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Just a 13 year old girl with dorky glasses and a love for fimfiction. Please read my stories and tell me what you think. If that's okay with you...


When Soarin'' comes to Ponyville to personally invite Rainbow Dash to the upcoming Wonderbolts tryouts, she couldn't be more exited. But when she hears what Soarin' wants in return, she isn't all that thrilled. Will Rainbow be able to keep the date secret, or will gossip and rumours get the better of her?

Soarin' x Rainbow Dash

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you would think she'd be exited... but she dooooossse have a reputation to uphold :]

Another SoarinDash? I've been seeing a few more of these popping up, and I'm deeply pleased to see it so. I can't wait for more of this to come out.

3098667 Yeah well I figured that Rainbow wouldn't exactly be thrilled to have a date, with her reputation and all.

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3098816 sorry, my phone auto corrected fanfic to clopfic...

You need an editor, it's a great fic, it's written well. But I saw a couple mistakes in there. Like the fact that you didn't do this:

"she fell of the roof," you completely missed out the commas/ full stops

Also if you put thoughts in italics it looks better

3099090 thanks for the suggestions! I have changed the thinking to italics and I will definatly think about getting an editor. I'm not really the best at punctuation anyway, haha.

3099728 you still havnt changed the speech mistakes

Full stops and commas go before the speech mark not after. In some cases there is no commas/full stop :facehoof:

For an editor, I'd try going to one of the editing groups that are out there, never been to one myself coz I've got my personal editor so I do t know how they work.

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When is next chapter coming out? I'd like to see what happens next please!!!!!



he made being a Wodnerbolt sound pretty hardcore

Their German now?

it sounds rushed. try thinking of how you can make a sentence longer. or add detail to a scenery and what they did... for example: did the eat at the resturant. what did they eat? how did they eat?

3100485 you did that all wrong


You only need to post this bit /\


3103773 thanks for the suggestions. Now that Im reading over it again, your right. I'm gonna try to update chapter 2 now :)

3104415 okie dokie.
'Glad that helped.:twilightsmile:

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i like the ch. 2 update.
a story with more details tells you more, and its more liked than one who isnt described greatly; Like Twilight [the book, not the pony. Lolz]

* Cries in anger and impatience * I can't take it!!! Please finish the story!! It is too wonderful to be incomplete! By the way how do I use those my little pony faces in my comments? :)

3111563 haha, thanks alot :) you can't do the pony faces on your phone I think, but on a computer/iPad all the different pony faces will show up on the right hand side. When you click them it will show up with just some words EG "rainbowkiss" but when you post the comment it will show the pony :rainbowkiss:

OHHH! Thank you so much! Btw I'm always checking back for new chapters :) :) ! Can't wait to see what happens next.

3120018 haha, thanks! Glad to see your enjoying it :twilightsmile: this is actually the first fanfic about mlp I wrote, so it means a lot :)

Epicness!!!!!!!!!!!! Make more, more, more, more :) I'll keep watching out for more:rainbowkiss: just remember... ill be:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy::applecry: if you dont make more!!!!:twilightoops: Love this story as always :yay: In eed chapter four:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::rainbowlaugh: Sorry if I scared ya :fluttercry: Anyways please make more:rainbowderp::rainbowwild:

3155653 lol soz for not updating- I've started school and I'm still finishing up the chapter because its pretty hard to write with all the stuff going on in the story but I definatly have not ditched it so dont worry! :)

3155653 oh and I finished the next chapter! But annoyingly it's on my comp, which has no Internet at the moment. When it gets Internet, ill upload it straight away :)

that cushioned clouds dale

One that's not how you spell Cloudsdale,
Two Dash doesn't live there, she lives in Ponyville, Cloudsdale is a massive floating city! Not her flipping house!

Gabby Gums was disbanded, ergo stops, finito, gone :facehoof:

Also after the letter from Jetstream everything is in italics

i dont like how soarin just shows up when shes soppossed to be meating Jet for whatever reason.. the scene change is wayy to fast

3190779 soz! It was actually supposed to be jet, but I kept writing soarin' by mistake ( I think). But I'm changing that now.

3193113 really? lol, quess ill have to reread:rainbowwild:

Oh come on!! I wanna know more:raritydespair::raritydespair:

hope the next chapter comes soon. I'm dieing to read it

I love it so far keep on going great job :)

3105391 lol my same reaction XD

I think Soarin should of asked "Will you go on a date with me" But instead if that it's good so far :derpytongue2:

Ok everyone i had a little break but im back now! :D so it should be out today :)


....is Gabby Gums saying that RD is a crossdresser? Also why does everyone put ' after Soarin? Soarin is his name the ' is pointless unless its saying Soarin's! ....wait...you accidently deleted half the sentence didnt you?


This is getting interesting :) ...... more please?? :raritystarry:

3834347 yeah it was supposed to be a pun... Like when your in love your like soarin through the sky but rd can fly anyway? Yeah, whatever. It's better like that anyway. And I thought there was a ' after soarin but I guess not.

3842889....it wasn't that good a pun....you have a strange sense of humour.

Im looking forward to this next chapter and jet stream...

3834347 its because it make it seem like it is a real word
so it just to say hat there should be a letter there but there isn't and shouldn't be so in other words it stops the red lines

3859917 whaaaa? xD if your saying u understand the pun then thank you x3

I like it nice job I love the soarindash ship and because ur story is SO good I will spare my lecture on grammar because I'd put EVERY one to sleep (I'm a bookworm so yeah....u don't want to hear me ranting about grammar hehe)

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