• Published 24th Aug 2013
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Soarindash Confidential - Rainbowpegasus

Rainbow dash is thrilled when soarin' the wonderbolt comes to ponyville to invite her to the wonderbolts tryouts. However, he wants something in return.

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Chapter 2

Rainbow Dash awoke from her deep slumber to the bleeping of her alarm clock.

“Arghh, shut up!” she cried, hitting the clock so hard that it knocked right off the table and shattered into a million pieces, for the 6th time this week. RD let out a long, exhausted sigh, and slowly sat up on her comfy cloud bed, even though what she wanted more than anything was to snuggle back under the covers and sleep for the rest of the day.

But she had arranged to meet her friends for breakfast, a normal Saturday morning ritual that they always had. Her face fell even more when she realised that tonight she had to meet Soarin’ in Canterlot for a date. Anypony would think she would be exited, but Rainbow Dash couldn’t stand the thought of having a Very Special Somepony. She would lose her whole reputation. But it was for the Wonderbolts. She had to go.

Suddenly, Derpy crashed through the roof of Rainbow's home, her pale yellow mane scattered with muffin crumbs. Dash gritted her teeth- this was the millionth time this month that she had done this. But everypony knew not to get angry at Derpy.

"Letter for Rainbow Dash!" She said, grinning like she didn't pretty much just destroy Rainbow's mansion.

"Thanks Derpy. Leave now. Please."

"Whatever you say!" Said Derpy cheerfully as she flew upwards into the sky, leaving yet another gaping hole in the ceiling.

"Seriously." Rainbow muttered, tearing open the letter.

"A letter from... Jetstream?!" Dash said, surprised. She hadn't seen Jetstream in years! RD checked the time. "Im late!" she squealed, rocketing off as fast as her wings could carry her, completely forgetting about the letter that could destroy everything.

Rainbow drifted down to Sugarcube Corner, deep in thought. She glanced around at the hundreds of award winning cakes with soft buttercream frosting and creamy goodness. She breathed in the amazing scent of freshly baked cakes filled with deliciousness. She decided she should really should come here more often to eat, even if it is bad for her shape. Gotta keep fit for the Wonderbolts! Suddenly, RD felt the hard force of a Pinkie Pie hug, which could hurt anypony severely if they weren't used to it.

“Dashie!! Where did you go yesterday! We all missed you!” Pinkie shouted over Rainbows shoulder. After what seemed like forever, Pinks ended the hug. Rainbow learned long ago that she could never make a Pinkie Pie hug end.

“Spike told me that you saw Soarin’ yesterday,” Twilight said. “Something about him wanting to talk to you?” Rainbow nodded.

“Yeah. He invited me to the Wonderbolts tryouts!!!” she screamed exitedly.

“Well that’s great, Sugarcube!” Applejack grinned. “Were all so happy for ya.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“We TOTALLY have to have a super duper amazing celebration party tonight!” Pinkie said. “It’ll be TOTALLY FUN!” Rainbow sighed. There was no way of hiding it now.

“Uhm, sorry Pinks! I have umm… a Wonderbolts derby to go to in Canterlot.” There. That should do it.

“Well, that’s too bad.” Whispered Fluttershy.

“Darling, how could you go to Canterlot to see a Canterlot derby and not invite ME!” Rarity said sadly. “Fancypants would be there!” Rarity flicked her tail, an annoyed look on her face.

“Um, it’s a um… special one. Only the ponies who are going to be at the Wonderbolts tryouts can go.” Rainbow Dash cursed her voice as it cracked when she said ‘Wonderbolts’. She felt awful for lying to her best friends, but she had to. She just couldn't tell them.

“Okay Rainbow. Girls, lets get something to eat.” Said Twilight. Dash heaved a sigh of relief.

Rainbow opened the door to her huge apartment, humming softly. However much she didn’t want to do it, she knew that she had to get ready for her date tonight. She steadily guided a comb through her hair, wincing at the pain. Her knotty mane never went straight. Never. But it looked okay. She figured, or hoped, that Soarin’ wouldn’t care what she looked like. This wasn’t anything official, anyway. Or she hoped it wasn’t.

Soarin waited for Rainbow at the least- fancy table he could find, panicking and thinking about what he were to say to Rainbow if she ever showed up. Would it be awkward? Would he do something to annoy or hurt her?

