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Joining the Wonderbolts isn't as fast or simple as Rainbow Dash imagines. Soarin thinks about his own mentor, Dusty Roads, as he helps the new recruit see whether she has what it takes -- and whether joining is really what she wants.

(Inspired by the comic "Memories", the cover image's nonchalant pose, and the story "Moonspire Run" by TitanRising. In hindsight I should've asked TR for permission to imply that their story is considered canon in this one.)

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Great story! It was perfectly paced, nothing happened too soon or to late. Nice job!:rainbowkiss:

Thank you! Nice to know someone liked it.

Very nice story. A great take on the 'Dash joins the wonderbolts' plotline. Though I'm wondering where the 'romance' part came in, maybe it was subtle and I just missed it.
I noticed a lot of words that I'm assuming you meant to either bold or italisize for emphasis were in the format of _word_
e.g. "flash of light. "_NO!_ It's not going to"

ummmm well lets see here......
well at first i was a little dissapointed because there was some corny stuff that shouldnt be in there. especially the first chapter,
and then a wonderbolts airship..... thats really corny
but having been written in soarins view was refreshing. and its written fairly well for a short story.
its a nice easy read thats a change of pace for once. i'd like to see a continuation of this story.

Oh no, for some reason I thought there was going to be more!

I haven't read Moonspire Run, so I missed that reference. Regardless, I liked the story. And, as usual, I'm jealous of you for putting perspective on the Wonderbolts in a well-written, interesting way. (laughs)

My biggest problem here is the fact that you seem to think that underscores are an appropriate replacement for italics when emphasizing words or writing thoughts.

They aren't, they're distracting and break up the flow of the story.

I'm used to posting in a text-only format. I guess HTML is more appropriate for this site?

Re: the "_"s, yeah, those are meant as italics/underlining and come from a text-only format. I've gone back and replaced them with HTML italics tags.
Romance: Well, it's not really emphasized, so I'm not sure if the tag applies.


Okay, first off, HTML tags don't work here. You have to use the BBcode tags if you want formatting.

Secondly, this definitely deserves the Romance tag. It's not overstated, but at least the last paragraph has some definite mentions of shipping.

...and you have to love who you're with. Our new flying ace definitely does. I asked her, see, and she said yes.

Yeah, there's no way that's just in my head.

I didn't notice that the HTML wasn't working. Fixed; thanks.
Yup, that speculation at the end was intentional, also some hints like the close formation flying lesson. Maybe the third season will develop the Wonderbolts more and advance RD's story with them!

This is really good!

It seems like a lost cause explaining this to peoplethough. They watch our shows and just think it's all about going fast.

Instead of ponies you put people.

Nice story, definitely worth reading :)

Glad I saw a link to this, great story.

You cannot reference the Great Chicago Fire and get away with it! >:(
But this was a great story nonetheless! Good job

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