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Inspired by Incubus' song 'Here In My Room.'

Soarin' throws a forced formal party to impress the noble ponies of Canterlot, and hates every minute of it. But when the rainbow-maned mare he's longed to see once again arrives unannounced, he'll be treated to a night he'll not soon forget.

WARNING: There are suggestive and some adult themes in this story, but it's not what I would consider a straight up 'clopfic.' I'll leave it to your own imagination when you reach that point.

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Nicely done. I do think Rainbow Dash was a little too feminine, though. There was no fangirl dynamic.
Still, I liked it. Good job

Amazing awesome great work

Wow! That's really good! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Aww, I wish you could make moar! :applecry:

wow Amazing piece of work you got there. Keep it up and hope to see more of your work! :twilightsmile:

Nicely done. Loved the twist at the end.

Wow, steamy, borderline clop. You really pushed the envelope with this, but still kept it within the bounds of the Teen rating.


It's excusable because this is Soarin's dream, and he knows nothing about her. Hell, he doesn't even know her name!

I really liked it. Really nicely done and extremely sexy without being distasteful.:rainbowkiss:

Bravo my friend, well done.


That was very well written. Look forward for more.

That was glorious. Very Very well written sir.

Great story! Usually I don't ask this, for it's really the authors choice, but will you make a sequel? For once I actually think it would be nice to know what happened afterwards :pinkiesad2:

So... if Rainbow Dash and Soarin' is "Here in my Room", would you do one for "Southern Girl" for Applejack? :raritywink::scootangel:

O\\\ w //o

Yes, borderline, but very nicely done ^^

Two things:
1: Nicely written.
2: I now have a new band to buy music from.

The story was really catchy and had all the right elements!
And I hadn't seen the twist coming xD That was a delightful twist, which also makes a good cliff hanger.
You have to continue the story, and at some point, make them meet. :twilightsmile:

Aww... poor soarin'! I'd like to see some more of your stories :)

seductive Dashie is best Dashie, I hope soarin sees her again and she loves him...and the story was beautiful well done:heart:

That was very well done!

That is a really awesome picture I love it! And awesome story bro

i enjoyed
that is all

If this was dream and Soarin' didn't really know anything about Dash, then how did she tell him she was from Ponyville and on the weather team then?

Soarin' really must
Get a chance to meet the mare
that teases him so.

You ARE going to do a sequel, right? *nudge nudge* :ajsmug:

Wait, that was a dream? But... Okay, if that's a dream, though, then how the HELL does he not know her name?! He KNOWS she won the Young Fliers Competition thingy, so how... I mean, it would be SO easy to look her up! I'm SURE there's like a plaque or something somewhere saying who won the award what year! I mean, really? I liked the twist at the end, but he should know her name, for crying out loud! He's not looking very hard!

... Still, AWESOME fic! Thanks for giving us a lot, and still leaving us wishing for moar! XD

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

"This party is old and uninviting...
Participants all in black and white...
You enter in full blown technicolor
Nothing is the same after tonight..."

Great adaption for a great song. True even down to the guest's colors. Outstanding work.

First off, thanks for all the comments on this story! Had no idea it would somehow end up in the box on top of the website for the time it did!

196821>>197126>>197582>>197811>>197981>>198125 : The idea of a sequel has crossed my mind... but right now I have no real inspiration on how to make it happen in a well done way. Hopefully, I can get a good idea of how to make it happen, but right now I have several other planned stories I want to get done. Thanks for the interest and I'm sure that something good will pop into my head!

196844 : 'Southern Girl' is definitely a song I would give to Applejack! Again, it's a matter of inspiration. Soarin' and Rainbow Dash with 'Here In My Room' was easy since there is a well established fanon with the pairing. Outside of an OC, there may not be a stallion for Applejack now, but time will tell just want will come into my mind!

Note: People are going to keep asking you to make a sequel so if you want them to stop... you will have to make one.

Edit: I need to read the other comments first.

...But then Dash was pregnant a week later XD.

Sequel... please? :applecry::applecry::applecry:

I have permission by Crash Jet to make the sequel of the story, since he is too busy. I hope I can live up to expectations.
Watch me, and wish me luck!

It was only just a dream~:pinkiecrazy:

:ajsmug: rekindled my love of incubus for sure.

Nice story. Totally unexpected twist at the end.

hehe, thist was awesome :D

also, i think you mispelled ponies with phonies :trollestia:

Great short fic! Might have made for an interesting multi chapter fic but I still think this is one of my favorite fics now. I like that looking back it was very dream-esque, but throughout the fic you wouldn't know it (other than a few OOC moments for Rainbow). I like that it was saucy without feeling like a straight up clopfic. In other words very romantic and sensual, without being crude or over-the-top. Plus, come on! It's a Soarin' fic! Automatic fave! You win all the mustaches!!! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Ooh, twist ending! Me gusta. Also, nice SoarinxDash shipping. Me gusta este parte tambien.

I'm calling for a sequel. this has a LOT of potential


need sequel also... great story

It's really good, but it needs a sequel!

Sequel where he goes to ponyville and meets her. She mentions Ponyville in the dream. Make him go there!

I almost cried... Great story! But it needs a SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!! :applecry:


You Have to do a sequel :flutterrage:
pls pls pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:
pls? :fluttershysad:

AWW! The ending though! Poor Soarin' :fluttershysad:

Can anybody see that one dislike and can anybody tell how BUCKING mad I'm am at the person who did that ps: SOARIN'DASH there is no emoji to represent how happy I am

please do a sequel!!! this was so good!!:raritystarry:
please give us more!:heart::heart::heart:

good but there is ths one cloppish one, "Soarin's doll" I think it was lol XD
but very good :pinkiesmile:

O man, dis gave me goosebumps!!! I LOVE DIS STORY :pinkiehappy:

SUCKX 4 U SOARIN!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Soarin is best pony......

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