• Published 24th Aug 2013
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Soarindash Confidential - Rainbowpegasus

Rainbow dash is thrilled when soarin' the wonderbolt comes to ponyville to invite her to the wonderbolts tryouts. However, he wants something in return.

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Chapter 4

“RAINBOW!!!!” RDS five friends stood their ground at Rainbow’s door, huge creased expressions on each of their faces. They had not, in fact, seen their friend for 4 whole days, and they were all extremely worried about her. Applejack banged her hoof on Rainbow’s door, for the eleventh time in the past hour, and called out her name once more. No answer.

“Maybe she’s just not home.” Fluttershy whispered, her voice as soft as a feather and hiding her face behind her pastel pink mane.

“Ah don’t care if she’s all the way in fillydelphia! We have to find her!” Applejack enquired, hair tail swishing angrily from side to side and a annoyed, cocky expression plastered onto her deep orange face.

“Girls, calm down! If there’s one thing we know, she’s defiantly not far. Rainbow would never leave her home for 4 whole days. She loves it here too much, and she would lose her job.” Twilight explained, nodding in everyponies direction as she spoke in her high, squeaky voice.

“I must agree with Twilight,” Rarity exclaimed. “Maybe she’s just… having a nap! You girls know how much she loves to nap! Why, I never really see her doing anything else!” Everypony nodded their heads in agreement.

“Maybe she just needs a super duper spectacular amazing party to cheer her up!” Pinkie screamed, bouncing up and down wildly, her tail shaking up and down frantically. Everyone simultaneously face hoofed and sighed. They were used to this now, though.

“That’s it!” Applejack shrieked. “Ahm mighty sorry, Rainbow, but it’s the way its gotta be!” all of the four friends just stood there and gawped as AJ spun around so fast that nothing more than a blur of orange could be seen, swung her hind legs up and bucked down the rainbow coloured door, causing thousands of tiny cloud tufts to spray in all directions and cover them from head to hoof.

“Why, that would be breaking an entry!” Rarity explained, turning and putting her nose in the air. “I simply shall not do it!” But nopony was around to hear her say that, as they had all rushed inside and were scanning every inch of the luxurious cloud covered home to find her, or even just a clue to where she may be in Ponyville. Or Equestria. They rooted through wardrobes, shelves and, eventually, even bathrooms, but she was nowhere to be seen. They didn’t look in her bedroom though, of course. Rainbow had made it clear when she met her friends that her bedroom was ‘Off limits to any and everypony, no matter what the circumstances are.’

Rarity waited outside Rainbow’s fluffy cloud home, tapping her hoof and shaking her head wildly around. What were they thinking?!! They couldn’t just prance into a ponies home and root though her personal things like a gang of no good Draconequuses, and ruin her home! Without warning, a small breeze ran by, causing a small piece of tightly folded up paper to drift out of RDS house, landing right between Rarities clean, sow white hooves. It was a dark, menacing brown, and had ‘Rainbow’ printed clearly on the front of the sheet in bold, black italics, underlined and circled, as if the pony who wrote it was afraid that Dash wouldn’t notice her name on the front. Rarity levitated it from the ground, began to unfold it, but then stopped.

“Now, you shouldn’t be snooping, Rarity!” She said out loud to herself, placing the ominous letter back in the place she found it. She stared at it for 10 long seconds, eventually picked it up, not being able to hide her curiosity, neatly unfolded it, and began to read…

IDear Rainbow,

I never want to touch you ever again. You've ruined my life,

You're the worst thing that I ever set eyes on. Yes, I did love you but now it's time to give you a taste of your own medicine.

I'm so ashamed of myself 'cause of you. you're a big risk to anyone and to me.

I was going to stay away from you and never touch you again.

But then I did something horrible. I defiantly don’t regret it.

Are you aware that I saw you with Soarin’ in Canterlot?

Now, come to my place at six o’ clock, Friday night. If you don’t show up, something horrible will happen


Her expression quickly changed. Almost in the same way as Rainbow’s did.

