• Published 24th Aug 2013
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Soarindash Confidential - Rainbowpegasus

Rainbow dash is thrilled when soarin' the wonderbolt comes to ponyville to invite her to the wonderbolts tryouts. However, he wants something in return.

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Chapter 5

Author's Note:

Ok so its FINALLY up! Sorry it took like what- 14 weeks? *blush* I dont really have an exuse. Im just lazy, and I was a bit scared to go on fimfiction because of some hate going around other stories- i guess i didnt want it to happen to me. But suddenly i logged on, and i saw all the nice comments i had! so i quickly got to work :) thank you all for your support!!!

Rainbow stared at Scootaloo with utter disbelief and panic. She shook her head frantically, as she slowly lowered herself onto the green grassy hill. She wanted more than anything to shrink down to the size of the smallest parasprite so that no one would ever notice her again. Never again pressurize her. Never…

“RAINBOW DASH! Seriously, what’s going on with you today?”

Dash snapped back into the real world, leaving behind the misery and worry that was quickly accumulating her body. She couldn’t break down. She just couldn’t. Putting on the most normal face she could muster, Rainbow turned to Scootaloo putting on a plastic grin.

“Oh come on, Scoots!” she exclaimed. “You know me! I’m WAAAAAAY too awesome to have a very special somepony. So why don’t cha… show me that Gabby gums you were talking about?”

Scootaloo looked suspicious, but turned and snagged a light grey newspaper out of her bright orange saddlebag.

“I’ll tell you now Dash, you’re not going to like it,” She said nervously.

“Honestly Scoots, when are you going to learn that nothing can bring the roughest, toughest pony down?” She beamed, even though on the inside she was slowly and surely melting her way to the floor.

Slowly, cautiously, she began to hand the newspaper to Dash.


RD rolled her magenta eyes and snatched the newspaper from Scootaloos grip.


She swiped the first cream coloured page open, but to Rainbow it felt more like a death trap than just a simple story.


From the minute the cyan Pegasus read the first word of the headline, her melted internal organs just fell; Downwards, Downwards, into the abyss of Ponyville humiliation.


She couldn’t read the rest. She slammed the newspaper shut and rocketed up towards the sky. Scootaloo shrieked her name, but she wouldn’t listen. Lucky for her, the tears in her bold magenta eyes were swept away by the heavy wind blowing against her mane as she flew up and up, needing to get away from the drama, the hurt, the confusion, her home. She couldn’t deal with it. She should have never let Soarin’ kiss her. What was she thinking? She skidded to a halt in mid air, hovering above the small town she called home, but right then it just felt alien to her. Wait. What was she talking about? She was Rainbow Dash, the coolest, fastest pony in ponyville, and probably all of Equestria! Why was she getting so worked up about a stupid thing like this? If she acted like nothing had happened, no doubt everyone would act the same way, even if she had disappeared for four whole days. Not only this, but why was she going to show up for her meeting with Jet? What exactly does “bad” mean? Suddenly, she burst out laughing. Why had she gotten so worked up?

“Hey Dash, what’s so funny?”

Without warning, Soarin zoomed up next to her, grinning his goofy grin that Rainbow had always loved. She thought about Fluttershy trying to get as fast and as high as they just did, and grinned to herself. But the grin quickly dropped as she realized. Her friends must be worried sick about her! Anything could have happened in the past days.

“Gotta run, bye!”

Soarin stared as Dash Flew towards Ponyville with so much speed that he wondered if she might faint if she went through all that air pressure. Soarin’ shook his head wildly and recovered from his shock. Without warning, the Wonderbolt zoomed towards The Weather Pony with as much speed as he could muster up, but he knew it would take a lot more to catch up to the strange rainbow explosion of colours that didn’t even seem pony.

“Fluttershy! You know how much Rainbow loves to go up high. You have to go up!” Twilight explained, who was giving Flutters yet another lecture of how she could help to find Rainbow.

“Ahm mighty sorry Fluttershy, but ahm with Twilight on this,” AJ exclaimed.

“Me too. It’s the most likely place to find her. If she’s not there, something must have happened to her.” Said Rarity, nodding in agreement with herself.

“I just want my friend back.” Twilight said sadly, bowing her head. The girls nodded in agreement.

“That Gabby Gums sounds awful strange though,” said Applejack suspiciously. “Ahm sure Rainbow would never do anything like that.”

“Applejack, you shouldn’t listen to those nasty stories,” Rarity claimed. “It’s all horrible lies.”

“Maybe we just need to throw her a super spectacular party!!” Pinkie Pie shrieked, bouncing up and down, her pink mane bobbing. “You guys know how much rainbow loves-“

Suddenly, the girls looked up simultaneously to hear a loud thud on the roof of Twilight’s titanic tree house. Not to much of Twi’s surprise, the roof snapped and a Rainbow maned figure fell down with the stumpy, bedraggled logs, crashing onto the hard floor. She slowly looked up at her friends, who were crowded around her, and grinned nervously.

“Sorry Twi.” Rainbow made a halfhearted attempt of a giggle as the girls all closed in for a huge group hug.

“Rainbow, where on earth have you been?” Rarity exclaimed much too over dramatically.

“We’ve been worried sick, sugarcube!” Applejack remarked. “We even searched your house.”

“You WHAT?” Dash shrieked.

“Well we were worried and… what was that letter about? You don’t have to tell me f course…” Fluttershy said, a worried expression plastered across her innocent face. Of course they found the letter. She had promised herself to stay cool, however, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

“What letter? I don’t remember a-

Midway through her sentence, the girls heard yet another loud crash, leaving another gaping hole for Twilight to fix up. A light blue Pegasus in a Wonderbolt uniform floated in though the gap, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Rainbow, where did you go? You just suddenly bolted. I’ve never seen you go that fast!” Soarin’ exclaimed, grinning at RD as she looked at her friends who were one by one turning to face her in a confused but somehow knowing manner. If Rainbow was capable to speak at that exact moment, it would have been that she had never felt so embarrassed in her whole entire life.