, enlightenment is something else

7498350 I spent 3 minutes trying to perfect my eloquent response, before realizing this is just a fanfiction comments section; Not even a forum or a pm.


Spending 3 minutes trying to be eloquent is pretty pretentious :D

7500054 Perfecting eloquence, and contemplating the meaninglessness of life. also more than half the time was spent on fixing my grammar, pretentiousness is pointless if you make obvious grammatical errors.

Oh look I spent a minute and a half on this response.


It is never a bad thing to improve oneself, or one's grammar. However, I have found that the most important things are substance, as well as personal joy. The act of writing should be the object in focus.

Did I make this pretentious?

7500365 Yes you did, and it was beautifully done. But I'm on mobile right now, so I can't respond properly. Shall we return to the subject of enlightenment?



And thank you!

Seeing darf's descent was rather unsettling: whereas normally similar scenarios seem very distant, this time it felt like I was almost part of the spectacle, standing behind a hazy digital glass.

Anyway, this vignette is largely apropos; it's a shame people drown themselves in such a manner, especially when they pretend they are happy in so doing.

7546125 did not being able to do anything to stop it relieve you of guilt or make things worse?

7546327 that's loaded question. I've read the blogs a few weeks later, so it was not so much being unable to help due to being a random person on the Internet, but rather being too late to do anything either way. For what it's worth, I think I haven't once commented on any of his stuff in spite having read some of it (even while he was still using the NTSTS account), and so I can't really count myself responsible. I basically just reacted as if I saw a play about someone going insane — I was sad, and disturbed somewhat, but guilt? no, not really.

New here, don't know anything about the drama or going-ons of this site.

That doesn't mean I can't commend some damn-good writing. Well done. An exploration into the mind of madness... or is it enlightenment? Probably both.

So disturbing, so fascinating. It's all about our minds' perception, and we often forget that the mind is a fragile thing.

Don't know who this "Darf" is, never knew about him. I clicked to find out more, began going through some of the posts, and... stopped.
For some inexplicable reason, I dare not venture into discovering his story, or what happened. Another mind, forever lost to the endless depths of the universe, both known and unknown.

I'm not ready for that.

Not yet.

Well written, good concept, excellent execution. This one's going up on my personal collection.

7897720 thanks for the find words :)

Author Interviewer

If nothing else, I adore the concept of ponies getting high on cockatrice venom that slowly turns them to stone from the inside.

Yeah. That was a clever turn on my part if i may say so. I think it might have been inspired by how Japanese people like to eat Fugu fish.

I thought that it was a fair fic, all things considered. The concept deals with heavy subject matter, but the disconnected manner of storytelling makes it hard to feel like the fic is doing said subject matter justice. It doesn't feel expounded upon. In addition, the obtuse prose made it hard to tell how many characters were talking at any one time. There was no indication when the dialogue shifted from Melody to Noteworthy, and the nonsensical dialogue only worsened this confusion.
On the other hand, the concept of this fic is interesting. Being told a story from the perspective of someone as broken as Melody is cool, and if the fic's other moving parts were changed a bit in order to compliment it better, it could be REALLY great. Good job and good luck improving in the future!:pinkiehappy:
8363905 I concur. Another point for how good this fic is conceptually, I'd LOVE to see something like cockatrice venom explored in further detail elsewhere.

neat. it was like reading a brain that someone stretched out so thin it turned into a piece of paper.

for the record, i definitely think drugs are a problem, but after doing the sober thing for 25 years, i think i'm allowed a little vacation from reality. or maybe everyone is. idk.

thanks for letting me know about this. hope you're well <3

I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am doing relatively all right, and super importantly, I’m glad that you seem to be again as well! :heart:

As far as drugs go, I really feel it’s a “everything in moderation/know thyself“ sort of thing. I’m lucky enough that I’m able to safely consume them occasionally without it being a problem, but for some people that isn’t the case. The substance I have to be most careful with is actually my own legally prescribed ADHD medication, because if I take too much I just end up masturbating for hours and that’s no bueno for a variety of reasons.

How utterly incomprehensible yet easy to understand. Good... would this be a story even?

"What is a story?" is a complex question up there with similar questions like "what is art", " what is music?", and "is this loss?"

I dunno, was the fic written in 4 parts?

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