“Girls, I think I may have found something”

Rainbow sat glumly on the highest tuft of cloud in the skies of Ponyville. She could see everything from up there; from Twi’s huge tree house library to the shockingly pink Sugarcube Corner. Tiny ant- ponies scuttled around the little town, buying vegetables from the market and getting all kinds of tasty treats. She wondered to herself if her friends were even remotely worried about her. She hadn’t seen them for- what? Four days? They must be worried, especially when she had promised Rarity that she could go and meet Soarin’. She had completely blown her off, and she felt completely awful about it. She was pretty traumatized when she read the creepy letter, but she had realized something over the past couple days. She could TOTALLY take on Jetream one-on-one if that’s what he wanted. She was the toughest mare in Ponyville. She could knock him out with her eyes closed and her two wings tied together if she wanted to!

After sitting on the lumpy cloud for a couple minutes, pondering her thoughts, Rainbow felt the weight of the cloud slightly increase as another pony took a seat next to her. It couldn’t be Fluttershy. She would never go this high up in the sky, and it wouldn’t be one of her friends. Dash remembered all those long lectures that Twi used to give about how if an Earth Pony or Unicorn were to come up, they would surely suffocate from being too high up in the sky. Rainbow slowly and cautiously twisted her head round. Her eyes went wide with surprise when she saw that it was nopony else but Soarin’. Dash began to sweat and she began to breath quite heavily, like a worn out dog. Soarin’ give her a reassuring goofy grin, which was, of course, not at all what she was expecting, and said something that she thought would never happen ever again.

“How about a race?” Soarin’ knew that Rainbow could ever resist a race, even if it was with someone who she despised. But Rainbow Dash was not budging. She just stared at Soarin’ gawping with nothing but ultimate surprise. Soarin’ waited patiently for a reassuring answer to come out of her mouth, but no ‘your on!” was escaping. He sighed heavily with sadness, and began to hover above the cloud.

“I guess that’s a no then.” He slowly enquired, drifting away with his head hanging low and his eyes tightly shut. Without warning, a bright Rainbow trail dashed past him, leaving his head banging and his eyes wide with shock.

“Now that’s the Dashie I know!” He laughed, whizzing forward in attempt to catch up with her, even though he knew he didn’t stand a chance.

They rocketed all around Ponyville, doing daring dives and laughing cheerfully as they flew, Rainbow, of course, performing several Sonic Rainbooms on the way and surprising Soarin’ as much as it did the first time he had ever seen her do it. It really was amazing. With the incredible rainbow flurry of colors exploding out of what seemed like a tiny blue dot in the sea blue sky. Rainbow didn’t recall feeling this happy in a very long time.

“RAINBOW DASH!” RD skidded to a steady halt as she saw Scootaloo frantically galloping towards her, a deep frown on her orange face.

“Woah, Squirt! Calm down there!” Rainbow laughed, hovering just above Scootaloo’s head. She did a quick glance around for Soarin’, but he was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, she set herself down next to a shaking Scootaloo, looking at her seriously. “What’s up?”

“Okay! Number one, where have you been the last two days? And number two, are the rumors true?” Rainbow lifted a single quizzical eyebrow at her, wondering what she was talking about.

“I’ve been around Cloudsdale,” she lied. “And um.. What rumors?”

“Duh! The Gabby Gums!” Scootaloo explained. “Have you been living in a hole?” Rainbow began to panic, fiddling with her hooves and perspiring crazily.

“…Scoots? ...What happened with Gabby Gums?”

“You and Soarin’ happened. Is it true?”

Author's Note:

Hey guys :) soz this took so long- school started and I've been quite busy. Just for da record, things in this story MAY have ended ( eg gabby gums) but that DOES NOT MEAN I'm not using them in my fimfiction! In a fimfiction, anything can happen! This may be even set before gabby gums was dispanded, idk. Thanks for readin'!