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This here is a collection of ficlets written for a SoarinDash group on Deviantart.

OC's involved are by tinuleaf on DA who graciously allowed me to use them.

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Very interesting work. Style is unicue, grammars are fine. Pieces are small, but tasty. Good work!

Stalin commands to dance!


Stalin can dance to the deepest, darkest part of Tartarus for all I care.

Stalin thinks about visiting Tartarus. Maybe there he could find some ancient creatures who will support glorious Socialism in all Equestria! But Stalin is not sure if cerberus will let him go through.


Stalin can get torn apart by a manticore for all I care.

Unfortunately, Stalin has no buisiness with manticore right now. This beast refused to support Communism. So does that brainless hydra at the swamp.
Minotaur Iron Will, in the other hand, has agreed to support Communism and Socialism, and now he is one of Stalin's generals.:moustache:


I don't support Stalin.

No one do, my agressive friend. But you must clearly see the difference between Stalin the Stallion and Stalin the Human. It may sound same but it is not. Stalin the Stallion does everything to help some autors with their works as he could! While human Stalin was homocidal tyrant. And cease your curses, young colt, or it might not end well for all of us.


Well then, I apologize for my outburst. I just could never understand why somebody would like that son of a bitch.

In Russia, people love him... as a target for parodies. You may understand why if you play Red Alert :moustache:


I've played Red Alert, never passed it.

Well, pass it, and you understand why.
Also spoiler: Stalin is killed in both scenarios

urm? Nice story.

I know I'm a guy, but...DAWWWWWWWWW:twilightsmile:

You get a cookie for that awesome story of yours. *Gives Cookie*


Not so much a story as it is a collection of short writings.

This was certainly different from most SoarinXRD fics, but it was different in a way that made it better. The lack of any specific order makes you appreciate each story by itself. That and the stories were just plain good. Keep up the good work man. You get thumbs.:eeyup:

These are indeed very entertaining. Good work.

That was beautiful :pinkiesad2:


That was sooooooooooo cute



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Again, D'awwwww


rd got married D'awwwwww:rainbowkiss:

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A nice collection so far; you haven't strayed out of character or tried to do anything too creative, which is a bad idea with what are meant to be 'ficlets'. I agree that any foal of Rainbow Dash would be spontaneous, smart-mouthed and hyperactive. I can also imagine Rainbow Dash (who beforehand had poured scorn on motherhood and maternal instinct) being a pretty vicious mama bear when it comes to her foals' safety.


You know, I appreciate your comments, but I feel that you could have just summarized all of yours into one.

dese fics! :twilightsmile:
yay :yay:

very touching the world needs more short sweet fics like these

Short but cute!:twilightsmile:

Cute!!! U deserve a bar of chocolate!:derpytongue2: *chucks a bar of fave chocolate*:heart:

Epic fic:derpytongue2::heart::moustache:
Keep writing!!:trollestia:

:pinkiegasp:So good! So BEAST! :raritycry:

I love it! I can never find soarindash fics like this! Keep going!

D'AWWWWWWW SOOOOO CUTE:heart::heart::heart:

im getting diabeetus!

of course applejack would say that. and also: D'AWWW

my god im dead!!!! sooo cute!!! D'awwwww:rainbowkiss:

D'awwww- *kaboom* Damn! My d'aww meter exploded!!!
don't be scared to embrace your inner fanboy!

somepony help meh before i die of cutness!!

awww:raritydespair: come on:fluttercry: MORE DETAILSSSS:flutterrage:

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