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Fantasy Novel "Striking Chains" Is Out · 5:23am February 6th

My first book of 2019 is about revolution in a land where evil masked bureaucrat-mages oppress people with their telekinetic dart-throwing magic, and shapeshifting griffin knights patrol the skies.
Likely next book: a short SF novel about transhumanist high biotech in a massive, beautiful colony starship.

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"Liberation Game"; Mostly Inactive · 5:56am Sep 28th, 2018

Another book in the Tales series, "Liberation Game", is now up on Amazon. I'm currently editing a direct sequel to "Crafter's Passion". The series is about AI, transhumanism, transformation and freedom in a near-future, basically realistic setting. Also, there are ponies.

I don't interact significantly with this site these days. You're unlikely to reach me in a timely way here; instead try my galleries at:

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Crafter's Passion Ridiculously Successful · 12:23am Mar 14th, 2018

The book is currently #740 among Amazon e-books. Out of over 2 million. Also #4 in Kindle Hard SF, between Ernst Kline's "Ready Player One" and Andy Weir's "Artemis". And I don't know why, compared to all the other books! Is it that this one is about a regular human who doesn't upload, or that he's not a furry, or about him being more of an underdog than usual, or that I advertised by using the Kindle Scout system, or that there's a deliberate focus on game-rules stuff, or that I did a free

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Book "Crafter's Passion" Is Out! · 10:55pm Feb 27th, 2018

My new book is finally out! This one is about Stan, a poor young man who encounters the game world of Thousand Tales and finds the growth and opportunity he's never had before. When the game's AI begins offering advice and asking for favors, Stan has the chance to make his real life into an adventure, if he can earn the greatest prize of all: control of his own life.

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Conversation-Focused Game · 11:25pm Feb 18th, 2018

I've been deeply focused for the last few days on version 4 of a long-running game idea: something where you mostly talk to people instead of fighting. Not as in "there's a battle system but you can click a thing to say you talk your way out of killing". As in, "you walk up to NPCs and have something resembling a sane human conversation with them".

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Upcoming Book... And Now What? · 3:10am Jan 8th, 2018

I've completed a book called "Crafter's Passion" which is going up on the Kindle Scout system in a few days. This time I'm trying a human main character -- not an uploader, not a furry, who... okay, he gets a few raccoon parts late in the story, but only on his game avatar. (I can quit furry whenever I want to, man.) Anyway, sticking to a basically regular guy and hoping that that makes him more relateable than some of my other main characters.

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Conversation Focused Game · 9:26pm Dec 23rd, 2017

While trying to finish a novel (>95% of the way through draft 2) I've been fooling around with game design in Unity.

http://kschnee.xepher.net/code/unity/Ethos/ , more commentary at https://kschnee.deviantart.com/art/Unity-Game-Experiment-Ethos-720259792

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Brain Mapping · 12:29am Nov 25th, 2017


Status · 4:41am Oct 5th, 2017

Wow, it's been a long time. Not much to say on the pony front, which is why I haven't been checking in here -- no Optimalverse stories by me lately or even much of Tales. I've got a book called "Perspective Flip" up on Amazon, a short story collection about transformation, and there's a mythical creature transformation collection coming up soon.

I've got too many projects I want to work on!

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"Learning To Fly" Now Available For Pre-Order, Releases May 5! · 4:34am Apr 29th, 2017

"Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly" is now available for pre-order! The Kindle edition arrives on May 5. The print edition can't be pre-ordered but will release on around the same date.

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