"Oh, hey Dashie, what's up? Take a seat." He said to the empty chair in front of him. He decided that approach would be a little too corny. "Oh Dashie, wasn't expecting you here." He face hoofed. Of course he was. He immediately shut up when he realised that two ponies near his table were staring at him and whispering to eachother. As soon as he was about to give up and go back to the Wonderbolts HQ, he saw a sky blue figure approaching the door. He straightened up and ran a hoof through his mane, breathing steadily, trying to calm himself down.

Rainbow walked into the restaurant where she and Soarin’ had arranged to meet at. It was much fancier than she expected, with candles on top of the crisp white tablecloths and a goegeous view looking over the whole of Canterlot. She thought about what would happen if Rarity were to see this resturant and smirked. Rainbow spotted Soarin' in the corner of the resturant, waiting patiently and tapping his hoof on the ground. To her relief, he wasn’t wearing a suit, but when she walked over, he DID stand up and pull her the chair out for her.Just a casual get- together,She reminded herself.

The date was, actually, pretty decent. They talked a lot about being a Wonderbolt, and how to cope. To Rainbows surprise, he made being a Wonderbolt sound pretty hardcore, but Rainbow knew she could defiantly handle pressure. Rainbow ordered a daisy sandwich ("Gotta keep fit if i'm ever going to become a wonderbolt." she had explained to Him), and as for Soarin, he ordered a huge apple pie, not to dash's surprise. Rainbow ate slowly, aware that everypony was staring at her, but Soarin' literally put his face into the apple pie, chewing loudly, completely unaware that everypony was staring at him in horror and outrage. He seemed pretty sure that Rainbow was certain to get onto the team, which made her more exited about the tryouts than ever. A while into the get- together, Rainbow decided to ask for what she wanted the most.

“Hey, do you wanna just forget about this date thing, and go flying? Maybe even have a race?” Rainbow had a determind smile pressed onto her face, and soarin had no choice but to agree.

“I’d like that.”

So Soarin payed, they departed out the door at high speed, and took off into the dark, moonlit sky.


Surprisingly, Soarin’ found it very hard to keep up with Rainbow. She was amazing- doing incredible stunts that nopony would dream of, doing endless loops in the air, laughing sweetly as she flew. In the air, she was the most passionate pony Soarin’ had ever set eyes on.

"Hey flyboy, not so fast now are ya?" Rainbow exclaimed, puffing out her chest and smirking sneakily at him.

"Well, I am up against the only pony in Equestria who can do a sonic rainboom." Soarin' said, laughing. Suddenly, he zipped upwards, towards the only cloud in the sky.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ swiftly landed on a cloud overlooking the whole of Canterlot. They could see everything, from the train station to the palace. thousands of tiny lights were scattered over ponyville, illuminating each and every building in sight. Dash had to admit, it was pretty cool, but a little too romantic for her liking. They sat in silence for a while, both gathering their thoughts, before Rainbow decided to speak up. She was about to take another deep breath, but stopped herself. She had done that way too many times.

“Soarin’, I need an honest answer,” Rainbow exclaimed. “Why are we here?” Dash's heart beat like an african drum. She wanted to know so badly what this was all about, even though deep down, she knew. she just couldn't process the fact completely. It was then Soarin's turn to take a deep breath.

“Rainbow, I really like you. I have since you saved me at the Best Young Flyers competition. I know that you probably don’t feel the same way, but I love you, Rainbow Dash.” And before Dash could say anything else, Soarin’ jerked his head forward and kissed her. Before she knew it, Dash had lost her sense for space and time. Soarin’ swore that Rainbow kissed him back, for only a second though, before he heard the muffled screams coming from inside her mouth. Before he felt her hooves pushing against his chest, Rainbow frantically trying to end Soarin's couple seconds in heaven.

Author's Note:

The long awaited (just two days) 2nd chapter to SoarinDash Confidential! I hope that you sat down, had a free muffin and enjoyed it. I'll try update it as soon as I can. I just loooooove cliffhangers! :)

Ponies and Ponies and Ponies and Ponies and Ponies.

Sorry it's not very long. I find it really hard to make up a good story and have it drag on for about 30 minutes. I'll try and make the next one longer :)

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