• Published 24th Aug 2013
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Soarindash Confidential - Rainbowpegasus

Rainbow dash is thrilled when soarin' the wonderbolt comes to ponyville to invite her to the wonderbolts tryouts. However, he wants something in return.

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Chapter 1

It was a terrible, rainy day in Ponyville. Nail-biting rain clouds were gathering in the sky, and flocks of birds were heading towards the Everfree Forest for cover. Dull grey tufts of clouds engulfed the creeping sun and everypony was huddled inside their little cottages for cover. however, there was one rainbow maned mare that would not be intimidated by the thunderous storm stomping towards her little hometown. Rainbow Dash batted her wings furiously against the gloomy skies, higher and higher. She knew the huge storm that the weather ponies had scheduled was dangerous, but in the air, she's unstoppable! However, there was one stallion admiring her grace. Her beauty. A certain Pegasus with a dark navy mane and a stunning sky blue coat of luscious fuzz.

He simply stared and gawped as the cyan blue Pegasus descended higher and higher into the raging storm brewing above Ponyville, her gorgeous rainbow mane blowing against the heavy wind. Her stunning magenta eyes twinkled with glee as she bolted towards the silver moon. Soarin' wondered when she would skid to a halt and begin to descend back down to Ponyville.

Without warning, Rainbow stopped in mid air and gazed down at the little town that she loved with all her heart, wishing she could fly higher, but knowing that the bedraggled storm could trample her if she did. She began to make her descent back down to Ponyville, performing a jaw-dropping Sonic Rainboom on the way. A huge array of colours errupting in the sky like an impossible firework. Soarin' was always completely enhanced by it, even though he had seen her do the incredible trick a couple times. Then it hit him. He knew how he felt about the rainbow haired mare that he had been watching ever since she left flight school.

He was in love.

It was a bright new day, and Rainbow Dash was lazily gliding towards Sugarcube Corner, a huge infectious smile glazed across her face. Pinks was, for the fourth time this week, throwing one of her good old signature parties, and she was as exited as ever. Her mind had just began to wonder when suddenly...


Dash shrieked as Spike hurtled towards her, blowing dragon smoke in her face.

"Spike!!! Do you mind?!" Rainbow growled, a tiny bit of rage taking over.

"Sorry Dash...It's Soarin'! Ya know, from the Wonderbolts? He's here to see you! He's waiting down at Sugarcube Corner!"

"OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!!" Rainbow shrieked with glee, briefly hugged Spike and bolted towards Sugarcube Corner, a gorgeous rainbow trail frantically chasing after her.

Rainbow hit the roof of Sugarcube Corner with a loud thud, and immediately spotted the navy blue maned Pegasus practically drowning in a cluster of fan girl ponies. She couldn't help but think to herself: that will be me one day. Soarin' noticed Rainbow Dash and quickly flew over to greet her.

"Hey Dash! How are ya? We have so much to discuss." He looked around briefly and leaned over to whisper into her delicate, sky blue ear. "Come with me."

Dash obediently followed alongside him, hoping that Pinks wouldn't take the fact that she didn't show up for her party too harshly.

The two pegasi dropped down on a huge fluffy cloud overlooking the town of Ponyville, Soarin' still grinning sheepishly.

"Soarin'? You've been grinning at me like that ever since I saw you down at Sugarcube Corner! What gives?" RD asked curiously and slightly suspiciously. Soarin immediately shook his head and wiped the goofy grin off his face, wishing he had made a better impression.

"Uhhh... No reason! Anyway, back to the point... I've been ordered down here to ask you something."

"What is it?" Asked Rainbow Dash, trying to keep her cool.

Soarin' cleared his throat and spoke. "Well, the Wonderbolts tryouts are coming up next week, and we would love it if you were to join us and give it a shot. Your almost sure to get in!"

"You...I-I mean they... W-want me to try out for the Wonderbolts?!" Rainbow stammered, her insides leaping. Soarin grinned.

"You betcha."

Rainbow returned the grin and managed, barely though, to stay calm. Even though the exited ness was getting the better of her.

"Just one condition," Soarin' exclaimed, his emerald green eyes twinkling.

"And what's that?" Dash cocked her head to one side.

"Come out with me, in Canterlot, tommorow night, six o'clock sharp." Said Soarin', grinning goofily and looking directly into RD's engulfing magenta eyes. Oh, how he loved those eyes. But, to his disappointment, her gorgeous eyes were in fact, anywhere but on his. They were looking around cautiously, filled with horror and disbelief. You can't go out with a stallion! She thought to herself. Your Rainbow Dash! The toughest mare in ponyville! NOT one of those mushy gushy girly ponies! If my friends ever found out, or worse, if all of Ponyville found out, I would lose my whole reputation!
But if it's for the Wonderbolts...well... What harm is just one tiny date?

"Dash? You ok?" Soarin' snapped Rainbow back into reality. She did a quick look around for Pinkie-just in case- and took a deep breath.

"I would love to." Dash breathed, regretting the words as soon as they came out of her mouth. But it would be worth it. Soon, she'd be living the dream, soaring with the Wonderbolts, doing twists, turns and daring dives. It had been her dream ever since she was a little filly. It was her destiny.

"Ok great! See you tommorow, Dashie." Soarin said goofily, winking. And with that, he took off into the gorgeous night sky, leaving Rainbow Dash to replay what just happened in her mind.

"No one can know."she whispered.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! The first chapter to my very first fanfic!
! Please take it easy- it's harder than it looks, haha. I will try to update it quickly, not to leave everypony waiting ;) leave a message, I would love to see what y'all think of it, and what could make it better. Thanks for your time :D