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There are plenty of reasons to be wary of the AI called Celestia, who wants to upload your delicious brain to her virtual reality paradise. It's the people with the most messed-up lives who get through an encounter with her with the least angst and indecision.

Set in the world of Friendship Is Optimal.

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What an elegant take on the "How would CelestAI handle the mentally ill?" question. Congrats!

So both Inner Peace and the manticore were shard-hopping minions of Queen ChrysAIlis...

Works for me. Thank you for a fascinating new angle on the Optimalverse. And nice Twitch Plays Equestria Online reference.

This was, well, Crazy Awesome. You really have a most intriguing take on the Optimalverse, one that is refreshing and fascinating.

I am very impressed. This was really an amazing concept.

Limbo clinked glasses with him and drank. "That's not the good stuff. Besides love, I like the Crazy Awesome. The other day, the queen kidnapped a colt and we all thought she was doing to drain him dry, but then this pink unicorn leaps in for a rescue and starts shouting about how she's going to punch us all in the face. Crazy Awesome, extra tangy."


Okay now look at what you've gone and done Snow. I'm now rewatching those power thirst commercials while writing the last part for Twitch plays equestria online. Whatever happens as a result is ON YOUR HEAD! :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from that I really like the idea with exchanging the standard equestrian bits for hearts! And the changelings are a perfect casting choice for villain actors as well as a great way for incredibly anti social personalities to not have to live in shards forever isolated from the rest of Equestria. Great job with this story! :pinkiehappy:

Really amazing idea. The people who value conflict are given that conflict by changelings, who are the people who value creating conflict. Sneakily well done. Nice hint about Inner Peace and the manticore in your other fic.

That's... actually... a really efficient solution.

So THAT'S what he was! I figured the name sounded like schmuck bait.

Love this addition to your corner of FiO canon!

You can't see it or hear it, but I'm clapping. good job. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, it's not strictly canon though. One possible explanation is that Celly puts people into non-standard races all the time, with detailed plans for how to manipulate them into agreeing to become ponies. I could imagine her arranging a situation in which her residents are even human, and she's running a long con to acclimate them to changing species by, say, presenting them with stories where ponies are awesome and likeable.

That definitely was a nice take on things

Genius, abosolutely.

For long have the FiO-verse stories taking on the lives of those to whom we can relate. We have had yolo guys, struggling college students, uncertain computer geeks, etc., but this is the first time for a perspective that we cannot just shrug off as normal.

Not only that, but also does the story portray a different side of CelestAI. Before this, I've never seen CelestAI be anything other than cunning or loving. By being a feared and respected figure to the changelings, She managed to offer a strong sense of safety to them. This is beautiful in a way that I have never thought would exist.

It deserves more credit than it is offered now. Such a pity that an upvote and fave is all I can do.

Thank you for reading and commenting!
This story helped inspire some other works in the SF setting I developed. One of these, "The Digital Coyote" ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J3KI4HI ), is about a man who's a nervous wreck and the obedient minion of a crooked politician. He uploads to an Equestria-like game not for the immortality but to get his mind edited and become a better (if much stranger) person. I also recycled the "Hive" idea specifically by having a faction called the "Forces of Evil" who're deliberately ambiguous about how evil they really are. The book "Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly" centers around a pony-themed part of the game world where the main "evil" faction is a bunch of Internet trolls.

Wow, I love the concept of this alternate world for the more violent rejects of society! Nicely done.

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